(Rental)-Team Drills For Offensive Skill Development


(Rental)-Team Drills For Offensive Skill Development

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Team Drills for Offensive Skill Development

Maximize your entire team’s skill development with over 20 drills from Don Showalter, long-time head coach at Iowa City (IA) High School. Showalter also served as coach of Team USA U16 and U17 national teams from 2009 to 2014 and won six gold medals. In this video, Coach Showalter shows coaches how to train players regardless of the facilities or limited coaching resources. You will see drills he used with the USA U16 and U17 national teams that will improve everything from dribbling and passing to screening and shooting.

Footwork Drills

All of Coach Showalter’s footwork drills begin with a warmup series and include the “Line Drill” series. The idea is to establish a strong base below the waist and ensure balance in an effort to create space against a defender.

Coaches will see a full-court drill reminiscent of legendary UCLA coach John Wooden. Players work on the jump stop, pivots, getting open with a V-cut, a pullup jumper, securing the ball on a rebound, and tipping the ball with both hands. To maximize reps, Coach Showalter developed a series of 15 Line Drills that work on improving in different areas of the game. Players learn to make strong passes with their weak hand, for example. Three of the drills work on teaching players to set and use on-ball and off-ball screens.

Shooting Drills

Shooting technique is the focus of Oiler Shooting Series, Box Drills, and the 30-Second Drills. Players work on shooting from distance as well as finishing at the rim. The Oiler Drill teaches players to pull up and shoot under control from different spots on the floor. Players can also incorporate pivots, fakes, and more to vary the shots taken.

The Box Drills teach players to use seven different yet effective scoring moves from the high post. The 30-Second Drills – there are six total – get players to compete and improve to new levels. The Superman Drill is one that trains players to aggressively chase rebounds and then be explosive at the rim.

All of Coach Showalter’s concepts can be incorporated with the Cut Throat Drill from former NBA coach Dick Motta. Learn how to emphasize different offensive concepts while your players work on developing their skills in game-like competition. Coach Showalter’s video is great for any coach looking to improve his players’ basic fundamental basketball skills.

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