Basketball Rebounding Training Equipment


Our basketball rebounding training equipment will help your team get more rebounds by developing stronger hands that crush the ball on the rebound.  These products would be our hand grip strengtheners as well as our weighted basketball.

The Rip-N-Grip Hand Strengtheners will help players get more rebounds by being able to squeeze the ball harder and hold on to it better without the ball getting knocked out of their hands.  They are easy to take anywhere and use anytime - even watching TV or while players are out on the sidelines in practice coaches can have them pick up the Rip-N-Grips and get some reps in.

Our weighted basketball might be the best basketball rebounding training equipment because it can be used in actual rebounding drills.  Just use our weighted basketball in any of your rebound drills during practice and the players will have to grab onto the ball with more force than they would a normal basketball.   They will also have to squeeze it harder so that it doesn't get knocked out of their hands.  This will build forearm and hand strength that when your players go back to the regular basketball they will feel like they can crush it and will become more agressive rebounders.

Other Basketball Rebounding Training Equipment

The Toughness Training Basketball pad is a great tool for rebounding drills.  Coaches can wear the pad on one arm and catch, bounce, or shoot the basketball with the other during rebouding drills.  The Toughness pad is great to use when players land after rebounding so that they have a wide base, are on balance, and are protecting the basketball.  Have two coaches?  Get two Toughenss training pads so players on both sides are getting pushed around while rebounding.

Resistance bands can be used by players doing more individual training to provide resistance on the jump when they go up to rebound.  This will increase their vertical leap which will make them want to get even more rebounds because they will want to out jump other players.

Order our Basketball Rebounding Training Equipment today and help your team improve their rebounding skills.

Toughness Training Pad - dribble Toughness Training Pad
HoopsKing HoopsKing Basketball Toughness Training Pad $69.99
The HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad is a light weight pad worn on the forearm that allows coaches, trainers, and players to easily add contact to drills.  Unlike big, blocky pads, this basketball training equipment is light enough to run up and down the court with.  Use the pad in the following ways and more: Finishing Moves -  contact at the rim Dribbling - body up and get into dribblers and bump them. Shooting - easily remove the pad from your forearm and hold it up to make shooters work on shooting over longer and taller defenders. Rebounding - use the pad in rebounding drills to force the rebounder to be strong with the ball and land on balance. and More! - any drill you want to add contact to this is the pefect pad to use.  Gives you all the contact of big bulky pads but smaller and lighter. What the Boss Says Chris Hungerford CEO   I have used the Toughness Training pad for many years. As a coach you can quickly find out who can handle contact and who can't.  The majority of kids I've coached don't like contact.  I used the pad during layups and just tap the kids with the pad to get them used to being hit and putting their focus on making the layup instead of the contact. The goal of using this pad is to get players used to contact so that it doesn't bother them in games. They will also learn to lower their center of gravity and become more explosive because when someone is pushing on you you can't stand up.  There was a funny instance when I was using the pad with a player who had not practice vs. contact before and the first time I bumped her with the pad she went down.  We both laughed but after that she didn't go down again.  She learned quickly to get lower and be on balance. Here is how I have used the Toughness Training Pad over the years: Stationary Dribbling - Pushing on kids to get them lower in their stance and lock in their core Full Court Dribbling - Bodying up the ball handler to get them to protect the ball Post Play - Bodying up an offensive post player to get them to really learn to get the ball down low Shooting - holding up the pad to make kids shoot over a defender and create a higher arc This pad is much better than the big blocky pads out there because you can move up and down court with this pad easily since you wear it on your forearm. You can keep one hand free.  There have been many times I've been wearing the pad and will call for the ball and demonstrate something  while still wearing the pad.  I don't have to put a pad down and then pick it back up.  I don't miss a beat when I wear the Toughness Training pad.
