(Rental)-Becoming A Champion: The Punter


(Rental)-Becoming A Champion: The Punter

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Features & Benefits

  • Get better at Football coaching
  • Mike McCabe - Learn from Mike!
  • Your team can reach new heights!
  • To be the best, learn from the best.
Mike McCabe, Freddie Capshaw
One-on-One Kicking

One on One Kicking is a great option for anyone who wants to be a top-notch kicker. Larry Coker, ex-University of Miami Head Coach

McCabe and Capshaw coach punting! These drills include drills that teach you how to stand, punt for distance, get the ball out, release it, use your legs, swing and approach. You will also learn how to improve your directional punting skills, increase hang time, get the ball away quickly and put power into your punts. These skills can be applied on game day through a film breakdown. This video will help you become a better punter.

62 minutes. 2004.

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