Keep Your Lines Crisp: Shop Field Marking Paints

Sharp lines are essential for peak performance on the field. Our field marking paint collection ensures your games run smoothly with high-visibility options in all the colors you need. From classic white and vibrant yellow to bold red and tactical green, create clear boundaries for any sport.

We offer a variety of application options to fit your needs. Choose from convenient spray paint for quick touch-ups or bulkier containers for large-scale marking. Our paints are formulated for durability, resisting fading and wear throughout the season.

Get your field ready for competition with our top-quality field marking paints. Shop now and make sure your sidelines are always on point!

Yards Mat Tape Yards Mat Tape
HoopsKing Yards Mat Tape from $13.99
Stop Floor Mat Mishaps with Yards of Peace of Mind Ever trip over a curled-up corner of a floor mat? We've all been there. Yards Mat Tape is the strong, long-lasting solution to keep your floor mats securely in place, preventing slips, trips, and falls. This innovative, crystal-clear tape is designed specifically for floor mats, offering a discreet and reliable way to tame those troublesome edges. Never Wrestle with Mat Curls Again Super Strong Adhesive: Yards Mat Tape features a powerful adhesive that grips your mats firmly to any floor surface, including carpet, tile, and wood. Crystal Clear Design: This tape virtually disappears when applied, maintaining the clean aesthetic of your space. Long-Lasting Hold: With yards of tape on every roll, you can secure multiple mats or use the same roll for extended periods. Safe for Your Floors: Our specially formulated adhesive is gentle on floors and removes cleanly without leaving residue. Easy to Use: Simply cut the tape to size, peel off the backing, and apply it to the underside of your mat. Yards Mat Tape is perfect for a variety of floor mats, including: Entryway mats Kitchen mats Bathroom mats Laundry mats Exercise mats And more! Frequently Asked Questions Q: Will Yards Mat Tape damage my floors? A: No, Yards Mat Tape is formulated with a gentle adhesive that is safe for most floor surfaces. Q: How long will Yards Mat Tape hold my mats in place? A: Yards Mat Tape is designed for long-lasting hold. The actual lifespan will depend on factors like floor type and mat usage. Q: Is Yards Mat Tape easy to remove? A: Yes, Yards Mat Tape removes cleanly from most surfaces without leaving residue. For best results, slowly peel the tape back at a 45-degree angle. Yards Mat Tape - Stop floor mat worries and start enjoying long-lasting security. Order yours today!
Floor Tape Floor Tape
HoopsKing Floor Tape from $9.99
Spruce Up Your Space with Fun and Functional Floor Tape Take your floors from bland to grand with our Multicolor Vinyl Floor Tape! This versatile tape is perfect for adding a pop of color, creating designated play areas, or improving safety in your home or business. Made from durable vinyl, it's easy to apply, remove, and re-use, making it the perfect solution for renters or those who love to change things up frequently. Create a Fun and Functional Space Endless Design Possibilities: Design geometric patterns, colorful borders, or creative pathways – the possibilities are endless! Designated Play Areas: Use the tape to create hopscotch courts, game grids, or colorful activity zones for kids. Improved Safety: Mark walkways, highlight potential hazards, or create designated traffic lanes in busy areas. Key Features and Benefits Durable Vinyl Material: Withstands regular foot traffic and wear and tear. Multicolor Options: Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to match your décor. Easy to Apply & Remove: No messy residue, perfect for renters or temporary applications. Multi-purpose Uses: Ideal for homes, businesses, schools, daycare centers, and more. Safe for Most Floor Surfaces: Works great on wood, tile, linoleum, and sealed concrete. Frequently Asked Questions Can I use this tape on carpet? We don't recommend using this vinyl tape on carpet as it may not adhere well and could damage the carpet fibers. Is this tape slip-resistant? While the vinyl material offers some grip, it's not specifically designed to be slip-resistant. For high traffic areas or locations requiring extra traction, consider a floor marking tape with a textured surface. How do I remove the tape? For best results, slowly peel the tape at a 45-degree angle. If any residue remains, you can remove it with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Ready to add a touch of fun and functionality to your floors? Order your Multicolor Vinyl Floor Tape today!