heavy basketball drills with weighted ball weighted basketball drills
HoopsKing Weighted Basketball HeavyTrainer (3 or 2.75 lbs) $39.99
Use a Weighted Basketball for Better Passing, Stronger Ball Handling, & Tougher Rebounders Do your players throw lazy passes that get intercepted? Do you need players that pound the basketball when they dribble?  Would you like to see your players rip the basketball out of the air on rebounds and squeeze the air out of it? Well if you answered "Yes" to any of these questions you should give our weighted basketball a try and see the great results you can get. Weighted Basketball for Better Passing Players at all levels throw loopy passes with too much air under them.  You can tell players until you are blue in the face to throw the ball hard and snap it and some of them still won't do it. So an easy solution to this problem is to add a weighted basketball into your passing drills and players will have to throw the ball with a lot more force to make normal passes.  Now keep your players at normal spacing where they would throw passes in a game.  Spend time with the weigthed basketball working on various drills and then add the regular basketball into the drill. Your players won't believe how light the regular basketball feels compared to the weighted basketball.  Emphasize to your players that they should throw the regular basketball with the same force used to throw the weighted ball. Use a Weighted Basketball to Pound the Basketball If you listen to the ball when the best players dribble it, you will hear the ball hitting the floor hard.  The harder you can dribble the basketball and still control it the better.  The harder you dribble the basketball the quicker it get back into your hand.  You can pass, dribble, and shoot with the ball in your hand.  You can't do anything with it when it's not in your hand. Now we are talking about fractions of seconds but that matters in how well a player can control the ball. Better Rebounding with a Weighted Basketball Rebounding drills won't be the same if you use a weighted basketball.  Since the ball is heavier players will have to squeeze it harder to maintain control of it.  Now work back in the regular basketball and tell players to squeeze it like the weighted ball and your players will be rebounding with authority. Men's and Women's Weighted Basketball The men's 29.5 inch weighted basketball is 3 lbs which is twice the weight of a regulation basketball. The women's 28.5 inch weighted basketball is 2.75 lbs and is also great for youth players. The weighted basketball will increase strength in the forearms, hands, wrist, and fingers.
Basketball Grab and Control System Basketball Grab & Control Rebounding System
HoopsKing Basketball Grab & Control Rebounding System $39.99
Basketball players jump, grab the ball and pull it in while opponents attempt to to steal it away. This basketball training equipment teaches you to firmly grab the ball, improving ball handling skills during competition .The Basketball Grab & Control System is also an excellent tool for football, volleyball and soccer, improving the athletes ability to jump higher and decreasing reaction time. Simple to use, just deflate basketball, insert into the durable nylon strap, inflate the ball and attach the super stretch latex cord to the goalpost or backboard. Comes complete with super stretch latex cord, all necessary hardware and instructions.
Weighted Basketball comes in 29.5 Heavy basketball for training.
HoopsKing HeavyTrainer 2 Pack $69.99
Take your dribbling, passing, shooting, and conditioning to another level with this basketball training equipment. This value pack contains: Two (2) 3 lb (29.5") or Two (2) 2.75 lb (28.5") HeavyTrainer basketballs One (1) HeavyTrainer Workout DVD with Jay Hernandez Save $5.00 with this package. HeavyTrainer Description: Our revolutionary heavy basketball is official size but weighs more than twice the official weight (which is 1.3 lbs.). Practicing with a heavier ball will improve all areas of your game by helping you become a stronger shooter, passer, rebounder, and ballhandler! Composition rubber cover. Official Size : 3 lb = 29.5" Excellent Grip and Feel Bounces like a regulation basketball Extend Your Shooting Range - Hit those NBA Threes Improve Your Arm, Wrist, and Finger Strength for Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting! Develop Power Moves and Rebounding   HeavyTrainer Workout DVD Description: The HeavyTrainer Workout will show you how to get the most out your workouts with a weighted basketball. Trainer Jay Hernandez covers: One Ball Dribbling Two Ball Dribbling Passing Shooting Conditioning Add a HeavyTrainer basketball or two to your workout and start making faster gains in your basketball skills. Run Time: Approximately 20 minutes.
basketball hand quickness drills basketball hand grip
HoopsKing Rip N Grip Hand Strengtheners $19.99
The #1 Tool to Increase Hand Strength & Grip for Faster, Quicker, & Stronger Hands in Less than 5 Minutes a  Day....And Palm a Basketball too! Do you struggle to hold onto the basketball because defenders knocking the ball out of your hands or steal the ball from you? Do you want to palm the basketball so you can finally get that first dunk to go down? Is your Weak Hand holding you back from being the dominant player you know you could be? Think about how having stronger hands and forearms would help you shoot from further out, throw harder more precise passes, and squeeze the ball on rebounds with authority. Or if you stop being a one hand dominant player and can use both hands equally well. How would that change your game? The hands and forearms are a crucial part of playing basketball. You DO EVERYTHING with the Ball with your hands! So often players that need to increase their hand strength don't because there are so many other areas of the game to work on. But the problem is that if you don't solve this problem it probably won't matter how much you work on the other areas because once the ball is in your hands you'll still struggle. Here's an example. The post player that has trouble catching and holding onto the ball. Now he can work on posting up and all the moves he wants, but in the end, in games, if he can't catch the ball and hold onto it everything he did before that will be for nothing. Same thing if you are working on increasing your vertical jump so that you can dunk - but just can't hang onto the ball. You can keep trying to jump higher which at some point you will not be able to jump any higher and you still won't be able to palm the basketball unless you increase your hand and forearm strength. Here's an easy way to increase your hand and forearm strength for basketball. It takes less than 5 minutes a day and you can do it anywhere. The HoopsKing Rip N Grip Hand Strengtheners are an easy way to build stronger, quicker, & faster hands for basketball. So if you want to palm the basketball, catch the ball better, throw harder passes, shoot from further out look no further than the Rip N Grip Hand strengtheners. The Rip N Grip Hand Strengtheners will help you to: > Increase hand and forearm strength... > Add several feet to your shooting range... > Catch & Rebound the basketball with authority.... > Exercises easily done while hanging out, watching TV, or just about anywhere... > Increase your weak hand strength quickly.... ... and much, MUCH more! And best of all... you'll start seeing results with the Rip N Grip Hand Strengtheners after just one week of working out with them. Don't overlook the importance of strong hands in basketball or any sport you play. You could easily spend $100 for a couple of days of basketball camp but that won't fix your hands. You can't go wrong for only $19.99 to build up your hands quickly and make significant changes to your ability on the court. Again here is what you are getting: > 30, 40, & 50 lbs of resistance grips so that you can continue to progress in your hand strength> Form fitting grips makes it easy to squeeze them with your entire hand> Work two hands at the same time. Have a weaker hand? Do one grip in that hand and a higher resistance in your strong hand until you catch up the weak hand. Start training with the Rip N Grip Hand Strengtheners today so you can have Faster, Stronger, & Quicker hands.
