(Rental)-The Complete Guide To Bo Ryan's Swing Offense & Offensive System


(Rental)-The Complete Guide To Bo Ryan's Swing Offense & Offensive System

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Bo Ryan’s Swing Offense & Offensive System the Complete Guide

The game of basketball continues to evolve and former Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan was always on the cusp of new offensive ideas that gave his teams an edge. In this four-hour presentation, you will be introduced to Ryan’s Swing Offense. He covers every aspect of the offense and how it attacks man and zone defenses. You will also see out-of-bounds plays from the sideline and baseline, full court pressure attacks, late-game plays, half-court pressure offense, and 20 different quick hitters.

Bo Ryan's Swing Offense

The Swing is synonymous with Ryan and is an offensive attack based on precise spacing, cuts and screens, and relentless attacks on the rim. Coach Ryan uses 5-on-0 drills to teach the offense and progresses to full 5-on-5 situations. You will see a number of ball screen actions that can create scoring opportunities.

Within Bo Ryan's Swing offense, there are a variety of entries and counters that Coach Ryan details. Teams will defend differently and Ryan takes the time to make sure you are prepared for anything a defense can throw at you. In addition, Ryan will show you how to run his fast-paced transition offense and then flow right into the Swing.

Quick Hitters and Special Situations for the Swing Offense

In any given game, a number of special situations arise and Coach Ryan provides a variety of sets that help you attack a defense. These situations include baseline and sideline out of bounds plays as well as full-court plays for an end of half or end of game situation.

You will also see a number quick hitters from different formations which help take advantage of mismatches and get the ball to certain players in certain situations. Ryan also discusses managing the clock in these special situations.

Breakdown Drills for Bo Ryan's Swing Offense

To teach the Swing Offense, Ryan uses a variety of breakdown drills which he puts on display for you. He creates building blocks with the drills to make it easy to apply them in a practice situation. Coach Ryan likes to run the drills “on air” or with no defense as well as with a full defense so players learn the concepts of the Swing in both controlled and uncontrolled environments.

Coach Ryan won well over 700 games and took his 2014 and ’15 Badgers’ teams to the Final Four. You’ll see why in this video, which will help your players use ball screens, quick hitters, and counters to put more points on the board. Rent this Bo Ryan's Swing Offense DVD today. 

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