1/2X36 Floor Tape 1/2X36 Floor Tape
HoopsKing 1/2X36 Floor Tape $9.99
Conquer Any Floor Marking Challenge with Versatile Floor Tape Keep your space organized, safe, and efficient with our premium ½ x 36-yard floor tape. This multi-colored vinyl tape is the perfect solution for a variety of marking needs, from creating designated walkways in warehouses to color-coding inventory in stockrooms. Key Features and Benefits: Multipurpose: Ideal for marking walkways, aisles, hazards, designated areas, and more. Highly Visible: Available in a variety of colors to ensure clear and effective marking. Durable Vinyl: Made from high-quality vinyl that resists wear and tear for long-lasting use. Easy Application: Simple to use and unwind, with a strong adhesive that adheres to most surfaces. Cost-Effective: Affordable solution for marking large areas without breaking the bank. Frequently Asked Questions What colors are available? We offer a wide range of colors to suit your specific needs. Please contact us for a current color selection. How long will the tape stay adhered? The adhesive is designed for long-lasting use on most surfaces. However, adhesion may vary depending on the application and surface texture. Can this tape be used outdoors? While the vinyl material is durable, it is not specifically designed for outdoor use. Extended exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions may reduce adhesion over time. Is this tape easy to remove? Yes, the tape can be removed by hand without leaving excessive residue. However, for best results, we recommend using a floor-safe adhesive remover for stubborn spots. Ready to transform your space with clear and efficient floor marking? Order your ½ x 36-yard floor tape today!
Penalty Marker Holster Bag Penalty Marker Holster Bag
HoopsKing Penalty Marker Holster Bag $23.99
Never Fumble for Your Vanishing Spray Again: The Referee's Secret Weapon Imagine this: You're officiating a high-pressure soccer game. The tension is thick, and a close call sends players scrambling. You reach for your vanishing spray to mark the free kick location,'s not there! Precious seconds tick by as you fumble in your pockets. Introducing the Champion Sports Penalty Marker Holster Bag: The professional referee's solution to keeping your vanishing spray can within easy reach at all times. Here's how the Penalty Marker Holster Bag empowers you to stay in control of the game: Secure and Accessible: Made with high-quality nylon, this holster bag features a Velcro® flap pocket that securely holds your 4 oz vanishing spray can. No more frantic searching or wasted time. Always Within Reach: The adjustable belt clip ensures the holster bag sits comfortably at hip level, so your spray can is always a quick grab away. Universal Fit: The adjustable strap allows for a comfortable fit on waists ranging from 28" to 50" in circumference. Key Features and Benefits: Secure Velcro® flap pocket for easy removal and insertion of the spray can Adjustable belt clip for comfortable hip placement Universal fit for waists 28" to 50" Lightweight and durable nylon construction Professional look for referees at all levels FAQs: What size spray can does this fit? The Penalty Marker Holster Bag is designed to fit a standard 4 oz vanishing spray can. Is this comfortable to wear? Absolutely! The lightweight nylon construction and adjustable strap ensure a comfortable fit throughout the game. Will this fit my waist? Yes! The strap adjusts to fit waists from 28" to 50" in circumference. Stop wasting time searching for your vanishing spray. Order your Penalty Marker Holster Bag today and experience the peace of mind of having your equipment always within reach!
Penalty Marker Spray
HoopsKing Penalty Marker Spray $61.99
Tired of Free Kick Confusion? Ensure Fair Play with Penalty Marker Spray! Referees have a tough job, and ensuring proper free kick positioning can be a constant source of frustration for both players and officials. Traditional methods like cones or lines can be cumbersome and easily knocked over. Introducing Penalty Marker Spray, the innovative solution that brings clarity and precision to free kicks! <h3>Vanishing Visibility for Uninterrupted Gameplay</h3> Penalty Marker Spray utilizes a specially formulated white foam that creates a clear, temporary line. This allows referees to easily mark the 10-yard distance for defending players and the spot for ball placement. The best part? The spray vanishes within minutes, leaving the field unmarked and ready for uninterrupted play. <h3>Key Features and Benefits: Clear and Precise Markings: Ensure proper free kick positioning with a clean, white line. Fast-Disappearing Formula: No need to worry about messy cleanup, the spray vanishes without a trace. Safe for Grass and Turf: The non-toxic formula won't harm your playing field. Convenient Size: The 4 oz. can fits comfortably in a pocket or referee's holster. Quick and Easy Application: With a simple press of the trigger, referees can mark the spot in seconds. Upgrade your refereeing toolkit and promote fair play with Penalty Marker Spray! Frequently Asked Questions Q: How long does the spray take to disappear? A: Penalty Marker Spray typically vanishes within minutes, depending on weather conditions. Q: Is the spray safe for players? A: Yes, the spray is formulated to be non-toxic and safe for players who may come into contact with the marked area. Q: Can the spray be used on other surfaces besides grass and turf? A: While the spray is safe for grass and turf, it is always recommended to test on a small, inconspicuous area before using on other surfaces.