-28% sale
Weighted Basketball Team Pack (12 Balls), 29.5 or 28.5 Weighted Basketball Team Pack (12 Balls), 29.5 or 28.5
HoopsKing Weighted Basketball Team Pack (12 Balls), 29.5 or 28.5 $349.99 $479.88
12 Weighted basketballs with your choice of men's or women's. This is the basketball training equipment you need to improve your game and gain the skills you need to achieve your goals!
Rip & Grip Hand Strengtheners
HoopsKing Rip & Grip Hand Strengtheners $19.95
If you want to develop serious hand strength for basketball then this basketball training equipment is for you. The Heavy Grips hand gripper series was developed for athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. These high-quality aluminum-handled hand grippers are made in 50 lb increments from 100 lbs to 200 lbs so that you can train your grip similar to training any other body part - by increasing resistance. The Heavy Grips will make you a better basketball player by improving your hand and forearm strength.   Dribbling - You'll be able to dribble the ball harder and have more control. Dunking - Palm the ball by increasing your hand strength and then throw it down. No more losing the ball on the way up. Passing - Put more force on your passes and be able to control catches better. Rebounding - Having stronger hands means you'll be able to control the ball better even if it doesn't come right into your hands. Shooting - Increase your range with increase hand and forearm strength   Which size should you choose?   100 "Beginner" - At the first squeeze, the HG100 may not seem to be much tougher than a store-bought plastic hand-gripper, but it's smooth action and aggressive knurled grip can be deceiving. The "Beginner" is perfect for consumers beginning their 'grip training' as well as younger athletes, female athletes, athletes with small hands and warm-ups for stronger athletes.   150 "Intermediate" - Consumers that have a fairly strong grip can usually squeeze out a few reps with the HG150, but it can be difficult for females and younger athletes although those athletes can easily work up to the HG150 in a short time with consistent training. Most athletes with consistent HG training will find that the HG150 only provides resistance for 3 to 15 reps for 2 to 6 weeks and they are ready to step up to the HG200 or beyond because the hand responds so well to resistance training with low repetitions.   "Advanced" -The HG200 is the level that even athletes with a naturally strong grip may have trouble closing. Athletes with advanced grip training will not have too much trouble with the HG200, but those with no grip training experience will most likely find it very difficult to close the HG200 at the beginning of their training. When you are closing the HG200 for reps, your performance for any sport using your hands will be greatly enhanced.   The Heavy Grip 100 takes 100 lbs of pressure to close, and the Heavy Grip 150 takes 150 lbs to close, and the Heavy Grip 200 takes 200 lbs to close. Compare that to most store bought hand grippers that only take 40 lbs to 60 lbs of pressure to close!!!
