Level Up Your Look with Inflatable Accessories

Looking to add some fun and flair to your outfit? Look no further than our collection of inflatable accessories! From pool parties to festivals, these playful pieces are guaranteed to turn heads and bring a smile to your face.

We offer a variety of inflatable accessories to suit any style, including:

  • Pool floats: Make a splash with our giant pool floats in all shapes and sizes, from pool unicorns to dazzling swans.
  • Costumes: Transform yourself into anything you can imagine with our inflatable costumes. Be a hilarious T-Rex, a majestic dragon, or anything in between!
  • Props: Take your photos and videos to the next level with our eye-catching inflatable props.

These inflatable accessories are all lightweight, portable, and easy to inflate. They're also made from durable materials to ensure they last through all your adventures.

So don't be afraid to inflate your personality and add some fun to your wardrobe! Browse our collection today and find the perfect inflatable accessory for you.

Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge
HoopsKing Pressure Gauge $23.99
Stop Second-Guessing Your Pickleball Game: Get the Perfect Squeeze Every Time Have you ever lost the perfect pickleball volley because your paddle felt off? Maybe it was too soft, or conversely, too stiff. It's a frustrating feeling, and one you can easily avoid with the right pressure gauge. This easy-to-use pressure gauge ensures you have consistent, perfect pressure in your pickleball paddle for every single game. No more inconsistencies or mid-match adjustments – just pure focus on crushing your next shot. Why You Need This Pressure Gauge in Your Pickleball Bag Precise Measurements: The easy-to-read 20 PSI dial allows you to fine-tune the pressure in your paddle to your exact preference. Consistent Performance: Maintain optimal pressure for peak performance and perfect paddle feel throughout the entire game. Simple Adjustments: The built-in pressure release button makes it a breeze to adjust the pressure in each ball quickly and easily. Durable Design: Built to last, this gauge can withstand the wear and tear of regular play. Compact and Portable: Small and lightweight, this gauge easily fits in your pickleball bag, ready for use on the go. Frequently Asked Questions What PSI should my pickleball paddle be? The ideal pressure can vary depending on your personal preference and playing style. A good starting point is between 7 and 10 PSI. How often should I check the pressure in my paddle? We recommend checking the pressure in your paddle before each game to ensure optimal performance. Will this gauge work with all pickleball paddles? Yes, this gauge is designed to work with all standard pickleball paddles. Upgrade your pickleball game today and take control of your paddle pressure. Order your pressure gauge now!
Inflating Needles Inflating Needles
HoopsKing Inflating Needles from $9.99
Never Get Caught Flat Again: Essential Inflating Needles for Every Ball Imagine arriving at the game, ready to play, only to find your ball is flat. Frustrating, right? Don't let a deflated ball sideline you. Keep a pack of these handy inflating needles on hand and get back in the action fast. Why Choose Our Inflating Needles? Durable and dependable: Made from nickel-plated steel, these needles resist bending and corrosion, ensuring they last for years of inflating. Universal fit: These needles work with most standard pumps and inflatable balls, making them a versatile addition to your athletic gear. Compact and portable: The three-pack blister card is small enough to toss in your gym bag or backpack, so you're always prepared. Bulk option available: Need needles for your entire team or club? We offer a bulk pack of 144 needles for convenience and cost-savings. Frequently Asked Questions What size are the needles? These needles are a standard size and will fit most inflatable balls and pumps. What type of metal are the needles made from? The needles are made from nickel-plated steel for strength and durability. Do you sell pumps? We currently only sell inflating needles. However, these needles are designed to work with most standard pumps.
Dual Action Hand Pump
HoopsKing Dual Action Hand Pump $14.99
Tired of struggling to inflate your pool toys, beach balls, or bike tires? Say goodbye to tiring single-action pumps! The Dual Action Hand Pump inflates your inflatables with half the effort, thanks to its innovative dual-action design. This means you get air flowing on both the push and pull strokes, saving you time and energy. Why Choose the Dual Action Hand Pump? Effortless inflation: The dual-action design inflates on both push and pull strokes, making inflation much faster and easier. Multi-purpose: Perfect for inflating pool floats, beach balls, air mattresses, bike tires, and more! Always prepared: The detachable needle conveniently stores on the side of the pump, so you'll never be caught without it when you need it. Includes 5 needles: The pump comes with a variety of needles to fit different valve sizes. Compact and portable: The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take anywhere. Retail packed: This pump is ready to be displayed on store shelves or gifted to a friend! FAQ Q: What does "dual-action" mean? A: Dual-action means the pump inflates on both the push and pull strokes, unlike traditional hand pumps that only inflate on the push stroke. Q: What size inflatables can this pump handle? A: This pump can inflate a wide variety of inflatables, from pool toys to air mattresses. Q: Does this pump come with a pressure gauge? A: No, this pump does not include a pressure gauge. Q: Where can I store the needles? A: The needles conveniently store on the side of the pump for easy access.
