Up Your Training Game with Poly Markers

Take your drills, games, and activities to the next level with our vibrant Poly Markers! These versatile training tools are perfect for Phys Ed classes, sports practices, agility training, and even social distancing.

Made from durable, non-skid vinyl, Poly Markers can withstand anything you throw at them. From shuffling feet in the gym to speeding soccer cleats, these markers stay put. Choose from a variety of bright, easy-to-see colors to create clear boundaries, designate stations, or set up complex drills.

Available in large sizes (typically 9" or 10" in diameter), Poly Markers ensure maximum visibility. They come in packs to keep your training sessions organized, and some even feature numbers or letters for even more customization.

So, ditch the confusing cones and elevate your training with Poly Markers! Shop our collection today and discover a world of possibilities.

Poly Star Markers Set Poly Star Markers Set
HoopsKing Poly Star Markers Set $19.99
Engage Your Students and Athletes with Fun and Functional Poly Star Markers! Looking for a versatile and engaging way to set up drills, mark boundaries, or create play areas? Look no further than Poly Star Marker Sets! These brightly colored star-shaped markers are perfect for a variety of activities in both gym classes and on the playground. Make Learning and Play More Fun! Poly Star Markers are a welcome departure from boring cones or circles. Their unique star shape adds a touch of whimsy to any activity, while the bold colors grab attention and keep students or athletes engaged. Key Features and Benefits: Durable Construction: Made from non-skid vinyl, Poly Star Markers can withstand rigorous use without tearing or ripping. Multiple Uses: These versatile markers can be used for drills, games, agility courses, establishing play areas, and more! Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Use: The non-slip material makes them perfect for use on gym floors, playgrounds, or even grass. Bright and Colorful: The six-pack includes a variety of eye-catching colors to enhance visibility and keep everyone engaged. Easy to Clean and Store: Poly Star Markers wipe clean easily and can be stacked neatly for convenient storage. Frequently Asked Questions What size are the Poly Star Markers? Each marker measures 10 inches in diameter. Are they safe for young children? Yes, Poly Star Markers are made from safe, non-toxic materials and have no sharp edges. How many markers come in a set? Poly Star Marker Sets come in packs of six, with one marker in each of the following colors: red, green, orange, blue, yellow, and purple. Ready to add some fun and functionality to your gym class or playtime? Order your Poly Star Marker Set today!
Poly Arrow Markers Set Poly Arrow Markers Set
HoopsKing Poly Arrow Markers Set $49.99
Make Any Space Fun and Functional with Poly Arrow Markers! Have you ever wished you could create designated pathways, obstacle courses, or game grids with ease? Poly Arrow Markers are the perfect solution! This vibrant set of arrows transforms any space into an engaging and interactive zone. Here's Why You'll Love Poly Arrow Markers: Multiple Uses: Poly Arrow Markers are ideal for countless activities. From creating agility drills for athletes to marking pathways in a daycare center, these versatile arrows can be used for anything that requires clear direction. Non-Skid Vinyl: Safety is a priority. The non-skid vinyl material ensures the arrows stay securely in place, even on busy floors. Easy Repositioning: Need to change your layout? No problem! Poly Arrow Markers can be effortlessly repositioned without damaging the floor surface. Bright and Bold Colors: The set includes 12 arrows in 6 eye-catching colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). These vibrant colors will grab attention and enhance any activity. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality vinyl, Poly Arrow Markers are built to last. They can withstand constant use and are easy to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Frequently Asked Questions: What size are the Poly Arrow Markers? Each arrow measures 16 inches long and 4 inches wide at the base, with the arrowhead being 8 inches wide. Can I use Poly Arrow Markers outdoors? While these arrows are durable, they are not specifically designed for outdoor use. Extended exposure to sunlight may cause fading. How easy is it to clean the Poly Arrow Markers? The smooth vinyl surface can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. So, why wait? Poly Arrow Markers are the perfect way to add fun and functionality to any space. Get yours today!
Extra-Large Poly Spot Markers Set Extra-Large Poly Spot Markers Set
HoopsKing Extra-Large Poly Spot Markers Set $34.99
Get Active and Organized with Extra-Large Poly Spot Markers! Do you need a versatile tool to create engaging activities and drills for sports practices, gym classes, or even playtime in the backyard? Look no further than our Extra-Large Poly Spot Marker Set! These brightly colored markers are perfect for designating boundaries, setting up stations, or marking specific spots for players. Here's why you'll love them: Highly Visible: The large 12-inch diameter and assorted colors ensure clear visibility, even on spacious fields or courts. Durable and Safe: Made from non-skid vinyl, these markers can withstand active use and energetic play. They're also tear-resistant to prevent rips or tears. Multipurpose: Use them for drills, agility training, group activities, social distancing markers, and more! Indoor or Outdoor Use: The weather-resistant vinyl material allows you to use them on various surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Product Features: Set of 6 spot markers (1 Red, 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Purple) 12-inch diameter for clear visibility Made from non-skid vinyl for safety and durability Tear-resistant design Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Frequently Asked Questions: What size are the spot markers? Each marker measures 12 inches in diameter. Can they be used outdoors? Absolutely! The vinyl material is weather-resistant and can be used on various surfaces. What activities are these good for? These spot markers are perfect for drills, agility training, games, designating playing areas, and much more! Get your Extra-Large Poly Spot Marker Set today and add a fun and functional element to your activities!
