Track Time to Perfection with Our Stopwatch Collection

Are you a runner, athlete, coach, or anyone who needs to measure time with precision? Look no further than our top-notch selection of stopwatches! Whether you're training for a marathon, officiating a game, or simply need to time everyday tasks, we have the perfect stopwatch for you.

Our collection features a variety of stopwatches with different functionalities and features. Choose from classic analog stopwatches for a simple and reliable option, or opt for a digital stopwatch with advanced features like lap times, split times, and memory recall. We even have water-resistant stopwatches that can withstand even the toughest conditions.

All of our stopwatches are crafted from durable materials and built to last. They're the perfect tool for anyone who needs to track time accurately and efficiently. Shop our stopwatch collection today and find the perfect one to meet your needs!

Digital Pedometer, Set of 6
HoopsKing Digital Pedometer, Set of 6 $61.99
Walk Your Way to a Healthier You - Set of 6 Digital Pedometers! Staying active is key to a healthy lifestyle, but keeping track of your steps can be a challenge. Introducing the perfect solution: a vibrantly colored set of 6 digital pedometers! Track Your Every Move These easy-to-use pedometers go beyond just counting steps. They provide a comprehensive picture of your activity level, including: Distance Traveled: Track how far you walk or run, with a capacity of up to 999 miles. Step Count: See exactly how many steps you take each day, with a maximum count of 99999 steps. Calorie Burn: Monitor your calorie expenditure, up to 999.9Kcal, to understand your daily energy output. Time Tracking: Never miss a beat with the built-in stopwatch, featuring an impressive 1/100 second precision. Convenience and Versatility Designed with your comfort in mind, these pedometers boast a simple clip-on feature, allowing you to easily attach them to your pocket, waistband, or gym bag. The best part? This isn't just a single pedometer – it's a set of six! Each vibrantly colored (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple) pedometer is perfect for sharing with family and friends, encouraging everyone to take an active step towards a healthier life. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I operate the pedometer? A: Each pedometer comes with a user manual that outlines its functions and operation. It's generally very user-friendly with simple buttons for navigating the various features. Q: Is this pedometer water-resistant? A: While these pedometers are built to last, they are not typically waterproof. It's best to avoid submerging them or exposing them to excessive moisture. Q: Can I set goals on the pedometer? A: No, these pedometers do not have goal-setting functionality. However, the clear display allows you to easily track your progress and set personal goals based on your readings. Q: Are batteries included? A: Battery information may vary depending on the retailer. It's always a good idea to check the product description or contact the seller directly. Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today! Order your set of 6 digital pedometers now!
Stop watch Set of six Stop watch Set of six
HoopsKing Stop watch Set of six from $13.25
Never Miss a Second with the Champion Sports Stopwatch Pack (Set of 6)! Keeping track of time during events, workouts, or everyday tasks can be a challenge. Introducing the Champion Sports Stopwatch Pack, a set of six high-performance stopwatches designed for accuracy, durability, and convenience. Train Like a Champion This stopwatch pack is perfect for coaches, athletes, referees, or anyone who needs to time events with precision. Here's what makes them a winning choice: Unmatched Accuracy: Each stopwatch boasts 1/100th of a second precision, ensuring you capture every critical moment. Multi-functional: Beyond basic stopwatch functionality, these watches offer a lap counter (for the first 30 minutes), a daily alarm, and an hourly chime to keep you on schedule. Easy to Read: The large, digital display makes it easy to read the time, even in low-light conditions. Built to Last: Water and shock resistant, these stopwatches can withstand the bumps and drops of even the most intense activities. Variety and Value: The set comes with six stopwatches in a range of vibrant colors, perfect for large groups or keeping track of multiple runners. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, the Champion Sports Stopwatch Pack is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. Frequently Asked Questions What battery does the stopwatch use? The specific battery type will be included in the product manual. Is there a warranty on the stopwatches? Yes, warranty information can be found on the product packaging or by contacting the manufacturer. Can I use the stopwatch in the pool? While the stopwatches are water resistant, they are not intended for submersion. Don't wait to take your timing to the next level! Order your Champion Sports Stopwatch Pack today!
Jumbo Display Watch Jumbo Display Watch
HoopsKing Jumbo Display Watch $31.99
