(Rental)-Up-tempo Transition Game


(Rental)-Up-tempo Transition Game

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Up-Tempo Transition Basketball Game

As the former head coach at Florida Gulf Coast University, Andy Enfield became the first coach to lead a No. 15 seed into the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament in 2013. A former shooting consultant with Milwaukee and Boston of the NBA, Enfield is now the head coach at USC and in this video he details the key components to his up-tempo transition basketball game.

Coach Enfield begins by introducing three keys to playing an up-tempo style: practice tempo, spacing, and skill development. He goes onto the court to demonstrate a number of drills designed to develop each component. He also shows you how you can tweak your own practice sessions in an effort to help you master these components.

Scoring in Transition Basketball

Being an up-tempo team isn’t just about playing transition basketball. Coach Enfield takes you through half-court actions you can use to score quickly. He shows you ball screen motion breakdowns that he uses to teach players how to practice fast and practice spacing in the half-court offense. In addition, Coach Enfield shows you how to create mismatches in the post and dribble penetration in the lane.

In addition to some half-court offense, Enfield takes you through two set plays that complement the ball screen motion offense and an up-tempo style of play. Both plays present scoring opportunities for posts using ball screens.

Drills for Transistion Basketball

In the final segment, Coach Enfield runs the entire team through a series of skill development drills. The drills focus on attacking from the triple threat position, moving without the ball, and using the dribble drive to score. Each drill prepares players for game situations. You will see Enfield’s experience as an NBA player development coach as he provides shooting tips.

Whether you are looking to move to an up-tempo style of play or just a coach looking to add to your offensive philosophy, Coach Enfield’s brand of up-tempo basketball is the perfect fit for you. Rent this Transition Basketball DVD today.

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