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Looking to stay on top of your game? Our Pumps and Inflators collection has everything you need to keep your sports equipment inflated and ready for action. Whether you're a cyclist, swimmer, team player, or weekend warrior, we have the perfect pump to inflate your tires, balls, and more.

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Our collection also features standard-size coaches boards, perfect for coaches and trainers across all sports. These durable boards provide a clear and convenient way to communicate strategies, drills, and formations to your team.

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Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump
HoopsKing Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump $135.99
Tired of Wasting Time and Energy Inflating Your Gear? There's nothing more frustrating than spending ages trying to inflate a pool float, beach ball, or athletic equipment. Here at [Your Company Name], we understand your struggle. That's why we created the Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump, the powerful and easy-to-use solution to all your inflation needs. Stop Wasting Time and Effort The Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump is a heavyweight professional inflator that boasts a top-of-the-line whisper quiet 1/4 HP diaphragm compressor. This means you can inflate your equipment quickly and efficiently, all without the earsplitting noise of traditional pumps. Key Features and Benefits: Powerful Inflation: Delivers up to 125 PSI for inflating a variety of items. Whisper Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful inflation experience, no more disrupting conversations or scaring pets. Fast and Efficient: Inflate your equipment in a fraction of the time it takes with a manual pump. Easy to Use: Simply attach the hose and inflate with the touch of a button. Safe and Reliable: UL Listed for safety and designed for long-lasting performance. Versatile: Includes a pressure gauge, hose, and needle for inflating a variety of inflatables. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What can I inflate with the Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump? A: The pump can inflate a variety of inflatables including pool toys, beach balls, athletic equipment, air mattresses, and more. Q: How long does it take to inflate an item? A: Inflation time will vary depending on the size of the item. However, the powerful motor ensures fast and efficient inflation. Q: Is the pump easy to use? A: Absolutely! The pump is designed for user-friendliness. Simply attach the hose and inflate with the on/off switch. Don't waste another minute struggling with manual pumps. Order your Deluxe Electric Inflating Pump today!
Economy Electric Inflating Pump
HoopsKing Economy Electric Inflating Pump $137.99
Tired of Wasting Time Pumping Up Your Inflatables? There's nothing more frustrating than spending ages trying to inflate a pool toy, beach ball, or sports equipment with a manual pump. Especially when you just want to get out there and have fun! The Economy Electric Inflating Pump is the perfect solution for quick and effortless inflation. This handy pump takes the hassle out of inflating your favorite inflatables, so you can spend less time pumping and more time playing. Why Choose the Economy Electric Inflating Pump? Fast and Powerful: The 1/8 HP oil-less compressor delivers a powerful stream of air to inflate your inflatables quickly and efficiently. No more sweating over a manual pump! Easy to Use: The simple on/off switch makes inflating a breeze. Just plug it in, attach the hose and adapter, and you're ready to go! Multi-Purpose: With a pressure gauge and multiple adapters included, this pump can inflate a variety of inflatables, from pool toys and beach balls to sports balls and air mattresses. Convenient: The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport. Take it with you to the pool, beach, or park for effortless inflation on the go. Here's a quick recap of the features you'll love: 1/8 HP oil-less compressor for fast inflation 120 volts of power AC rated to 20 PSI for powerful airflow Easy to operate on/off switch Includes pressure gauge, hose, and multiple adapters Compact and lightweight design Get ready to spend more time enjoying your inflatables and less time inflating them! Frequently Asked Questions Q: What kind of inflatables can this pump inflate? A: This pump can inflate a variety of inflatables, including pool toys, beach balls, sports balls, air mattresses, and more. The included adapters ensure a secure fit for most inflatable valves. Q: How easy is it to use? A: The pump is very easy to use. Simply plug it in, attach the hose and appropriate adapter for your inflatable, turn on the switch, and inflate to your desired pressure using the pressure gauge. Q: Is it portable? A: Yes, the pump is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store.
Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator
HoopsKing Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator $214.99
Tired of Earsplitting Noise When Inflating? Imagine inflating your tires, pool toys, or sports equipment without the loud, disruptive racket of a traditional air compressor. The Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator makes inflation a breeze, silently delivering the power you need to get the job done quickly and conveniently. Key Features and Benefits: Ultra-Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to bothersome noise! This inflator utilizes innovative silencing technology to create a peaceful inflation experience. Powerful Performance: Despite its quiet operation, this inflator packs a punch with a 1/8 HP oil-less compressor that delivers a maximum pressure of 60 PSI. Easy to Use: Simply plug it into a standard 110-volt AC outlet, attach the hose and appropriate nozzle, and you're ready to inflate. Portable and Compact: The convenient carrying handle allows you to take inflation power anywhere you go, while the compact design ensures easy storage. Versatile Inflation: With a variety of nozzles included, this inflator can tackle inflating tires, pool toys, sports equipment, air mattresses, and more! Safe and Reliable: Built with CSA approval for safety, this inflator is a dependable choice for all your inflation needs. Frequently Asked Questions: How quiet is the Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator? While decibel level ratings are not available, user testimonials consistently highlight the significant noise reduction compared to traditional air compressors. What's included with the inflator? The Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator comes with a hose, inflation needle, and various nozzle attachments. Can this inflator inflate car tires? Yes, this inflator can inflate car tires up to a pressure of 60 PSI. What is the warranty? Manufacturer warranty information is available upon purchase. Don't wait any longer to experience the quiet revolution in inflation! Order your Ultra-Quiet Electric Inflator today!
Smart Digital Inflator Smart Digital Inflator
HoopsKing Smart Digital Inflator $181.99
Never Underinflated Again: Introducing the Smart Digital Inflator Stop wasting time at gas stations or struggling with inaccurate gauges. The Smart Digital Inflator is the all-in-one solution for perfectly inflated tires and balls, every single time. Why Choose the Smart Digital Inflator? Effortless Inflation: Set your desired pressure and let the inflator do the rest. It automatically shuts off when the perfect level is reached, preventing overinflation and damage. Precision Made Easy: The integrated digital gauge provides clear and accurate readings, so you can be confident your tires and balls are inflated to the manufacturer's recommendations. Faster Inflation: No more waiting around! This inflator boasts a powerful motor and impressive flow rate to get you back on the road (or court) quickly. Smart Technology: Multiple settings allow you to save preferred pressure levels for different objects, like car tires, bicycle tires, and various sports balls. The inflator even adjusts motor speed for optimal performance based on the selected mode. Universal Compatibility: Three included nozzle attachments ensure a perfect fit for any tire valve or ball inflation port. Key Features: Automatic shut-off at preset pressure Intelligent digital pressure gauge Adjustable inflation modes for various inflatables Powerful motor for fast inflation Multiple memory settings Three interchangeable nozzle tips Long continuous operation time The Smart Digital Inflator is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to take the guesswork out of inflation. Order yours today! Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the maximum pressure the inflator can handle? A: The Smart Digital Inflator has a maximum working pressure of 30 PSI, making it suitable for most car tires, bicycle tires, and sports balls. Q: How long can I continuously use the inflator? A: The inflator boasts a long continuous operation duration, allowing you to inflate multiple objects without interruption. Q: Does the inflator come with a warranty? A: Refer to product details for warranty information. Q: Can I use this inflator to inflate air mattresses or pool floats? A: While the inflator can inflate larger objects with low-pressure requirements, it may not be suitable for very high-volume inflatables.
High Volume Double Action Hand Pump
HoopsKing High Volume Double Action Hand Pump $28.99
Tired of spending ages inflating your pool toys or beach balls? Say goodbye to wimpy pumps and hello to effortless inflation with the High Volume Double Action Hand Pump! This powerful pump is designed to make inflating large inflatables a breeze, so you can spend less time pumping and more time splashing. Why Choose the High Volume Double Action Hand Pump? Fast and Efficient: The double action design pumps air on both the up and down strokes, cutting inflation time in half compared to single action pumps. High Volume: This pump is specifically designed to handle large inflatables like air mattresses, pools, and rafts, so you won't be left feeling winded. Double Duty: Need to deflate your inflatable for storage? No problem! This pump easily converts into a deflator for added convenience. Versatility: The included valve adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of inflatables, so you can use it with pool toys, air pumps, bike tires, and more. Compact and Portable: This lightweight pump is easy to transport and store, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. Here's a quick recap of the features you'll love: Double action inflation for fast and efficient use High volume design for effortless inflation of large inflatables Deflation function for convenient storage Universal valve adapter for all your inflation needs Compact and portable design Still Have Questions? Q: How easy is this pump to use? A: The High Volume Double Action Hand Pump is very user-friendly. Simply attach the hose to the valve of your inflatable, switch to inflate or deflate mode, and start pumping! Q: What size inflatables can this pump handle? A: This pump is ideal for inflating large inflatables like air mattresses, pools, rafts, and beach balls. Q: Does this pump come with a warranty? A: Manufacturer warranty information will be included with your pump. Don't wait any longer to reclaim your weekends! Order your High Volume Double Action Hand Pump today!