Weighted Basketball HeavyTrainer (3 or 2.75 lbs)



Weighted Basketball HeavyTrainer (3 or 2.75 lbs)



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Use a Weighted Basketball for Better Passing, Stronger Ball Handling, & Tougher Rebounders

Do your players throw lazy passes that get intercepted? Do you need players that pound the basketball when they dribble?  Would you like to see your players rip the basketball out of the air on rebounds and squeeze the air out of it?

Well if you answered "Yes" to any of these questions you should give our weighted basketball a try and see the great results you can get.

Weighted Basketball for Better Passing

Players at all levels throw loopy passes with too much air under them.  You can tell players until you are blue in the face to throw the ball hard and snap it and some of them still won't do it.

So an easy solution to this problem is to add a weighted basketball into your passing drills and players will have to throw the ball with a lot more force to make normal passes.  Now keep your players at normal spacing where they would throw passes in a game.  Spend time with the weigthed basketball working on various drills and then add the regular basketball into the drill.

Your players won't believe how light the regular basketball feels compared to the weighted basketball.  Emphasize to your players that they should throw the regular basketball with the same force used to throw the weighted ball.

Use a Weighted Basketball to Pound the Basketball

If you listen to the ball when the best players dribble it, you will hear the ball hitting the floor hard.  The harder you can dribble the basketball and still control it the better.  The harder you dribble the basketball the quicker it get back into your hand.  You can pass, dribble, and shoot with the ball in your hand.  You can't do anything with it when it's not in your hand.

Now we are talking about fractions of seconds but that matters in how well a player can control the ball.

Better Rebounding with a Weighted Basketball

Rebounding drills won't be the same if you use a weighted basketball.  Since the ball is heavier players will have to squeeze it harder to maintain control of it.  Now work back in the regular basketball and tell players to squeeze it like the weighted ball and your players will be rebounding with authority.

Men's and Women's Weighted Basketball

The men's 29.5 inch weighted basketball is 3 lbs which is twice the weight of a regulation basketball.

The women's 28.5 inch weighted basketball is 2.75 lbs and is also great for youth players.

The weighted basketball will increase strength in the forearms, hands, wrist, and fingers.

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