(Rental)-All Access Football Practice With Jt Curtis


(Rental)-All Access Football Practice With Jt Curtis

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Features & Benefits

  • Includes 7 live practice sessions and 2 staff meetings. More than 13 hours of footage.
  • All phases of the veer options running game should be included.
  • While running team offense, incorporate team conditioning.
  • You will learn how to keep athletes interested in practice by organizing it.
  • You can increase the effectiveness of your practice by using small groups, whole teams, and rotating players at an accelerated pace.
J.T. Curtis,
John Curtis Christian School, Los Angeles Head Coach
Over 540 coaching wins - the second highest number of high school football coaches to achieve 500 wins.
Distinguished member of National Federation of State High School Associations Hall of Fame (2015)
2012 Louisiana Class 2A State High school Champions (26 total State HS Football titles);
The 2012 USA Today National High School Champion and 2012 USA Today National HS Coaches of the Year.

J.T. is now available to the public. Curtis provides an All Access view into seven preseason practices, which take place over three days. Championship Productions set up cameras and captured each practice like you were there.

Curtis shows how he can maximize his practice time with effective practice planning and a fast rotation tempo.

Curtis's championship-caliber practices are demonstrated by the pace and drills he uses. You'll see his organization and how it evolves into a team environment. Curtis will show you the various environments he uses to teach the game. You can also attend a coaches meeting where the coaches will discuss ways to improve their practices.

Every aspect of the game will be taught and practiced. This is just a small sample of what you'll see.

Curtis demonstrates how he implements his Veer Offense by using a drill progression to the skill positions. The "Sprint Series", which provides protection for running backs, is followed by the perimeter passing and 7 on 7 passing games, then the team offense using the veer option. The unique feature of the veer options drill was the addition of a second football. In this drill, the fullback and quarterback achieve the mesh phase. After the fullback gets the handoff, the quarterback then takes a proper handoff form a coach before performing the pitch phase.

You can see defensive drills that include defensive linemen learning how to defeat blocks and reach blocks. Later defensive linemen learn the "Pull/Slide” drill to achieve gap control and pass rush. The drill is then followed by a chase drill with both the inside and defensive linebackers.

Curtis and his staff are experts in teaching their teams' special philosophies, techniques and schemes that focus on punt and return. Curtis and his team do a great job explaining techniques and breaking down players into smaller groups to improve the techniques. Then, they continue perfecting the techniques during whole-team repetitions.

You will learn how to motivate your athletes to reach their highest potential. This includes the ability to pay attention to details and inspire them with the enthusiasm that position coaches need. These practices are sound and will be beneficial to any college or high school football team.

More than 13 hours of instruction (794 mins - 7 DVDs). 2011.

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