Introduction To Swing Offense by Ryan Looney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Swing Offense: The Introduction One of the more successful offenses at the high school and college levels is the Swing. Idaho State University head coach Ryan Looney has used the offense with great success everywhere he has been. In this instructional video, Coach Looney uses diagrams, on-court demonstrations, and game film to teach the basics and advanced skills of the Swing Offense. Transition into Basketball Swing Offense It all starts with transition. Coach Looney shows you how to transition from defense to offense and flow right into the basketball Swing offense. Each player’s role is broken down in transition. Coach Looney shows you where the best opportunities for early 3-point shots and post ups will occur. He also shows you the various entries used to start the offense and then shows game film to help you see it all in action. Screening in the Swing Offense Coach Looney then begins teaching the half-court offense which revolves around two types of screens: Up Screen: This action is set up by a simple pass to the wing. The cutter then uses the screen to get to the rim. The screener steps out to the perimeter and replaces the cutter. This action allows for a quick scoring opportunity and also keeps the offense properly spaced. Flex Screen: When the ball skips from one side of the court to the other, a flex screen is set for the weak side wing. This action is another way to get a player a great scoring opportunity. The screens are the foundation of the basketball Swing Offense. Coach Looney shows you where and when to set each screen as well as all the options the offense can exploit off of each screen. He also reviews other options as well. When defenders try to fight through screens or anticipate cuts, baseline drives open up. Pick and pop options, wing ball screens, and multiple post up opportunities are also reviewed. Proper execution of the Swing Offense makes it very difficult to defend. It is a great team offense as all the pieces work together toward a common goal. With proper spacing and constant movement, defenses are forced to fight through screens, adjust to off-ball movement, and defend the weak side. Whether you are looking for an update of the Swing Offense or just want to improve your understanding of half-court offense, this is an outstanding presentation to add to your coaching library. Rent this basketball swing offense DVD today.
The Complete Guide To Bo Ryan's Swing Offense & Offensive System by Bo Ryan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Bo Ryan’s Swing Offense & Offensive System the Complete Guide The game of basketball continues to evolve and former Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan was always on the cusp of new offensive ideas that gave his teams an edge. In this four-hour presentation, you will be introduced to Ryan’s Swing Offense. He covers every aspect of the offense and how it attacks man and zone defenses. You will also see out-of-bounds plays from the sideline and baseline, full court pressure attacks, late-game plays, half-court pressure offense, and 20 different quick hitters. Bo Ryan's Swing Offense The Swing is synonymous with Ryan and is an offensive attack based on precise spacing, cuts and screens, and relentless attacks on the rim. Coach Ryan uses 5-on-0 drills to teach the offense and progresses to full 5-on-5 situations. You will see a number of ball screen actions that can create scoring opportunities. Within Bo Ryan's Swing offense, there are a variety of entries and counters that Coach Ryan details. Teams will defend differently and Ryan takes the time to make sure you are prepared for anything a defense can throw at you. In addition, Ryan will show you how to run his fast-paced transition offense and then flow right into the Swing. Quick Hitters and Special Situations for the Swing Offense In any given game, a number of special situations arise and Coach Ryan provides a variety of sets that help you attack a defense. These situations include baseline and sideline out of bounds plays as well as full-court plays for an end of half or end of game situation. You will also see a number quick hitters from different formations which help take advantage of mismatches and get the ball to certain players in certain situations. Ryan also discusses managing the clock in these special situations. Breakdown Drills for Bo Ryan's Swing Offense To teach the Swing Offense, Ryan uses a variety of breakdown drills which he puts on display for you. He creates building blocks with the drills to make it easy to apply them in a practice situation. Coach Ryan likes to run the drills “on air” or with no defense as well as with a full defense so players learn the concepts of the Swing in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. Coach Ryan won well over 700 games and took his 2014 and ’15 Badgers’ teams to the Final Four. You’ll see why in this video, which will help your players use ball screens, quick hitters, and counters to put more points on the board. Rent this Bo Ryan's Swing Offense DVD today. 