Poly Base Markers Set Poly Base Markers Set
HoopsKing Poly Base Markers Set $27.99
Spice Up Your Training with Versatile Poly Base Markers! Looking for a fun and functional way to enhance your drills, games, and training sessions? Look no further than the Champion Sports Poly Base Marker Set! This set of six, vibrantly colored markers is perfect for a variety of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Here's what makes Poly Base Markers a Must-Have: Endless Uses: From creating agility courses and obstacle zones to marking boundaries and designating training stations, Poly Base Markers offer endless possibilities for upping your game. Durable Construction: Made from non-skid vinyl, these markers can withstand even the most rigorous activities without tearing or ripping. Rain or shine, they'll stay put! Safe and Non-abrasive: The soft, square design ensures safety during exercises and prevents injuries. Plus, they won't scuff or damage floors. High Visibility: The bright colors of these markers guarantee clear visibility, even from a distance. This makes them ideal for large spaces or dimly lit areas. Multiple Sizes Available: Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs, whether you're working in a small gym or a vast playing field. Frequently Asked Questions: What size are the Poly Base Markers? This set features six 12" square markers. Are there other colors available? Yes, Poly Base Markers come in a variety of color combinations. Contact us for details! Can I use these markers outdoors? Absolutely! The non-skid vinyl material is built to withstand outdoor elements. Invest in Poly Base Markers today and transform your training into a fun and dynamic experience!
Poly Spot Markers Poly Spot Markers
HoopsKing Poly Spot Markers from $29.99
Liven Up Your Training with Poly Spot Markers! Get ready to take your workouts, drills, and playtime to a whole new level of fun and functionality with Poly Spot Markers! These versatile markers are perfect for a variety of activities, from boosting agility in athletes to creating engaging games for kids. Brighten Up Your Space and Enhance Visibility Made from durable, non-skid vinyl, Poly Spot Markers come in a pack of 12 vibrant colors. The 10-inch diameter size ensures they're clearly visible, even from a distance. This makes them ideal for setting up boundaries, creating stations, or marking specific spots for drills. Unmatched Versatility for Endless Uses Here are just a few ways Poly Spot Markers can transform your space: Boost Agility and Speed: Create dynamic drills and training exercises for athletes of all ages. Enhance Coordination and Balance: Set up challenging footwork patterns or balance beams with these markers. Fun for Kids: Liven up playtime with creative games like hopscotch, obstacle courses, or color-coded activities. Organize Classrooms: Use Poly Spot Markers to designate group areas, mark personal spaces, or create learning stations. Improve Social Distancing: These markers are a great visual aid to help maintain safe distances during group activities. Built to Last, Made for Fun Poly Spot Markers are crafted from high-quality, non-slip vinyl that can withstand rigorous use. They're built to endure active play, both indoors and outdoors, without ripping or tearing. The easy-to-clean surface makes them a breeze to maintain, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time having fun! Frequently Asked Questions What size are the Poly Spot Markers? Each marker measures 10 inches in diameter. How many markers come in a pack? A pack of Poly Spot Markers includes 12 markers in assorted colors. Can I use Poly Spot Markers outdoors? Absolutely! The non-slip vinyl material is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Are Poly Spot Markers easy to clean? Yes! The smooth vinyl surface makes them easy to wipe clean with soap and water. Order your Poly Spot Markers today and add a splash of fun and functionality to your space!
Poly Start and Finish Lines Set
HoopsKing Poly Start and Finish Lines Set $28.99
Energize Your Activities with Bright Poly Start & Finish Lines! Capture the thrill of competition and make your gym classes, sports practices, or backyard games even more exciting with our Poly Start & Finish Lines Set! These vibrant lines are perfect for designating clear starting and ending points in races, relays, obstacle courses, and more. Made from durable, flexible poly material, they can withstand energetic play and are easy to store when not in use. Key Features and Benefits: High Visibility: The bright optic yellow color ensures everyone can easily spot the start and finish lines, even on large fields or in crowded gyms. Durable Construction: Made from long-lasting poly material, these lines can handle active use and won't tear or rip easily. Flexible Design: The strips bend and conform to uneven surfaces for versatile use indoors or outdoors. Easy Storage: The compact size makes storing these lines a breeze when playtime is over. Multiple Uses: Perfect for gym classes, sports practices, backyard games, field days, and a variety of other activities. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What size are the Poly Start & Finish Lines? A: Each line measures a convenient 48 inches wide. Q: Can these lines be used outdoors? A: Absolutely! The poly material is weather-resistant and can be used on grass, pavement, or other surfaces. Q: How many lines come in a set? A: Please note that this product listing is for individual lines, not a set. You can choose to purchase either a "START" line or a "FINISH" line, depending on your needs.