10 Inch Plastic Hand pump
Champion Sports 10 Inch Plastic Hand pump $9.99
Never Get Caught Flat Again: The Essential Hand Pump for Every Ball Imagine the perfect afternoon at the park. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you're ready for a friendly game of basketball. But disaster strikes – your ball is deflated, and there's no pump in sight. Don't let a flat ball deflate your fun! The 10 Inch Plastic Hand Pump is your pocket-sized solution to keeping all your inflatable balls ready for action. Why Choose the 10 Inch Plastic Hand Pump? Compact and Portable: This pump's small size, under 12 inches, makes it easy to throw in your bag or backpack. Take it anywhere you go, from the park to the beach, and ensure you're always prepared for inflatable fun. Easy to Use: No complicated instructions or attachments needed. This pump's simple design makes inflating balls a breeze, so anyone can get back to playing in no time. Durable Construction: Made entirely of strong plastic, this pump can handle the wear and tear of regular use. Multipurpose: This handy pump isn't just for basketballs! It's perfect for inflating soccer balls, beach balls, volleyballs, and any other inflatable you need to keep topped up. Convenient Storage: Each pump comes in a handy display pouch, keeping it protected and easy to find when you need it. Here's a quick recap of the benefits you'll enjoy: Compact and portable (under 12 inches) Easy to use Durable plastic construction Multipurpose for various inflatables Comes with a display pouch for storage With the 10 Inch Plastic Hand Pump, you'll never have to worry about a deflated ball ruining your fun. It's the perfect, affordable accessory for any athlete or active family! Frequently Asked Questions What size balls can this pump inflate? This pump can inflate most common ball sizes, including basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and beach balls. Does this pump come with a needle? Unfortunately, no, the needle is not included. However, standard ball pump needles are widely available and can be purchased separately. Is this pump good for bike tires? No, this pump is not designed for high-pressure applications like bike tires. Get your 10 Inch Plastic Hand Pump today and keep the fun rolling!
12 Inch Plastic Hand Pump 12 Inch Plastic Hand Pump
Champion Sports 12 Inch Plastic Hand Pump $9.99
Never Be Caught Flat Again: The 12-Inch Plastic Hand Pump is Your Portable Inflation Solution Let's face it, flat balls and pool toys can put a damper on any fun. With the 12-inch Plastic Hand Pump, you'll always be prepared to inflate them quickly and easily, wherever you are. This handy pump is perfect for playgrounds, parks, gyms, or even just keeping in your car for emergencies. Why Choose the 12-Inch Plastic Hand Pump? Durable and Lightweight: Made entirely of plastic, this pump is built to last without adding unnecessary weight. Compact Design: At just 12 inches long, this pump easily fits in a backpack, gym bag, or even your car's glove compartment. Inflates Everything: The included hose and needle adapter allow you to inflate bicycles, pool toys, basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and more! Always Ready: Packed in a convenient display pouch, this pump is protected and ready to use at a moment's notice. Frequently Asked Questions What is included with the pump? The 12-inch Plastic Hand Pump comes with a hose and a needle adapter. What can I inflate with this pump? This pump can inflate bicycles, pool toys, sports balls, and anything else with a standard inflatable valve. How easy is it to use? The hand pump is very easy to use. Simply attach the hose to the valve you want to inflate, pull up on the handle, and you're good to go! With the 12-inch Plastic Hand Pump, you'll never have to worry about being caught flat again. Order yours today!
Personal Hand Pump Personal Hand Pump
HoopsKing Personal Hand Pump $12.99
Never Be Caught Flat Again: Introducing the Personal Hand Pump! Do you dread the moment you discover your inflatable pool floatie, bike tire, or beach ball is flat? Let the Personal Hand Pump banish flatness forever! This handy, portable pump is small enough to toss in your bag or glove compartment, ensuring you're always prepared to inflate on the go. Why Choose the Personal Hand Pump? Dual Action Pumping: This innovative pump inflates with both pushing and pulling motions, so you can inflate quickly and efficiently. No more wasted effort! Reverse Needle Storage: The built-in needle conveniently reverses and stores safely inside the pump, eliminating the worry of losing it or having it roll around in your bag. Universal Compatibility: The Personal Hand Pump comes with a variety of nozzle attachments, making it compatible with most inflatables. Lightweight and Portable: Small and compact, this pump easily fits in your backpack, purse, or car, so you can take it anywhere. Sleek Design: The pump's sleek black design complements any style. Frequently Asked Questions What comes with the Personal Hand Pump? The Personal Hand Pump comes with a variety of nozzle attachments to ensure compatibility with most inflatables. Is the Personal Hand Pump easy to use? Absolutely! The dual action design allows for effortless inflation, and the simple reverse needle storage makes set up and take down a breeze. Is the Personal Hand Pump durable? The Personal Hand Pump is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand repeated use. With the Personal Hand Pump, flatness is a thing of the past! Order yours today and enjoy the convenience of inflation anytime, anywhere!
