(Rental)-The Swing Offense: Breakdown & Shooting Drills


(Rental)-The Swing Offense: Breakdown & Shooting Drills

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The Swing Offense: Breakdown and Shooting Drills

With nearly 30 years of college coaching experience, former Wisconsin assistant Gary Close shares with you the Swing Offense, which was the brainchild of Bo Ryan. The Swing was designed to get teams looks inside and wide open shots on the perimeter. In this video, you will see on-court demonstrations that show you everything you need to know to run the offense. That includes quick-hitters, special situations, and how to attack certain defenses.

Basics of the Swing Offense

First, Coach Close discusses the positives related to the Swing Offense. From there, on-court demonstrations break down the basics of the offense:

  • Continuity – Each move is simple and easily achieved. Screen after screen attacks the defense as sharp, purposeful cuts slice through it.
  • Proper positioning and spacing – Pairs work together. Wings position themselves at the free throw line extended.

Running the Swing Offense Against Different Defenses

Coach Close gives you the tools with which to dissect an opposing defense. He gives you teaching tips, rules, and other options for attacking various defenses including:

  • Aggressive Man-to-Man – Screen away to get open to catch the first pass, dribble and look for backdoor cuts, or dribble attack open space
  • Soft, Sagging Man Defense – Enter the low post from the wing and curl off the weak side
  • Switching Man Defense – Three up screen options are presented to take advantage of the mismatch by feeding the post, using a back screen, and the fade screen where the screener slips the screen and cuts to the basket

Quick Hitters

Close includes a variety of quick hitters from a number of sets that can be used out of the Swing Offense. Many of the plays get the ball to a team’s best player by making him the primary cutter. Each number or call includes an option for each position.

Breakdown Drills

Close presents a series of drills that cover all the screening actions and help players practice the shots they will most likely take in games. Close believes it is extremely important for his players to work on game-like shooting. He includes six drills to work both screening actions and shooting.

The Swing Offense might be the best for teams that are not as athletic. Teams that do have athletic talent can still benefit as the offense helps get players great looks at the basket on a consistent basis. If that is something you are searching for, Coach Close’s video is for you.

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