Get Active and Have Fun with Our PE Activity Sets!

Looking for engaging ways to get your students moving in PE class? Look no further than our PE Activity Sets! We offer a variety of curated collections designed to develop essential motor skills, promote teamwork, and spark a love for physical activity.

Our sets include top-quality equipment for classic games like jump rope, frisbee, and parachute play, along with innovative tools for building agility, balance, and coordination. From beanbags and cones to hurdles and jump ropes, we have everything you need to create a dynamic and inclusive PE environment.

These pre-packaged sets take the guesswork out of planning PE lessons, saving you valuable time. They're perfect for schools, daycare centers, or even backyard fun. Browse our PE Activity Sets today and get ready to watch your students learn, laugh, and move their bodies in healthy ways!

Playground Activity Set Playground Activity Set
HoopsKing Playground Activity Set $80.99
The Ultimate Backyard Fun Starts Here! Turn your backyard into a haven for energetic playtime with the all-inclusive Playground Activity Set! This incredible set boasts a wide variety of high-quality sports equipment, keeping kids entertained for hours on end. Endless Activities, Hours of Fun! This comprehensive set provides everything your child needs to engage in a variety of classic playground games. From basketball and soccer to volleyball and jump rope, the Playground Activity Set encourages active play and ignites a love for sports. Key Features and Benefits: Variety of Sports: Includes basketballs, soccer balls, a volleyball, rubber playground balls, and jump ropes of different lengths, perfect for a range of games and age groups. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials to withstand enthusiastic play and ensure long-lasting enjoyment. Portable Fun: Comes with a convenient white mesh carrying bag, making it easy to transport the equipment for outdoor fun at parks, beaches, or picnics. Active Play: Encourages physical activity, coordination, teamwork, and social interaction. Perfect for All Ages: The set offers a variety of equipment suitable for younger and older children, allowing siblings and friends to play together. Frequently Asked Questions: What size are the basketballs? The set includes two size 7 RBB1 basketballs, ideal for both younger and older players. Is a pump included? A pump is not included in the set. However, most sporting goods stores sell pumps that will work with all the included balls. How many jump ropes are included? The Playground Activity Set includes a total of 12 jump ropes in various lengths: 4 at 7ft, 4 at 8ft, 2 at 10ft, 2 at 16ft, and 2 double dutch ropes at 12ft. Is this set easy to store? Absolutely! The included mesh carrying bag allows for easy storage when not in use. With the Playground Activity Set, boredom becomes a thing of the past! Order yours today and watch your kids create lasting memories through active and social play!
Mixed Playground Ball Set Mixed Playground Ball Set
HoopsKing Mixed Playground Ball Set $129.99
Endless Playground Fun for Everyone! Is your backyard or park calling for epic games and endless laughter? Look no further than the Mixed Playground Ball Set, your one-stop shop for turning any space into a playground paradise! This vibrant set is packed with everything you need to get the whole gang moving. From classic kickball and dodgeball to creative inventions and friendly competitions, the possibilities are endless! Key Features and Benefits: Multi-Sized Balls for All Ages and Games: The set includes a variety of ball sizes, from small and lightweight for younger children to larger and bouncier for bigger kids and adults. This ensures everyone can comfortably participate in a variety of games. Durable, All-Weather Construction: Made from high-quality rubber, these balls can withstand even the most enthusiastic play. They're built to last through countless throws, kicks, and bounces, rain or shine. Bright and Easy to See: The playground balls come in a range of eye-catching colors, making them easy to track during games and reducing the chances of losing them in the grass. Easy to Store and Transport: The convenient white mesh carrying bag keeps everything organized and allows for effortless transportation to parks, fields, or anywhere the fun takes you! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What kind of games can we play with this set? This set is perfect for classic playground games like kickball, dodgeball, foursquare, and more! You can also use the balls for creative games of your own invention, like target practice or obstacle courses. What age is this set appropriate for? The balls come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels. Younger children can enjoy playing with the smaller balls, while older kids and adults can have a blast with the larger ones. How easy are the balls to clean? The rubber construction makes these balls easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and soap. Get your Mixed Playground Ball Set today and unleash a world of outdoor fun for the whole family!