Double Action Hand Pump Double Action Hand Pump
HoopsKing Double Action Hand Pump $9.99
infDouble Action Hand Pump: Effortless Inflation for Your Exercise Ball Ever struggle to inflate your exercise ball with a flimsy pump? The Double Action Hand Pump is here to change that! This innovative pump makes inflating your exercise ball a breeze, so you can get to your workout faster. Powerful and Efficient Inflation The Double Action Hand Pump features a double-action design that inflates your ball with both push and pull strokes. This cuts down inflation time significantly compared to single-action pumps, letting you spend less time pumping and more time exercising. Ideal for Large Inflatables Don't let the name fool you! This pump isn't just for exercise balls. The Double Action Hand Pump is perfect for inflating a variety of large inflatables, from pool floats to air mattresses. Its high-pressure design allows you to inflate even the biggest items quickly and easily. Why Choose the Double Action Hand Pump? Double-action inflation: Inflates on both push and pull strokes for faster inflation. High-pressure design: Perfect for inflating large inflatables like exercise balls, pool floats, and air mattresses. Durable construction: Built to last, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Lightweight and portable: Take it with you wherever you go, for hassle-free inflation on the move. Cost-effective: Save money on expensive electric pumps and compressed air cans. The Double Action Hand Pump is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to inflate their exercise ball or other large inflatables quickly and easily. Frequently Asked Questions What size balls can this pump inflate? The Double Action Hand Pump can inflate balls of all sizes, from small yoga balls to large exercise balls. Will this pump work with air mattresses? Yes, the Double Action Hand Pump is perfect for inflating air mattresses. Is this pump easy to use? Yes, the Double Action Hand Pump is very easy to use. Simply attach the nozzle to the inflation valve and start pumping. The double-action design makes inflation effortless. Is this pump durable? The Double Action Hand Pump is made with high-quality materials and is built to last. Order your Double Action Hand Pump today and experience the difference!
Steel Inflating Pump
HoopsKing Steel Inflating Pump $13.99
Never Get Caught Flat Again: Introducing the Indestructible Steel Pump Ever been stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? Or scrambled to find a working pump to inflate your favorite pool toy? Those days are over with the Steel Pump! This heavy-duty pump is built to last, and it can inflate anything from car tires and bike wheels to pool floats and beach balls. Built Tough, Lasts Long The Steel Pump is constructed from high-quality, rust-resistant steel, making it virtually unbreakable. Unlike flimsy plastic pumps that crack and break under pressure, the Steel Pump can handle even the toughest jobs. Here's what makes the Steel Pump the best choice for you: Industrial-grade steel construction: Withstands heavy use and won't crack or break. Comfortable grip: Ergonomic design makes inflation easy and comfortable, even for long jobs. Universal valve adapter: Works with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves, so you can inflate anything you need. 10-inch pump height: Provides ample leverage for quick and easy inflation. Compact and portable: The Steel Pump is lightweight and easy to store in your car trunk, garage, or anywhere you need it. Invest in Quality, Invest in Peace of Mind Don't waste your money on cheap, plastic pumps that will leave you stranded. The Steel Pump is a one-time investment that will provide you with years of reliable performance. Here's how the Steel Pump will give you peace of mind: Always prepared: Never get caught off guard by a flat tire or deflated inflatable. Quick and easy inflation: Get back on the road or enjoying your favorite activities in no time. Durable construction: Built to last, so you won't have to replace it anytime soon. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What kind of inflatables can the Steel Pump handle? A: The Steel Pump can inflate anything with a Presta, Schrader, or Dunlop valve, including car tires, bike tires, pool floats, beach balls, air mattresses, and more. Q: How easy is the Steel Pump to use? A: The Steel Pump is very easy to use. Simply attach the universal valve adapter to the inflation valve, and start pumping! The ergonomic grip makes inflation comfortable, even for long periods. Q: How compact is the Steel Pump? A: The Steel Pump is 10 inches tall and lightweight, making it easy to store in your car trunk, garage, or anywhere you need it. Order your Steel Pump today and experience the difference of a truly high-quality pump