Field Marking Paint Field Marking Paint
HoopsKing Field Marking Paint from $97.99
Keep Your Fields Looking Sharp with All-Field Marking Paint! Tired of field marking paints that clog your machines, deliver weak lines, or damage your precious playing surfaces? Look no further! All-Field Marking Paint is the professional solution for keeping your athletic fields looking their best, rain or shine. Why Choose All-Field Marking Paint? Universal Compatibility: Our revolutionary universal tip design ensures seamless application with all striping and marking machines. No more struggling to find the right tip – All-Field Marking Paint gets the job done, every time. Bold, Crisp Lines: Gone are the days of faded, uneven stripes. All-Field Marking Paint lays down a vibrant, 4-inch wide line with sharp, professional edges. Safe on All Natural Playing Surfaces: This specially formulated paint works like a charm on grass, without harmful ingredients. It’s free of lead, CFCs, VMP Naphtha, and Acetone, making it a safe choice for players and the environment. Fast Drying, Long Lasting: Get back to the game quickly! All-Field Marking Paint dries fast, within 15 minutes, and boasts long-lasting durability to withstand even the most intense play. Non-Staining: Accidents happen, but with All-Field Marking Paint, they won’t leave a lasting mark. This paint won’t stain uniforms, so players can focus on the game, not their clothes. Multicolor Options: All-Field Marking Paint comes in a convenient case pack of 12, offering a variety of colors to meet all your field marking needs. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How much coverage does one can provide? A: Each 20 oz. can of All-Field Marking Paint yields approximately 135 yards of striping. Q: Can this paint be used on artificial turf? A: While All-Field Marking Paint is not specifically designed for artificial turf, it may work on certain types. We recommend testing on a small, inconspicuous area first. Q: Is this paint safe for the environment? A: All-Field Marking Paint is formulated with a very low VOC level, making it compliant with environmental regulations and safe for use on grass fields. Q: Where can I buy All-Field Marking Paint? A: All-Field Marking Paint is available from a variety of sporting goods retailers and online stores. Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Choose All-Field Marking Paint and keep your fields looking their professional best, game after game.
Field Striping Machine Field Striping Machine
HoopsKing Field Striping Machine $406.99
Make Perfect Field Lines Every Time: Invest in a Top-Tier Field Striping Machine Take the hassle out of marking athletic fields with our professional-grade field striping machine. This workhorse is built to handle the demands of frequent use on grass and dirt fields, ensuring crisp, clean lines for all your sports field needs. Why Choose Our Field Striping Machine? Built to Last: This machine boasts a sturdy steel frame that can withstand years of rigorous use. No more flimsy equipment that breaks down mid-season. Effortless Maneuvering: Large 10" easy-rolling wheels provide smooth operation across even the most uneven terrain. Say goodbye to backaches from pushing a heavy machine. Convenience at Your Fingertips: A handy windscreen keeps overspray at bay, while the fingertip on/off lever lets you control paint flow with ease. No more messy spills or wasted paint. Always Ready to Go: Onboard storage for up to 12 paint cans ensures you have enough paint to tackle any job, big or small. Versatility You Need: Adjustable line width capabilities of 2-4 inches allow you to create lines for a variety of sports fields. Complete Coverage, Every Time: The downward spraying mechanism ensures even application of paint, eliminating patchy or incomplete lines. Less Maintenance, More Games: Our machine boasts a no-mess design that minimizes cleanup time. Spend less time maintaining equipment and more time managing your fields. Compact Storage: The machine folds up for easy storage, saving you valuable space when not in use. Frequently Asked Questions What type of paint does this machine use? This machine is compatible with most standard aerosol field striping paints. How long does it take to stripe a field? The striping time will vary depending on the size of the field and the complexity of the lines. However, our machine's efficient design allows for quick and easy application. Is this machine easy to use? Absolutely! This machine is designed for user-friendly operation. The fingertip controls and straightforward design make it ideal for both experienced and novice users. Invest in a field striping machine that works as hard as you do. Order yours today!