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Dual Jumbo Display Timer
HoopsKing Dual Jumbo Display Timer $26.99
Never Miss a Beat with the Dual Jumbo Display Timer Juggling multiple tasks? We've all been there. The Dual Jumbo Display Timer is here to be your secret weapon for staying on top of your schedule. This handy timer boasts extra-large digits for easy viewing at a glance, so you'll never miss a beat, whether you're in the kitchen, the gym, or the classroom. <h3>Why You'll Love the Dual Jumbo Display Timer</h3> See it Clearly: Dual Jumbo 1" displays ensure you can read the timer from any angle, no squinting required. Count Up or Down: The timer offers both 24-hour countdown and count-up functionality, providing ultimate versatility for all your timing needs. Double Duty: Dual memory allows you to store two separate times, perfect for managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Fits Your Space: The timer can be used on a tabletop or mounted on the wall for added convenience and visibility. Loud and Clear: A built-in buzzer guarantees you'll hear the alarm when the timer runs out, no matter how busy you are. Dual Jumbo Display Timer: The Key to Staying on Top of Your Game This isn't just any timer; it's an organizational powerhouse. With its clear displays, versatile functionality, and convenient design, the Dual Jumbo Display Timer is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to stay on track and manage their time effectively. FAQ What kind of battery does the timer use? The specific battery type will vary depending on the manufacturer, but most commonly, these timers use AAA batteries. Is the alarm sound adjustable? No, typically the alarm sound on these timers is not adjustable. Can I set multiple times to go off at once? No, while the timer offers dual memory, it can only sound one alarm at a time.
Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard With Remote Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard With Remote
HoopsKing Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard With Remote $794.99
Elevate Your Indoor Games with the All-in- One Scoreboard Keep Score Like a Pro and Focus on the Fun Imagine the thrill of your next board game or indoor sports competition – the intensity is building, points are scored, and the clock is ticking down. But are you fumbling with paper and pen, struggling to keep track of the score? Take your indoor games to the next level with the all-in-one Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard with Remote. This feature-packed scoreboard puts professional-grade scoring and timekeeping right at your fingertips. No more messy score sheets or arguments about the clock! The Most Important Features for Easy and Clear Scoring: Large, Bright LED Readout: The clear and crisp LED display ensures everyone can see the score from up to 150 feet away, eliminating confusion and keeping everyone focused on the game. Versatile Clock: The clock counts up or down from 99 minutes and 99 seconds, making it perfect for virtually any indoor sport or timed game. Remote Control Convenience: The included 8-button remote allows you to adjust the score and clock from a distance, keeping the flow of the game uninterrupted. Additional Information: Period bonus and possession indicator provide valuable time-keeping details for fans and teams alike. Audible Cues: The built-in buzzer provides clear audio signals for points scored or the end of a period, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. Built to Last: Constructed with durable materials, this scoreboard is built to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Easy to Use for All Ages: With its clear and user-friendly interface, the Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard is perfect for players and spectators of all ages. The large, 5-inch light-up clock and score digits are easy to read and understand, eliminating any confusion. Frequently Asked Questions: What types of games is this scoreboard suitable for? This scoreboard is perfect for a wide variety of indoor games, including board games, card games, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and more. How long does the remote work from? The remote control has a range of up to 150 feet. What is the power source for the scoreboard? The scoreboard requires a standard power outlet (power cord included). Order Your Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard Today! This all-in-one scoreboard is the perfect addition to any game room, providing professional-grade scoring and timekeeping for an elevated gaming experience. Don't wait – order yours today and start keeping score like a pro!
Electronic Possession Arrow
HoopsKing Electronic Possession Arrow $205.99
Keep Your Game Flowing Smoothly with the Electronic Possession Arrow Ever had confusion on the court about who has possession after a jump ball or out-of-bounds play? The Electronic Possession Arrow eliminates that uncertainty, keeping your games running smoothly and everyone focused on the action. This easy-to-use possession arrow features a large, clear LCD panel that displays a bright red illuminated arrow, visible from any spot on the court. Additionally, top indicator lights reinforce the displayed direction. No more arguments or delays – players, coaches, and fans will all be instantly aware of who has the ball. Here's what makes the Electronic Possession Arrow a slam dunk: Clear Communication: Large LCD panel and LED lights ensure everyone sees the possession indicator. Simple Operation: Plug-and-play design gets you up and running in seconds. Durable Construction: Built to last through countless games. Versatile Use: Perfect for basketball gyms of all sizes, from schools and recreation centers to professional courts. Frequently Asked Questions: What's included? The Electronic Possession Arrow comes complete with a 4-foot power cord. How does it mount? The Possession Arrow is designed to sit on a flat surface, such as the scorer's table. What is the warranty? This product is covered by a manufacturer's warranty (details available upon purchase). Upgrade your game today and add the Electronic Possession Arrow to your cart!
Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard
HoopsKing Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard $719.99
Ditch the Manual Scoreboard - Elevate Your Game with the Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard Keeping score during fast-paced games can be a challenge, especially when juggling other responsibilities. Introduce the Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard, your solution for clear, convenient scoring and timekeeping. This portable powerhouse simplifies scorekeeping for various indoor sports, keeping the game running smoothly and everyone informed. <h3>Effortless Scoring at Your Fingertips</h3> Simple Operation: The intuitive control panel allows for quick and easy scorekeeping, eliminating the hassle of manual scoreboards. Multi-Sport Versatility: Keep score for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and more with dedicated settings. Clear Visibility: The bright, 5-inch LED readouts display scores and time from up to 150 feet away, ensuring everyone stays on top of the game. <h3>Advanced Features for Enhanced Control</h3> Game Clock: The integrated clock counts up or down from 99 minutes and 99 seconds, perfect for a variety of game lengths. Time Management: Keep track of periods and possessions with dedicated indicators, ensuring a fair and organized game flow. Buzzer Alert: An audible buzzer sounds when points are scored or the period ends, providing clear audio cues for players and referees. <h3>Built to Last, Designed for Convenience</h3> Durable Construction: The rugged build ensures the scoreboard withstands the bumps and scrapes of indoor play. Portable Design: The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and store the scoreboard between games. Dual Functionality: The built-in digital clock with an alarm function makes the scoreboard a valuable addition to any space, even when not keeping score. Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard - Key Features: Easy-to-use control panel for effortless scorekeeping Multi-sport functionality for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and more Bright, 5-inch LED readouts visible from up to 150 feet Integrated game clock counting up or down from 99:99 Period and possession indicators for enhanced time management Audible buzzer for points scored and period ends Durable construction for long-lasting use Compact and portable design for easy transportation Built-in digital clock with alarm for added utility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What power source does the scoreboard use? The Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard can be powered with either an AC adapter (included) or batteries (not included). Can I use this scoreboard outdoors? While the scoreboard is built for indoor use, it may not withstand prolonged exposure to the elements. Is there a warranty included? Yes, the Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard comes with a manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind. Upgrade your game nights and tournaments with the Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard. Order yours today!