Tired of Squinting at Your Watch? Get the Jumbo Display Watch! Is seeing the time on your wristwatch a daily struggle? Do you find yourself constantly pulling out your phone just to check the time? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people deal with poor eyesight or small watch faces that make checking the time a chore. Introducing the Jumbo Display Watch, the solution to all your time-telling woes! This innovative watch features a giant, easy-to-read display that makes checking the time a breeze, no matter your age or vision. Here's what makes the Jumbo Display Watch so special: Large Digit Display: Say goodbye to squinting! The Jumbo Display Watch features oversized digits that are clear and easy to read at a glance. Multiple Functions: This watch isn't just about telling time. It also boasts a stopwatch with 1/100 second precision, a calendar, daily alarm, and hourly chime to keep you on track. Multiple Wearing Options: The Jumbo Display Watch comes with a comfortable wrist lanyard for traditional wear, but it also features a handy clipboard clip that allows you to attach it to your shirt or coaching board for easy access during sporting events or presentations. Day and Night Functionality: The Jumbo Display Watch features an LED night light, so you can easily check the time in low-light conditions. Still not convinced? Here are some of the most common questions people ask about the Jumbo Display Watch: FAQ Is the watch comfortable to wear? Absolutely! The Jumbo Display Watch is designed with a lightweight and comfortable band that won't irritate your skin. Is the watch water-resistant? While the Jumbo Display Watch can handle splashes, it's not recommended for submersion in water. How long does the battery last? The battery life will vary depending on usage, but most users can expect several months of use before needing a replacement. Stop struggling to see the time! Order your Jumbo Display Watch today!
Sport and Referee Watch Sport and Referee Watch
HoopsKing Sport and Referee Watch $21.99
Never Miss a Beat on the Field or Track: The Champion Sports and Referee Watch Take control of the game (or your workout) with the Champion Sports and Referee Watch. This feature-packed timepiece is designed for athletes and officials who demand precision and durability. Whether you're a referee keeping track of the clock or a runner monitoring your splits, this watch has everything you need to perform at your best. Here's what makes the Champion Sports and Referee Watch the perfect companion: Built to Last: The rugged sports watchband can withstand even the most demanding conditions, while the water and shock resistance ensure your watch can take a beating. You focus on the game, we'll focus on keeping time. Multiple Functions, One Watch: This isn't just a watch, it's a complete timing solution. Utilize the 24-hour stopwatch, programmable countdown/countup timer, and dual timer to manage any situation. Never Lose Track: Store up to 10 workouts for later recall, allowing you to analyze your performance and track your progress over time. See Clearly in Any Light: The bright EL night light display ensures you can always see the time, no matter the lighting conditions. Additional Features: Equipped with a 12/24 hour format with alarm, split release feature, and hourly chime, this watch offers everything you need to stay on top of your game. The Champion Sports and Referee Watch is the perfect choice for: Referees and umpires in any sport Athletes of all levels Coaches and trainers Anyone who needs a reliable and feature-rich watch FAQ Q: How many workouts can the watch store? A: The Champion Sports and Referee Watch can store up to 10 workouts for later recall. Q: Is the watch water-resistant? A: Yes, the watch is water-resistant up to 300 feet. Q: Does the watch have a backlight? A: Yes, the watch features a bright EL night light display. Q: What type of battery does the watch use? A: The battery type will vary depending on the specific model. Please refer to the product manual for details. Order your Champion Sports and Referee Watch today and experience the difference that precision timing can make!
Big Digital Display Stopwatch, Black
HoopsKing Big Digital Display Stopwatch, Black $22.99
Never Miss a Split Second Again: Big Digital Display Stopwatch in Black Stop squinting at tiny stopwatch displays! This easy-to-read black stopwatch boasts a large digital display that ensures you can track every millisecond with clarity. Perfect for athletes, coaches, referees, or anyone who needs precise timing, this stopwatch is packed with features to make timing a breeze. Key Features and Benefits: Large, Easy-to-Read Display: No more struggling to decipher tiny digits. This stopwatch features a big, clear display that allows for effortless timekeeping, even in low-light conditions. 1/100 Second Precision: Track times down to the hundredth of a second, ideal for capturing those critical race finishes or split times during training. Multiple Timing Modes: This stopwatch isn't a one-trick pony. It offers standard stopwatch functionality, lap time recording, and even a calendar and time display for added versatility. Never Miss a Beat: Set a daily alarm or enable the hourly chime to stay on top of your schedule and ensure you never miss a start time again. Long-lasting Power: This stopwatch is powered by a reliable 3.0 Volt lithium battery, so you can focus on timing and not worry about frequent replacements. Built to Endure: Designed with a water and shock resistant structure, this stopwatch can withstand the bumps and splashes of even the most intense activities. This feature-rich stopwatch is the perfect companion for anyone who needs accurate and reliable timing. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a casual gym-goer, this stopwatch will help you take your training to the next level. Frequently Asked Questions: What size is the display? The manufacturer doesn't specify the exact display size, but user reviews confirm it's large and easy to read. Can I replace the battery? Yes, the stopwatch is powered by a standard 3.0 Volt lithium battery, which can be easily replaced when needed. Is this stopwatch lanyard compatible? While there isn't a built-in lanyard attachment point, some users have reported successfully attaching a lanyard through the gaps on the sides. Order your Big Digital Display Stopwatch today and experience the difference clear, precise timing can make!