Elevate Your Everyday with Whistle's Playful Designs

Whistles is your one-stop shop for statement pieces that add a touch of fun and flair to your wardrobe. Their collection boasts a range of eye-catching whistles, from classic to contemporary styles, all crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Whether you're searching for a bold whistle to add personality to a simple outfit or a more subtle design to complement your existing style, Whistles has something for everyone. Explore a symphony of colors, textures, and finishes, and discover whistles that will become treasured parts of your collection.

With Whistles, whistling a new tune into your wardrobe has never been easier.

Break-Away Lanyard
HoopsKing Break-Away Lanyard $20.99
Never Get Strangled by Your Lanyard Again! Imagine reaching for something and accidentally yanking on your lanyard. It catches, chokes you for a moment, and throws off your entire day. This won't happen with our innovative Break-Away Lanyards! These lanyards prioritize safety with a special breakaway clasp. If the lanyard gets snagged, the clasp pops open instead of tightening around your neck. Perfect for active environments, especially for children or those who wear lanyards for extended periods. Why Choose Break-Away Lanyards? Safety First: The breakaway clasp prevents accidental strangulation. Versatile Use: Hold whistles, ID badges, keys, or any other essential item. Durable Design: Made from high-quality plastic for long-lasting wear. Bulk Pack: Get 12 lanyards at a fantastic price, perfect for offices, schools, or large families. Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable lanyards and hello to safety and convenience! Frequently Asked Questions What color are the lanyards? These lanyards are currently only available in black. Can I use them for ID badges? Absolutely! The breakaway clasp won't interfere with standard badge holders. Are they comfortable to wear? Yes, the lanyards are lightweight and made from smooth plastic for comfortable wear all day. How many lanyards do I get? This pack includes 12 Break-Away Lanyards. Order your Break-Away Lanyards today and experience the difference safety and convenience make!
Wrist Lanyard
HoopsKing Wrist Lanyard $11.99
Tired of Dropping Your Belongings? Keep Them Secure with Wrist Lanyards! Ever been at a crowded event and worried about losing your keys, phone, or ID? Wrist lanyards are the simple and secure solution to keep your essentials close at hand, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your pockets or purse. Here's why you'll love our Wrist Lanyards: Always Within Reach: No more frantic searches for misplaced items. With a wrist lanyard, your essentials are comfortably secured to your wrist, ensuring they're always with you. Adjustable for Everyone: One size truly fits all! Our lanyards feature an adjustable strap that can be comfortably worn by anyone, regardless of wrist size. Durable and Long-lasting: Made from high-quality materials, these lanyards are built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Discreet and Stylish: The sleek black design complements any outfit without being bulky or flashy. Bulk Pack for Convenience: This pack of 12 lanyards provides a great value and ensures you have extras on hand for yourself, friends, or family. In short, our Wrist Lanyards offer: Peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure Comfortable wear for all wrist sizes Durable construction for long-lasting use Stylish design that complements any outfit Great value with a pack of 12 FAQ: What can I attach to the wrist lanyard? You can attach a variety of items to the lanyard using the clasp, including keys, ID holders, USB drives, small cameras, and more. Are these lanyards washable? Yes! You can hand wash the lanyards with mild soap and air dry them. Can I buy these lanyards in other colors? Unfortunately, this particular pack is only available in black. However, wrist lanyards are widely available in various colors if you prefer something different. Keep your belongings safe and secure. Order your pack of Wrist Lanyards today!
Metal Whistle And Lanyard Metal Whistle And Lanyard
HoopsKing Metal Whistle And Lanyard $43.99
Get Heard Loud and Clear with the Champion Coach's Whistle and Lanyard Pack (12 Pack) Stay in Control on the Field or Court Do you need a reliable whistle that can be heard over any roar of the crowd? Introducing the Champion Coach's Whistle and Lanyard Pack, a 12-pack of high-quality whistles perfect for referees, coaches, trainers, and anyone who needs to get attention in a loud environment. Built to Last This whistle and lanyard pack is crafted with durability in mind. Here's what makes it a champion: Heavy-Duty Metal Whistle: The 401 whistle is constructed from strong, resilient metal, ensuring a loud, clear sound that cuts through any noise. Dependable Lanyard: The included 125BK lanyard is made from tough nylon and features a secure J-hook clasp to keep your whistle close at hand. Bulk Pack: This 12-pack provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for coaches, officials, or organizations that need multiple whistles. Champion Features at a Glance: Loud, clear metal whistle for superior sound penetration Durable nylon lanyard with J-hook clasp for easy access Pack of 12 for multiple uses or team distribution Classic silver whistle with professional black lanyard Champion Your Performance Whether you're a coach directing a game, a referee calling fouls, or a trainer leading a group, the Champion Coach's Whistle and Lanyard Pack ensures you have the tools you need to be heard and maintain control of the situation. FAQ What is the decibel level of the whistle? The manufacturer doesn't specify the exact decibel level, but the whistle is designed to produce a loud, clear sound that can be heard in noisy environments. Can I purchase individual whistles and lanyards? Currently, this product is only available in a 12-pack. What other colors are available? This particular pack comes with silver whistles and black lanyards. Other retailers may offer different color combinations.
