Wrist Lanyard


Wrist Lanyard

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Tired of Dropping Your Belongings? Keep Them Secure with Wrist Lanyards!

Ever been at a crowded event and worried about losing your keys, phone, or ID? Wrist lanyards are the simple and secure solution to keep your essentials close at hand, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your pockets or purse.

Here's why you'll love our Wrist Lanyards:

  • Always Within Reach: No more frantic searches for misplaced items. With a wrist lanyard, your essentials are comfortably secured to your wrist, ensuring they're always with you.

  • Adjustable for Everyone: One size truly fits all! Our lanyards feature an adjustable strap that can be comfortably worn by anyone, regardless of wrist size.

  • Durable and Long-lasting: Made from high-quality materials, these lanyards are built to withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Discreet and Stylish: The sleek black design complements any outfit without being bulky or flashy.

  • Bulk Pack for Convenience: This pack of 12 lanyards provides a great value and ensures you have extras on hand for yourself, friends, or family.

In short, our Wrist Lanyards offer:

  • Peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure
  • Comfortable wear for all wrist sizes
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Stylish design that complements any outfit
  • Great value with a pack of 12


  • What can I attach to the wrist lanyard?

You can attach a variety of items to the lanyard using the clasp, including keys, ID holders, USB drives, small cameras, and more.

  • Are these lanyards washable?

Yes! You can hand wash the lanyards with mild soap and air dry them.

  • Can I buy these lanyards in other colors?

Unfortunately, this particular pack is only available in black. However, wrist lanyards are widely available in various colors if you prefer something different.

Keep your belongings safe and secure. Order your pack of Wrist Lanyards today!

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