(Rental)-4-2-5 “gang Green” Multiple Defense: Defensive Backs & Outside Linebackers


(Rental)-4-2-5 “gang Green” Multiple Defense: Defensive Backs & Outside Linebackers

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Features & Benefits

  • Find a simple approach to a complex system that may seem complicated to your competitors.
  • While running multiple coverage plans, keep alignments and assignments simple.
  • Cover 2, 3, and 4. Use cloud and sky concepts
  • All alignments and coverage plans should be taught the same run-fit techniques
  • Swarm 11 defenders around the ball
  • You can learn to switch pass coverages quickly, giving nightmares to QBs or OCs
Rick Stewart, ex-Head Coach at Porterville (CA), High School.
Three losing teams made it to the playoffs. Porterville reached four consecutive playoff appearances and was back-to-back champion section.

To dominate your opponents, build a multiple defense using principles of the 4-2-5 and 4-4 defenses.

Rick Stewart has created a detailed video that can be used by any defense. This video shows how to create this system using basic alignment rules and minimal assignment changes. Your two inside linebackers will not need to be adjusted in any way.

Coach Stewart discusses cover 2, 3, 4, and 5 with sky and cloud concepts. Whiteboard descriptions of each coverage explain the differences and show how to use them all with only minor adjustments for outside linebackers or defensive backs. He discusses route combinations, and how they are handled within each coverage. He also provides detailed descriptions of run fits and techniques that can be used in different coverage schemes.

After a brief description of each coverage the emphasis shifts to the individual technique and drills. Stewart points out that the drills are determined by Stewart's playbook. Each drill is intended to replicate the game situation seen through their various defensive looks. Whiteboard diagrams will be provided along with descriptions of four drills that he uses to simulate his backpedal progression. There are also five drills that he uses for tackling, as well as seven coverage drills. These drills can be used for 1-, 3-, or 5-step routes. You will also find drills for outside linebackers, which focus on four types of block defeat, pass coverage, and tackling. Each drill is then shown on-field by players following the whiteboard session.

Stewart also discusses group pursuit drills, which are performed in groups with only the outside linebackers and defensive backs. This system will make your team embody the motto "eleven helmets for one poor soul."

This multi-defense allows to simplify a system that may seem complicated to your opponent. While your opponent prepares for multiple defensive strategies, your team will be able to master simple assignments.

86 minutes. 2012.

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