Metal Whistle And Lanyard


Metal Whistle And Lanyard

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Get Heard Loud and Clear with the Champion Coach's Whistle and Lanyard Pack (12 Pack)

Stay in Control on the Field or Court

Do you need a reliable whistle that can be heard over any roar of the crowd? Introducing the Champion Coach's Whistle and Lanyard Pack, a 12-pack of high-quality whistles perfect for referees, coaches, trainers, and anyone who needs to get attention in a loud environment.

Built to Last

This whistle and lanyard pack is crafted with durability in mind. Here's what makes it a champion:

  • Heavy-Duty Metal Whistle: The 401 whistle is constructed from strong, resilient metal, ensuring a loud, clear sound that cuts through any noise.
  • Dependable Lanyard: The included 125BK lanyard is made from tough nylon and features a secure J-hook clasp to keep your whistle close at hand.
  • Bulk Pack: This 12-pack provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for coaches, officials, or organizations that need multiple whistles.

Champion Features at a Glance:

  • Loud, clear metal whistle for superior sound penetration
  • Durable nylon lanyard with J-hook clasp for easy access
  • Pack of 12 for multiple uses or team distribution
  • Classic silver whistle with professional black lanyard

Champion Your Performance

Whether you're a coach directing a game, a referee calling fouls, or a trainer leading a group, the Champion Coach's Whistle and Lanyard Pack ensures you have the tools you need to be heard and maintain control of the situation.


  • What is the decibel level of the whistle?

The manufacturer doesn't specify the exact decibel level, but the whistle is designed to produce a loud, clear sound that can be heard in noisy environments.

  • Can I purchase individual whistles and lanyards?

Currently, this product is only available in a 12-pack.

  • What other colors are available?

This particular pack comes with silver whistles and black lanyards. Other retailers may offer different color combinations.

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