(Rental)-Training With The Dribblepro


(Rental)-Training With The Dribblepro

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Basketball is all about gaining advantages. Sometimes, you have to do something differently to differentiate yourself from the competition. The Dribblepro Basketball does exactly that. Learn from a professional trainer, Henry Bibby, and player, Lisa Leslie, as they show you how you can improve your ball handling skills in a matter of days with the Dribblepro Basketball.

About the Dribblepro Basketball

The Dribblepro Basketball is the first ever "reaction basketball." It is designed to test and improve a players reaction time, hand-eye coordination and fundamentals. The ball itself is regulation size with four nodules scientifically placed at intentional locations on the ball. These nodules cause the ball to bounce 15-20 egress away from the player. The Dribblepro is incredible unique in the ability to work on multiple skills at once.

Dribblepro Ball Handling Drills

However, just having a Dribblepro ball is not enough. You need instruction and a drill base to improve. Coach Bibby takes you through a series of basic ball handling and dribbling moves to teach you how to properly use the ball and how it can help you improve. He shows a series of basic moves on the go such as the crossover, in and out, behind the back, and between the legs. The emphasis of these drills is having the proper base and hand placement. The hand-eye coordination improvement is obvious but developing the other fundamentals with these drills will also help you blow by your defender.

Coach Bibby takes it up a notch by showing more advanced two-ball dribbling along with adding in a defender and teammates. If you can truly master these drills then the ball will become an extension of your hand.

Learn from a Pro

The Dribblepro is fully endorsed by four-time Olympic gold medalist Lisa Leslie. Leslie goes into full detail into how the Dribblepro can improve your ball handling, shooting, and rebounding. It is rare to find a product that can drastically improve three foundation skills but Leslie demonstrates and explains how the Dribblepro uniquely accomplishes this goal. This section offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best players to ever play.

The Dribblepro is quite simply an advantage maker. You will have a competitive, and mental, edge on your opponents knowing the type of training you have gone through. Going back to a normal basketball, after using the Dribblepro, will feel so much easier that you wont have to focus on handling the ball but instead focus on reading the defense and making plays for your team.

Take your training and game to the next level by renting this innovative DVD today.

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