Elevate Your Badminton Game with High-Performance Shuttlecocks

Looking to smash your competition and ace every rally? Our selection of premium shuttlecocks is designed to meet the needs of all badminton players, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

We offer a variety of shuttlecocks crafted with high-quality materials for optimal flight and durability. Whether you prefer synthetic or feather shuttlecocks, we have options to suit your playing style and preference. Our synthetic shuttlecocks are perfect for recreational play and provide long-lasting performance, while our feather shuttlecocks offer exceptional feel and accuracy for competitive matches.

Browse our collection and find the perfect shuttlecocks to take your badminton game to the next level. We offer competitive prices and fast shipping to ensure you can get back on the court quickly and dominate your next match.

Deluxe Badminton Set Deluxe Badminton Set
HoopsKing Deluxe Badminton Set $78.99
Get Active and Have Fun with the Deluxe Badminton Set! Looking for a fun way to get some exercise with friends and family? Look no further than the Deluxe Badminton Set! This complete badminton kit provides everything you need to get started with this exciting and accessible sport, perfect for backyards, parks, or even driveways. Why Choose the Deluxe Badminton Set? The Deluxe Badminton Set isn't just about playing badminton; it's about quality, portability, and convenience. Here's what sets this kit apart: Durable Construction: The set features four high-quality steel rackets that can withstand even the most competitive rallies. The heavy-duty plastic uprights and net ensure long-lasting enjoyment. Complete Play: No need to buy extra equipment! The set includes everything you need to start playing immediately, including 20' net, two shuttlecocks, pole anchors for stability, ground stakes for extra support on soft ground, and a convenient carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Perfect for All Levels: Whether you're a seasoned badminton player or just starting out, the Deluxe Badminton Set is perfect for all skill levels. The lightweight rackets are easy to maneuver, and the adjustable net height allows you to customize the game for beginners or more experienced players. Key Features: Four high-quality steel rackets for maximum durability Heavy-duty plastic uprights and net for long-lasting performance 20' net for regulation-sized badminton court Two shuttlecocks for immediate play Two pole anchors for added stability Four ground stakes for secure setup on soft ground Reusable black carrying case for easy storage and transport Frequently Asked Questions: How easy is it to assemble the net? The net and uprights are designed for easy assembly with no tools required. Is this set appropriate for kids? Absolutely! The lightweight rackets and adjustable net height make this set perfect for family fun. What is the warranty on the rackets? The Deluxe Badminton Set comes with a manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. With the Deluxe Badminton Set, you have everything you need to get outside, have some fun, and enjoy a healthy dose of exercise. So grab your friends and family, head outdoors, and get ready to smash, rally, and ace your way to a great time!
Plastic Indoor Shuttlecocks Plastic Indoor Shuttlecocks
HoopsKing Plastic Indoor Shuttlecocks $9.99
Elevate Your Badminton Game with Durable Plastic Shuttlecocks Take your indoor badminton matches to the next level with our premium plastic shuttlecocks. Designed for consistent performance and long-lasting durability, these shuttlecocks are the perfect choice for casual players and competitive athletes alike. Built to Last - Play After Play Durable Plastic Construction: Unlike traditional feather shuttlecocks, these plastic birdies can withstand intense rallies without breaking or losing their shape. Consistent Flight: Engineered for a predictable flight path, these shuttlecocks ensure a more enjoyable and frustration-free playing experience. Perfect for Indoor Play Ideal for Gymnasiums: The plastic design makes them ideal for indoor courts, eliminating concerns about feathers flying off or getting damaged by wind. Reduced Maintenance: No more worrying about delicate feathers! These shuttlecocks require minimal maintenance and can be used repeatedly. Value You Can Count On Bulk Pack: Get six shuttlecocks per tube, providing lasting enjoyment for your next badminton session. Cost-Effective Choice: The affordable price point makes them a great value for both casual and frequent players. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are these shuttlecocks suitable for outdoor play? A: While these shuttlecocks can be used outdoors in calm conditions, they are primarily designed for indoor courts due to their plastic build. For outdoor play with wind resistance, feather shuttlecocks are a better option. Q: How many players are these shuttlecocks ideal for? A: These shuttlecocks are perfect for both singles and doubles play. Q: How long do these shuttlecocks typically last? A: The lifespan of the shuttlecocks will depend on the intensity of play. With proper use, they can last for many games.