vertical jump resistance bands trainer Increase vertical jump with resistance bands
HoopsKing HoopsKing Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Bands $59.99
How to Jump Higher & Blast Through Plateaus to Get the Inches You Need to Dunk a Basketball or Spike the Volleyball w/ a Vertical Jump Trainer Without Changing Your Training Program... Better Results Easily add resistance to your jumping drills to build stronger & more powerful muscles that will help you jump higher without changing your program. Minimal Equipment The Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Bands take up minimial space & can easily be thrown in a bag and taken anywhere to do workouts - at home or in the gym. Enhance Weight Workouts Add the bands to your weight training excercises to bust through plateaus & get even bigger gains in your vertical jump training. MVP Vertical Jump Trainer Pro Resistance Bands These Jump Trainer resistance bands go from your waist to your heels with the ankle straps. The Pro Jump Trainer bands come with 200 lbs of resistance when you put all four bands on at the same time. These bands are not as effective for someone under 5'6" because they won't engage right away and there will be some slack at the start of a movement. You can keep the Pro Trainer bands on during your entire workout as they are comfortable since they are worn around the waist. How do Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Bands Work? Improving your Vertical Leap and jumping higher with vertical jump trainer resistance bands is simple. They provide resistance as you jump. Resistance means that your muscles are going to have to do more work to overcome the resistance therefore your muscles become stronger and can produce more force. The more force your muscles produce the higher you will be able to jump. Isn't Body Weight Enough? No. Body Weight exercises will only take you so far. At some point (sooner than later) you will hit a vertical jump plateau with body weight exercises because the amount of resistance is limited (your body) and you will stop making gains. What do you do then? You have to add resistance somehow to overload your muscles so that they can produce more force. With our vertical jump resistance bands you can easily add various levels of resistance so you can continue to make gains overloading your muscles and developing fast twitch muscle fibers that will help you jump higher. Think of Jumping with body-weight only the same as push ups. Pushups become more of an endurance exercise instead of a strength and explosiveness exercise. Pushups will tone and strengthen to a point but once you peak how do you get stronger? You have to add resistance exercises or you won't get stronger and produce more force. That's where the MVP Vertical Jump Trainer comes in. Resistance Bands Work with ANY Vertical Jump Program You can use our vertical jump resistance bands with any program you want. Simply wear the bands while doing jumping exercises to add resistance. It's that simple to get bigger results from your vertical jump program. VeRT MAX Training The Next Level of Vertical Jump Training Train Like the Pros & Blow Through Plateaus VeRT Max Jump Training is the next level in vertical jump training. When you are ready to train like the Pros this is for you. VeRT MAX training aka Linear Variable Resistance (Scientific Name) will help you Max Out your Vertical Jump Potential. How does that happen? By combining our Vertical Jump Trainer Bands with weight training - yes at the same time - you are going to build more fast twitch muscle fibers which are crucial to jumping higher. Here's how it works: Let's look at the Squat and VeRT MAX Training. Performing a Squat is hardest at the bottom of the movement. When the weights are at the top of the movement they are easy to lift. It's the exact opposite of the resistance bands. At the bottom the bands have the least resistance. As you move up in the Squat the bands stretch providing more resistance as you finish the Squat. So when doing the squat the bands are kicking in the maximum resistance level as the weights are getting easier. This means that you are using more muscle fibers throughout the ENTIRE movement and the ENTIRE movement is more productive to help your muscles produce more force to jump higher. Seriously You Have Nothing to Lose Coach Chris' 100% Guarantee Try the jump trainer resistance bands for 60 days and if you aren't happy with the results return them for a refund. What Our Customers Say...
P.R.O. Basketball Resistance Band - side - product up close P.R.O. Basketball Resistance Band - side - child & adult
HoopsKing P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload) | 41 Inch Loop Bands from $14.99
How to Get Stronger, Faster, Quicker, & Jump Higher with the Most Versatile Basketball Training Tool...Like the Pros Use! Build More Explosiveness on the Court with P.R.O. Resistance Bands! Dear Baller, Are you a basketball player or know a basketball player that would like to increase their athleticism quickly? Do you hope to play high school or college basketball but need to jump higher, get stronger, and become quicker? Or maybe you need more strength to finish around the basket and stop getting pushed around under the basket on rebounds? If any of these situations sound familiar then listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you. Hi, my name is Coach Chris and here's the TRUTH you need to know about the importance of athleticism in basketball! Players that run faster, jump higher, have a quick first step, and can move laterally quickly have a big advantage over other players! No matter how skilled you are, athleticism will be very important in how high of a level of basketball you play. Skills being equal the more athletic player ALWAYS wins. NBA Players Using Resistance Bands like the P.R.O. Bands... Here's Your Big Problem In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now. It's time. I'm sure you thinking I don't have time to do "more", I am already so busy... and I get it. Everyone is busy running from game to game, practice to practice! So how can you jump higher, get to the hoop quicker, and get stronger without doing extra workouts? I'd like to introduce you to P.R.O. (Progressive Resistance Overload) Resistance Bands help you jump higher, get a stronger lower and upper body, and build explosiveness without doing a bunch of additional workouts. P.R.O. Bands are the most versatile training tool a basketball player can have to Jump Higher, Get to the Basket Quicker, Lockdown Opponents on Defense, and Improve overall Athleticism. Used by the Pros, these bands are a great tool for unlocking explosiveness hidden away in your muscle fibers that you just need to bring out to take your game and athleticism up another level. JUMP HIGHER The P.R.O. Bands can used with our without weights to increase your vertical jump so you get those inches you need to dunk and grab more rebounds. DEVELOP STRENGTH Build Strength that will give you an advantage over other players at your level allowing you to dominate and prepare yourself for the next level by getting a stronger upper and lower body. INCREASE QUICKNESS While every player wants to dunk - quickness is the most important piece of athleticism you can have as a basketball player because you use it all the time on offense and defense. Whether you are trying to beat a defender off the dribble or you are trying not to get beat off the dribble - the quicker player will usually win. ACHIEVE ELITE