Gear Up for Glory: Lacrosse Stick Sets for Every Player

Level up your lacrosse game with our complete stick sets! Whether you're a beginner just scooping your first ground ball or a seasoned player looking for peak performance, we've got the perfect setup for you. Our collection features a variety of high-quality sticks from trusted brands, ensuring you find the ideal combination of head, shaft, and pocket to match your playing style.

Each set includes everything you need to hit the field running – no need to hassle with piecing together components. We offer options for offense, defense, and even goalie sticks, so you can dominate any position. Looking to outfit your whole team? We carry sets in bulk, perfect for practices, leagues, or camps.

Get ready to dominate the competition. Browse our lacrosse stick sets and find yours today!

Get Your Game On with the Champion Sports Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set! Looking for a fun and easy way to introduce a group to the exciting world of lacrosse? The Champion Sports Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set is the perfect choice for gym classes, recreational leagues, or backyard play! This all-in-one set comes with everything you need to get started, including: Durable Construction: Built to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, the Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set features a tough Rhino Skin® coating that protects the sticks and balls from nicks and scratches. Say goodbye to constantly replacing equipment! Lightweight Design: The lightweight aluminum shafts and foam heads make the Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set comfortable and easy to handle for players of all ages and skill levels. This is especially important for younger players who are still developing their strength and coordination. Complete Set for 12 Players: The Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set includes twelve 36" lacrosse sticks (six blue and six yellow) and twelve orange polyurethane balls. This ensures there are enough sticks and balls to go around, keeping everyone involved in the action. Bright and Colorful: The vibrant blue, yellow, and orange color scheme of the Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set makes it easy for players to track the ball and adds a touch of fun to the game. Here's a quick recap of the key features and benefits of the Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set: Durable Rhino Skin® coating protects sticks and balls Lightweight aluminum shafts and foam heads for easy handling Complete set for 12 players (12 sticks & 12 balls) 36" L aluminum shafts for a comfortable grip Bright and colorful design (blue, yellow, and orange) FAQ: What age is this set appropriate for? The Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set is a great choice for players of all ages, from young children to adults. The lightweight design and soft foam heads make it safe and easy to use for beginners. Is any safety gear required? Since the Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set features soft foam heads, no additional safety equipment is necessary. How many players can use this set? The Rhino Skin Lacrosse Set includes twelve sticks and twelve balls, making it perfect for games with up to twelve players.
HoopsKing SOFT LACROSSE SET $170.09
Ignite a love for lacrosse with the Safe & Fun Soft Lacrosse Set! Looking for a way to get your kids active and introduce them to a thrilling sport? Look no further than the Soft Lacrosse Set! This all-inclusive set is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable lacrosse experience for players of all ages. Fun for Everyone Lacrosse is a fast-paced team sport that promotes coordination, agility, and teamwork. The soft lacrosse set makes it easy for beginners to learn the fundamentals and experienced players to hone their skills. Here are some of the key features that make this set perfect for everyone: Lightweight Aluminum Shafts: These shafts are sturdy yet manageable, making them ideal for players of all sizes and strengths. Safe, Collapsible Plastic Heads: The soft plastic heads eliminate the need for additional protective gear, ensuring worry-free fun. Multiple Sticks and Balls: With 12 sticks (6 blue, 6 red) and 6 vinyl balls, you'll have everything you need to get a game going, whether it's a family competition or a friendly scrimmage with friends. Easy to Use & Store The soft lacrosse set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. The collapsible heads make storage a breeze, so you can easily tuck them away when playtime is over. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What age is this set appropriate for? A: This set is ideal for young children and beginners of all ages. Q: Is any protective gear required? A: No, the soft plastic heads make this set safe for play without additional padding. Q: How many players can use this set? A: The set includes 12 sticks and 6 balls, allowing for up to 6 players at a time.