Nylon Outdoor Shuttlecocks Nylon Outdoor Shuttlecocks
HoopsKing Nylon Outdoor Shuttlecocks $13.99
Take Your Badminton Game Outdoors! Love badminton but wish you could play anywhere? Now you can! Introducing our top-of-the-line nylon outdoor shuttlecocks, designed to withstand the elements and deliver a competitive edge, all without sacrificing that satisfying indoor feel. Built for Outdoor Fun These nylon shuttlecocks are crafted with a durable nylon base that can handle even the breeziest conditions. Unlike feather shuttlecocks that get easily damaged outdoors, our nylons are built to last, ensuring you can rally for hours on end. Here's what makes our nylon outdoor shuttlecocks the perfect choice: Durable nylon base: Built to resist wind and wear, for extended outdoor play. Tournament-quality feel: Delivers a consistent flight pattern for competitive play. Cost-effective: Lasts longer than feather shuttlecocks, saving you money in the long run. Pack of six: Always have extras on hand for spontaneous badminton battles! Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are these shuttlecocks as good as feather shuttlecocks? A: While feather shuttlecocks offer a slightly more natural feel, our nylon shuttlecocks provide a great alternative for outdoor play. They're more durable and cost-effective, making them perfect for casual and recreational games. Q: How many shuttlecocks come in a tube? A: Each tube contains six high-quality nylon shuttlecocks. Q: Where can I use these shuttlecocks? A: These shuttlecocks are ideal for outdoor badminton courts, parks, driveways, or any open space with enough room for a badminton game. Get ready to experience the thrill of badminton anywhere with our top-of-the-line nylon outdoor shuttlecocks. Order yours today!
Ply Badminton Net, Nylon Coated Steel Cable
HoopsKing Ply Badminton Net, Nylon Coated Steel Cable from $25.99
Elevate Your Badminton Game with a Durable Ply Net Take your badminton matches to the next level with a premium ply net built for competition or casual play. This high-quality net offers exceptional durability and consistent performance, ensuring every rally feels professional. Built to Last Heavy-Duty Ply Construction: The net is crafted from robust ply nylon netting, designed to withstand powerful smashes and net shots without wearing down. Coated Steel Cable: A strong nylon-coated steel cable runs along the top of the net, providing excellent tension and stability during gameplay. Reinforced Headband: The 1.5-inch headband adds an extra layer of support and durability, ensuring the net remains taut and secure throughout your matches. Designed for Optimal Performance Regulation Size: Measuring 21 feet long and 2.5 feet high, this net conforms to official badminton specifications for competitive play. Precise Square Mesh: The 0.75-inch square mesh ensures consistent shuttlecock flight and prevents snags, keeping your rallies smooth and uninterrupted. Classic Black and White: The net's traditional black and white color scheme provides high visibility for players on both sides of the court. Incorporating these features, this ply badminton net promises: Unmatched Durability: Built to last through intense matches and frequent use. Superior Performance: Ensures consistent shuttlecock flight and optimal gameplay. Competitive Regulation Size: Perfect for serious players who want a professional experience. Increased Visibility: The classic color scheme enhances focus and reaction time. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this net suitable for outdoor use? A: While the net can be used outdoors occasionally, prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions might affect its lifespan. For regular outdoor play, consider a net specifically designed for outdoor use. Q: Does this net come with poles or mounting hardware? A: This net does not include poles or mounting hardware. These are typically sold separately. Q: How easy is it to set up the net? A: The net's lightweight design and top cable with sleeves make setup a breeze. You can easily string the cable through poles or attach it to mounting hooks for quick installation.