ATHLETCISM All players have Fast Twitch Muscle fibers that give you your explosiveness on the court. The good thing is these can be developed through training so you can increase the amount of Fast Twitch Mucles fibers that you have! This means you haven't tapped your potential as an athlete and can greatly improve your explosiveness on the court. EASY TO USE ANYWEHRE The P.R.O. Bands are easy to take in any bag and don't require extra equipment to use. Take the bands to the court, use them in your house, outside, or wherever. Building explosive couldn't be any more convenient. WHY P.R.O. BANDS WILL WORK FOR YOU P.R.O. Bands are the Most Versatile training tool you can add to your training that will set you apart from other players. THE P.R.O. BANDS WILL HELP YOU GET TO THE BASKET QUICKER Wear the PRO Bands around your waist to add resistance to all of your dribble moves. This will do Two Big Things for your game... 1. The added resistance will force more muscle fibers to be used building more strength and speed. And since these are quick explosive moves to the basket that means fast twitch muscle fibers are being activated and developed that will make you faster and quicker to the hoop. 2. You can really lean into the bands and get lower like the Pros do. Most high school players and below play standing up and don't get low enough. Getting lower means you will naturally be quicker and faster because you'll be able to cover more ground than you will standing up. It's just simple physics and the PRO Bands will really help you lean into the move and get low. Don't Have Weights? No Problem! Don't have a set of weights sitting around the house or is the weight room often locked at your school? You can do strength training exercises to increase your vertical jump right at home. Squats, Lunges, and more are easily done anywhere with the PRO Bands. With multiple levels of resistance available the bands are a great way to increase your upper and lower body strength which will make you a better athlete and basketball player. The P.R.O. Bands are a great and safe way to introduce players as young as elementary school how to properly and safely start to lift weights. You can use the bands to do just about any weight lifting move without the fear of injury or an accident. FAST TWITCH EXPLOSION TRAINING Here's where you can blast your gains to another level. Add the bands to a barbell and you'll recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers throughout the movement. At the top of movements is when the bands kick in to their maximum resistance which means you have more resistance through the entire movement. IMPROVE FLEXIBILTY with Deeper & Fuller Stretches WHICH LEADS TO BEING MORE EXPLOSIVE Many players look over the role flexibility plays in their explosiveness on the court. The further you can move a muscle the more force you can produce. It's that simple. Increase the range of motion of your muscles through flexibility training with the P.R.O. Bands and you'll produce more force in your vertical jump, drives to the basket, and your lateral quickness. Increased flexibility will help you get lower and stay lower which will make you more explosive on the court. EVEN MORE BENEFITS OF THE P.R.O. BANDS Using the bands to build strength has the following advantages: Can be done right on the court without the need for a weight room or a bunch of equipment You can feel a greater and deeper burn in your muscles with resistance bands than you can with weights. You can't cheat with momentum when using bands like you can with weights. Resistance bands aren't hard on the joints like free weights can be. Bands are perfect for in-season strength training so you don't wear down already tired athletes. FAST RESULTS IN A SHORT TIME In as little as 10 minutes or less, you can get in strength training with the P.R.O. Basketball resistance bands right on the court. Easy to store and easy to bring out to the court. Resistance bands are also much less expensive than free weights. You can outfit your entire team with several or more bands for what you would pay for a handful of dumbbells. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZED P.R.O. BANDS Black Band - Small Size: 41" Length x 3/4" width (10-30 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: Elementary to Junior High The small P.R.O. Bands are best for younger players but even high school students can use the small band for some of the upper body strength training exercises such as Thrusters and Push Ups. Purple Band - Medium Size: 41" Length x 1 1/4" width (30-50 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: Junior High to High School, & College female The medium P.R.O. Bands are best for Junior High and up. They offer enough resistance for just about anything you can use them for. Upper Body exercises incorporating the shoulders and chest would likely be good resistance for many college male players. Green Band - Large Size: 41" Length x 2 1/4" width (65-85 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: High School & Up The Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with older athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the green bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger high school and up athletes. Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters. Blue Band - X-Large Size: 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (100-150 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: College & Up The X-Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with big, strong athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the X-Large bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger College & Pro players. Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a very strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters and others. The Most Versatile Basketball Training Tool to Improve Athleticism It's so easy to get a great strength building, flexibiltiy, or quickness workout with the PRO Bands as they fit easily into any bag and can be used with or without weights. Can't get to the weight room? Just pull out the PRO Bands and get your workout in right at home or wherever you are. Don't wait. Start training with the PRO Bands today so you an become faster, stronger, quicker, and jump higher and take your athleticism to another level in just a few weeks. What size resistance loop bands? Resistance loop bands come in different sizes and strengths, typically ranging from extra light to extra heavy. The size you need will depend on your fitness level, the exercises you plan to do, and your personal preferences. What size Resistance Loops do I need? The size of resistance loops you need depends on the exercises you plan to do and your personal preferences. It's recommended to start with a set of different sizes and strengths to find the ones that work best for you. What is the best length for resistance bands? The length of resistance bands can vary, but it's recommended to choose a length that allows you to perform a variety of exercises with proper form. Typically, a length of 41 inches or longer is suitable for most exercises. Are loop resistance bands better? Loop resistance bands are a popular choice for many people as they can be used for a variety of exercises and provide a constant level of tension throughout the movement. However, the best type of resistance band for you will depend on your personal preferences and the exercises you plan to do. What Our Customers Say About the P.R.O. Bands...