Plastic Whistle And Lanyard Plastic Whistle And Lanyard
HoopsKing Plastic Whistle And Lanyard $24.99
Never Lose Your Whistle Again: The Essential Coach's Companion Every coach, referee, and instructor needs a reliable whistle they can count on. But keeping track of a loose whistle can be a hassle. Introducing the ultimate solution: our bulk pack of plastic whistles with lanyards! Why You Need This Whistle and Lanyard Pack Always Prepared: This convenient pack comes with 12 whistles and lanyards, ensuring you have extras on hand for replacements or multiple teams. Loud and Clear: The shrill tone of the plastic whistles cuts through noise, making sure you get everyone's attention when needed. Comfortable and Convenient: The black nylon lanyards keep your whistle easily accessible around your neck, preventing misplacement and wasted time searching. Durable Construction: Both the whistles and lanyards are built to last, withstanding the wear and tear of regular use. Bulk Savings: Buying in bulk provides a cost-effective option, perfect for schools, sports teams, or large groups. Key Features and Benefits: Pack of 12 black, medium-weight plastic whistles 12 black nylon lanyards for comfortable wear Loud, clear sound for easy audibility Durable construction for long-lasting use Blister pack for easy storage and distribution Frequently Asked Questions What's the size of the whistle? Our whistles are a standard medium size, measuring approximately 2 1/6" x 4/5" x 4/5" (5.5cm x 2cm x 2cm). Are the lanyards adjustable? No, the lanyards are a standard length for comfortable wear. Can I buy these whistles and lanyards separately? Unfortunately, this product is only available in a bulk pack of 12. Ready to keep your team in line and your whistles at hand? Order your pack of whistles with lanyards today!
Metal Whistle Metal Whistle
HoopsKing Metal Whistle from $14.99
Never Lose Control of the Crowd Again: The Trusty Metal Whistle Ensure you have the loudest voice in any situation with our reliable metal whistle. This whistle is specifically designed to pierce through noise and effectively grab everyone's attention, making it ideal for referees, coaches, instructors, lifeguards, and anyone who needs to maintain order in a group setting. Why Choose Our Metal Whistles? Loud, Clear Sound: Made from high-quality metal, this whistle produces a sharp, penetrating sound that can be heard over long distances and through ambient noise. Ultra-Portable: Its compact design allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, bag, or attach it to your clothing using the included metal ring. Built to Last: Crafted from heavy-duty metal, this whistle is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments. Multipurpose Use: Perfect for referees, coaches, trainers, lifeguards, instructors, search and rescue teams, dog training, or any situation where you need to signal for attention. Value Pack: This pack comes with 12 whistles, providing a cost-effective solution for teams, organizations, or individuals who need multiple whistles. Frequently Asked Questions: What material is the whistle made from? Our whistles are constructed from high-quality, durable metal. How loud is the whistle? These whistles produce a loud, shrill sound that can be heard over long distances. Does the whistle come with a lanyard? This pack does not include lanyards. However, the metal ring allows for easy attachment to lanyards or keychains (sold separately). How many whistles are included? This pack comes with 12 whistles. Invest in a whistle you can rely on. Order your pack of metal whistles today!
Electronic Whistle Electronic Whistle
HoopsKing Electronic Whistle $34.99
Ditch the Pea Whistle - Upgrade to an Electronic Whistle! Tired of struggling to blow a traditional whistle, especially when your mouth is full or the weather is harsh? An electronic whistle offers a modern solution, perfect for referees, coaches, lifeguards, and anyone who needs a loud, clear signal. Why Choose an Electronic Whistle? Effortless Operation: A simple push button replaces the need to blow, making it easier on your lungs and more hygienic. Crystal Clear Sound: Cut through any noise with a powerful, adjustable volume (three levels!) to ensure everyone hears your signal. Versatility at Your Fingertips: Choose from three distinct tones to suit the situation, whether you're coaching a game, getting attention in a crowded space, or signaling for help. Direct Your Signal: Unlike a traditional whistle, the electronic version allows you to point the sound in any direction, making it ideal for large areas. Always Prepared: This whistle comes with everything you need to get started, including three AAA batteries and a handy wrist lanyard for easy carrying. Key Features: Three volume levels for adjustable loudness Three distinct tones for varied use Push-button activation for effortless operation Directional sound for precise signaling Includes wrist lanyard and batteries Frequently Asked Questions: How long do the batteries last? Battery life depends on usage, but with typical use, the batteries can last for several months. Is it waterproof? While some electronic whistles are waterproof, it's important to check the manufacturer's specifications for your specific model. Can I use it for dog training? Absolutely! The multiple tones and adjustable volume make it a great tool for dog training. Ready to ditch the frustration of traditional whistles and upgrade to a more reliable, versatile solution? Order your electronic whistle today!