Breakdown Drills For Swing Offense by Ryan Looney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Swing Offense: Breakdown Drills  Idaho State University head coach Ryan Looney has had his share of success using the Swing Offense. He is a big believer in the success of an offense being related to the skill level of his players running it. In this skills video, Coach Looney shares the breakdown drills he uses to develop players and how he develops these skills within the Swing Offense. Breakdown Drills Coach Looney shows you six breakdown drills that teach players the shots they will take within the basketball swing offense. There are drills to develop both post and perimeter play. The workouts include working on the up screen, flex screen, and side pick and roll screen. You will see Coach Looney use a variety of equipment to help his players learn to play through contact and create trips to the free throw line. Screens One skill that Looney’s players must have is the ability to set and use screens. Players work on four options off the Up Screen and four more with the Flex Screen. You will see how to set the screens in the right spots, make cuts of least resistance to create betting scoring chances, and learn to see the post. Swing, Bump, and Separation are all shooting drills where players work on coming off of a screen and taking a shot. Players focus on having their hands up and proper footwork as they receive the ball. Post Play Learning post play is essential in the Swing Offense. Coach Looney works first on stance and positioning. Players learn to get low and how to take up space. A variety of post move are covered. Coach Looney also gets into perimeter develop and the different ways a defender can guard a ball handler on a screening action. Skill development is essential to any team’s success. Coach Looney does a great job of showing you how you can develop players as you install the swing offense. Rent this Basketball Swing Offense DVD today.
The Swing Offense: Breakdown & Shooting Drills by Gary Close Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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The Swing Offense: Breakdown and Shooting Drills With nearly 30 years of college coaching experience, former Wisconsin assistant Gary Close shares with you the Swing Offense, which was the brainchild of Bo Ryan. The Swing was designed to get teams looks inside and wide open shots on the perimeter. In this video, you will see on-court demonstrations that show you everything you need to know to run the offense. That includes quick-hitters, special situations, and how to attack certain defenses. Basics of the Swing Offense First, Coach Close discusses the positives related to the Swing Offense. From there, on-court demonstrations break down the basics of the offense: Continuity – Each move is simple and easily achieved. Screen after screen attacks the defense as sharp, purposeful cuts slice through it. Proper positioning and spacing – Pairs work together. Wings position themselves at the free throw line extended. Running the Swing Offense Against Different Defenses Coach Close gives you the tools with which to dissect an opposing defense. He gives you teaching tips, rules, and other options for attacking various defenses including: Aggressive Man-to-Man – Screen away to get open to catch the first pass, dribble and look for backdoor cuts, or dribble attack open space Soft, Sagging Man Defense – Enter the low post from the wing and curl off the weak side Switching Man Defense – Three up screen options are presented to take advantage of the mismatch by feeding the post, using a back screen, and the fade screen where the screener slips the screen and cuts to the basket Quick Hitters Close includes a variety of quick hitters from a number of sets that can be used out of the Swing Offense. Many of the plays get the ball to a team’s best player by making him the primary cutter. Each number or call includes an option for each position. Breakdown Drills Close presents a series of drills that cover all the screening actions and help players practice the shots they will most likely take in games. Close believes it is extremely important for his players to work on game-like shooting. He includes six drills to work both screening actions and shooting. The Swing Offense might be the best for teams that are not as athletic. Teams that do have athletic talent can still benefit as the offense helps get players great looks at the basket on a consistent basis. If that is something you are searching for, Coach Close’s video is for you.
Swing Offense Sets & Entries by Ryan Looney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Swing Offense- Sets and Entries Teams seemingly always run into at least a few opponents that use pressure of some defensive scheme that disrupts the offense. In this video, Idaho State University head coach Ryan Looney shows you how teams that run the basketball swing offense can beat that pressure or adjust to schemes to get high percentage shots. Coach Looney has had great success and his Swing offense is a big reason why. It is the sets and entries that allow his team to get the offense started. Pressure Releases Most teams will use some sort of on-ball pressure and attempt to deny passes on the wing to prevent an offense from getting started. Coach Looney teaches three pressure release sets that his teams use when they face a team that decides to get into the passing lanes and pressure them in both the half-court and full-court. With each pressure release, Coach Looney shows you backdoor opportunities that include Fire, V-Out, and the Backdoor Reversal entry that will keep opponents honest. After a few times through it, the defense will change how it is defending you. Entries to the Swing Once the offense is in the half-court, there are seven different entries that can be used to get into the basketball Swing offense. Coach Looney diagrams each and then goes onto the court to demonstrate each entry. Looney describes when to use each entry and the advantage of using it. You will see the dribble entry, post dive, point guard dive, ball screen from the wing, ball screens with posts, and a wings up entry that ensures a ball reversal. When you start using screens, defenses immediately thing you have left the Swing offense, but each screening action flows right back into the Swing. This seamless transition continues to make the Swing offense extremely difficult to defend. Set Plays All good offenses have certain set plays that can be run at any time. Coach Looney’s offense is no different and his set plays flow right into the Swing offense. He will show you three complete sets that incorporate post screening action and lead into high-low scoring options with post players. Once you install these sets and entries, you will have the complete Swing offense. Coach Looney’s presentation combines classroom diagrams with on-court instruction to help you install the Swing offense. The presentation is easy to understand and Coach Looney’s concepts are easy to teach. Adding it to the Swing offense video will enable you to teach and install this dangerous offense. Rent this Basketball Swing Offense Drills DVD today.