composite leather weighted basketball 28.5 29.5 composite leather weighted basketball mens womens
HoopsKing Weighted Indoor Basketball for Training (Men or Women) $47.00
Help Players Become Stronger w/ the Ball, Increase Shooting Range, Rip Down Rebounds, Zip Passes & Handle the Basketball w/ Authority...w/ a Weighted Basketball! Free Weighted Basketball Video to Maximize Your Training Results Just scan the QR Code on the HoopsKing Composite Leather Weighted Basketball to get a free weighted ball training video featuring NBA Coach Jay Hernandez. Jay will give you lots of great drills that will show you how to get the most out of your weighted basketball. Our Ball Features a Great Grip and Deep Channels So You Feel in Control With a heavy basketball you need deep channels in the ball so that it is easier to handle. Build Confidence with a Weighted Basketball Not only will players develop better handles, increase shooting range, learn to squeeze the basketball on rebounds, and throw hard, crisp passes - they will become more confident when the ball is in their hands. After using the weighted basketball the regular basketball will feel light and make players feel powerful. The regular ball will seem light compared to the weighted basketball. This will increase player's confidence with the basketball and make them feel more powerful on the court. Train with Two Weighted Basketballs for Dribbling & Passing Drills...Develop Skills Faster Work both hands at the same time and increase difficulty with two ball dribbling and passing drills.
-45% sale
basketball gloves shooting to increase range on your shot basketball anti grip dribbling gloves
HoopsKing Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Gloves | Heavy | Increase Hand Speed $49.99 $89.99
Increase Hand Speed & Power by Training w/ Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Gloves Start Developing Stronger, Faster, & Quicker Hands Develop Stronger, Quicker, & Faster Hands In Less Than 2 Weeks - Guaranteed! How Hoop Handz Will Help Your Game Use Hoop Handz for Other Sports How the Patented Hoop Handz Are Different Read Customer Reviews Hoop Handz Weight by Size Hoop Handz Weight vs Power Handz Weight Determine Your Glove Size Here Here's What Hoop Handz Gloves will do for your game... Confidence with the Ball will Soar! Watch a player's confidence with the basketball soar after the first workout with the Hoop Handz weighted gloves. Players will feel more confident with the ball and become more agressive on offense when they have the ball. Complete weight distribution of over 1 lb per glove around the hand's flex points enable you to maximize muscle development of the hands, wrist, & forearms and that means you'll develop maximum power on your dribble, shots, and passes. Your hand speed and quickness will also Back to Top Use Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves for All Sports...Soccer, Football, Track, Crossfit, Volleyball, & More! Back to Top Here's What Customers are Saying. Attention Parents: Does your child struggle to hold onto the basketball in games whether it be dribbling or catching the ball? Do you want to handle the basketball with more power and authority? Would you like to have that deep range on your shot? Do you need to keep pesky defenders from taking the basketball from you? Are you doing everything you can to succeed at the next level in basketball? Hoop Handz weighted training gloves are the pefect way to develop stronger, faster, & quicker hands for basketball which means you'll dribble the ball with more power, stop losing the ball to defenders, increase range on your shot, and much more! Hoop Handz are the heaviest weighted basketball training gloves on the market and will develop more power, more strength, and more quickness in your fingers, wrists, and forearms than any other weighted glove... Build Stronger, Quicker, & Faster Hands without Extra Workouts Just wear Hoop Handz gloves during your normal workouts to build hand strength, speed, and quickness - without having to do any extra workouts. Accomplish more during your workouts with the Hoop Handz gloves and get to that next level sooner. Improve Mutliple Facets of Your Game at Once Patented form fitting micro-weights will develop Stronger fingers, wrists, and forearms that will increase range on your shot, put better rotation on your shot, help you rip rebounds down with authority, stop other players from knocking the ball out of your hands, and zip passes past defenders with ease. Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves Move Naturally with Your Hands...while Putting Weight over the Entire Hand So You Maximize Muscle Development & Dexterity As you can see in the image above, Hoop Handz have Flex Point weights that move naturally with your fingers giving you better performance when training. Other gloves use big bulky pouches of iron shot that don't move naturally with your hands. Our weights are securely held in place by a pouch sewn inside the glove which means the weights aren't going anywhere - unlike the pouch gloves which when one thread on the pouch comes undone it won't be long before all that iron shot comes falling out and your weights are on the floor. Anti Grip Surface for Better Handles Hoop Handz feature an anti-grip palm to that the ball is harder to control when using the gloves. When you dribble the ball without the gloves it will feel like your hand is a suction cup to the basketball. Your control and feel of the ball will become more aware and increase your confidence in real play. Sleek Stylish Profile that Looks Great! Hoop Handz are sleek and stylish. Even though Hoop Handz gloves are the heavist gloves on the market we have the lowest profile which gives them a more normal look. Unlike competitors with Big Bulky pouches of iron shot that pop up like mountains (and don't move naturally with your fingers), the micro weights in Hoop Handz will get your hands faster, quicker and stronger and keep you looking good on the court! Easy to Build Faster, Stronger, & Quicker Hands Just do the normal dribbling, passing, rebounding, & shooting drills you do with the Hoop Handz on. It's that easy to build faster, stronger, & quicker hands without having to do extra workouts.*Hoop Handz are not for use during scrimmage or live play. Back to Top Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Gloves are the Heaviest* Gloves on the Market which Means You'll get the Strongest Hands Possible from Training with them. *Example: The nearest competitor's Medium Pair of Gloves weighs 1 lb 2 ounces. Yes, that's per pair - not per glove. Compare that to the Hoop Handz medium pair that weighs 3 lbs 4 ounces. One Hoop Handz glove weighs more than both their gloves combined! Weight Per Hoop Handz Pair of Gloves Size Lbs Ozs. X-Large 3 13 Large 3 10 Medium 3 4 Smaller Sizes We offer smaller sizes (Adult Small & Youth Large) in our S.W.A.G. Gloves which feature adjustable weight. Back to Top As you can see in the chart above, Hoop Handz are up to 3X as heavy as the nearest competitor with Big Bulky Pouches for weights. When you pick up a Hoop Handz glove vs a Competing glove - you'll see there is no comparison. Back to Top The Difference Between Hoop Handz & Gloves with Wrist Weight Only This is a comparison of weighted basketball gloves that have weight only in the wrist area. They don't come even close to Hoop Handz in weight per pair or functionality. Hoop Handz are nearly 4X as heavy as the wrist weight only weighted basketball gloves. Here's All the Muscles Hoop Handz Strengthen vs. the Wrist Weight only Gloves! How to Break In Your Hoop Handz Gloves With 4 Way Stretch Material the Hoop Handz will form fit to your hands after some wear. We suggest wearing the gloves when not training for 15 minutes a day for 10 days How to Choose Your Size of Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves The sizes below are the "ranges of sizing dimensions" for which to purchase the gloves. We suggest if you are between sizes, go with the smaller size. Please see the illustration of how to measure the hand. The length of hand is measured from the break of the wrist/very edge of palm (which is a critical measurement-many people measure this incorrectly-please see video for details and picture of hand position.) Hand Length Between Orde 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 inchesFor Small & Youth Large sizes please see our S.W.A.G Gloves. SMALL 7 5/16 to 7 11/16 MEDIUM 7 3/4 to 8 1/16 LARGE 8 1/8 to 8 1/2 X-LARGE Back to Top The Sleek, Stylish Hoop Handz are the heaviest weighted basketball training gloves on the market and will develop more power, more strength, and more quickness in your fingers, wrists, and forearms than any other glove on the market. Faster, Stronger, & Quicker hands are vital to taking your game to the next level. Read our Weighted Gloves blog post here.
Big Shot Oversized Basketball for training oversized basketball shooting drills online video
HoopsKing Big Shot 33" Training Basketball w- Training Video $29.99
The Basketball that Busts Shooting Slumps and Improves Arc... Is your child struggling with confidence when shooting the basketball? Do you have players that are in a shooting slump? Or do you have a player who could be a really good shooter if they had more arc on their shot but instead shoot with the trajectory of a heat seeking missile? If any of these things are happening that means you are missing shots that could be made shots and whether it is a mental problem or an arc problem the HoopsKing Big Shot can help correct a low arc or break a shooter out of a shooting slump. The Big Shot is 33” in circumference and weighs just about the same as a regulation 29.5 basketball. This ball will feel massive when first picked up. It’s going to be harder to make shots with the Big Shot because it is bigger. This will help force a higher arc as a player who shoots with a low arc will quickly realize that a low arc just isn’t going to work with this ball. . How to Improve Shooting Arc in Basketball with the Big Shot Now they might not even realize they shoot with a low arc and that they miss more shots because they do. Warm up with the Big Shot, get the feel of shooting with a higher arc – then pick up the regular ball and shoot it with the same arc. Instant better arc!  Just keep using the Big Shot everyday to warm up with and it will turn a low arc into the perfect arc. Now the next big thing the Big Shot will do for shooters is mostly mental. How to Get Out of a Shooting Slump with the Big Shot If you have a player who is in a shooting slump they are probably down in the dumps on themselves and might even passing up open shots in games they would normally take. Introduce the Big Shot to them at their next workout and I bet you’ll see a smile on their face and their attitude will pick up. Have them shoot in close to the basket for 10 minutes or so , so they get the feel of the Big Shot and start making shots. Now here comes the huge mental impact of the Big Shot. Hand them back their regular ball. Their regular ball will feel so small in their hands that they will feel like they have complete control over it. The regular ball will seem so easy now. Now continue to work on close shots for awhile so they can make more shots and continue to build their confidence back up. You can even play a game with them. Have them shoot 10 shots from a spot with the Big Shot and then 10 with their regular ball from the same spot. See which one they make more shots with. This will bring fun back into shooting for them and help them get out of that slump. So if you want to make Big Shots or be a Big Shot, the Big Shot oversized training basketball can help any player that shoots with a low arc or bust a shooter out of a slump quickly. And as a bonus I’m throwing in my Big Shot Training video (online access) that will give you even more reasons and drills to use the Big Shot Oversized Training Basketball. After placing your order check your email for this free bonus video. The Big Shot will become a vital training tool for you or your players. Big Shot 33" Oversized Basketball for Training The Big Shot 33 inch oversized basketball can be used to improve shot arc, dribbling, passing, & rebounding skills. Our Big Shot at 33" is the perfect size as it's bigger but not too big. Using an oversized basketball will make players use good arc on their shot or they won't make shots. Another benefit is the mental side - after using the Big Shot, a regular basketball seems very easy to control increasing confidence. Oversized Basketball Better than a Rim Reducer Using Big Shot basketball training equipment is like using a rim reducer, except you don't have to climb up on a ladder to install it which means players will actually use it to improve. The Big Shot is also great for rebounding practice as players really have to grab the ball with two hands to control it and it's harder to make a shot with the Big Shot so you'll get more misses to rebound instead of the ball going through the net. The Big Shot Oversized Training Basketball is for More than Shooting You can use the Big Shot for other skill areas such as passing, dribbling, & rebounding as well. Using the Big Shot will have a mental effect where once the player goes back to the regular ball it will seem small and they will feel powerful. This will increase their confidence in these skill areas. When it comes to rebounding, the Big Shot will force players to really get two hands on the ball to control it. If a player can rip down the Big Shot the regular ball will be easy to rebound. The Big Shot is also beneficial for dribbling and passing drills. After using the Big Shot, a regular ball feels easy to control and players will gain confidence in their dribbling and passing skills. The Big Shot comes with an instructional DVD featuring various drills to do with the ball. Order the Big Shot Oversized Basketball today to Improve your game.
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HoopsKing S.W.A.G. Adjustable Weighted Gloves | Men Women | Finger Weights | Basketball, Fitness, Exercise $69.99
Build Hand Speed, Strength, & Quickness with the S.W.A.G. Adjustable Weighted Gloves...for Men or Women Adjustable Weighted Gloves for Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Running, Walking, Shadow Boxing, & More! Benefits of Weighted Training Gloves by Sport Training with Weighted Gloves improves strength, speed, and quickness in the hands and forearms. They even benefit the shoulder muscles. So here are the results you can expect to see when you train with the S.W.A.G. Adjustable Weighted Gloves. 🏀BASKETBALL More control of the basketball so you don't get it stolen Dribble the ball with power and get by defenders 🏈FOOTBALL Improved Finger Control when catching the football means more first downs and touchdowns Greater grip strength on the football means less fumbles 🎽RUNNING/TRACK & FIELD Develop more upper body strength in your running to cut time off your personal records Throwers can train with weighted gloves to build those forearm and hand muscles to get those extra inches on throws. 👊MMA/SHADOW BOXING Punch harder! Knock them out! Quicker hand reaction on both offense and defense ⚾BASEBALL/SOFTBALL🥎 Greater Power on your Swing means more Home Runs Throw the ball further and harder & throw runners out ⚽SOCCER Build more upper body strength for greater speed Increase endurance with weighted gloves while doing soccer drills. 🎾TENNIS Greater Power on your Swing means more Aces Faster & Quicker Racket Swing means you'll return more shots GOLF Greater Power on your Swing means longer drives Hit the ball with more power Basketball Trainer Uses the the SWAG Weighted Gloves for 30 Days Straight - Here's What Happened Read our Weighted Gloves blog post here. How to Choose Your Size of Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves Hand Length Between Order this Size 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 inches 7 5/16 to 7 11/16 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 inches 8 1/8 to 8 1/2 SMALL MEDIUM LARGE EXTRA LARGE