(Rental)-Swing Offense Sets & Entries


(Rental)-Swing Offense Sets & Entries

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Basketball Swing Offense- Sets and Entries

Teams seemingly always run into at least a few opponents that use pressure of some defensive scheme that disrupts the offense. In this video, Idaho State University head coach Ryan Looney shows you how teams that run the basketball swing offense can beat that pressure or adjust to schemes to get high percentage shots. Coach Looney has had great success and his Swing offense is a big reason why. It is the sets and entries that allow his team to get the offense started.

Pressure Releases

Most teams will use some sort of on-ball pressure and attempt to deny passes on the wing to prevent an offense from getting started. Coach Looney teaches three pressure release sets that his teams use when they face a team that decides to get into the passing lanes and pressure them in both the half-court and full-court.

With each pressure release, Coach Looney shows you backdoor opportunities that include Fire, V-Out, and the Backdoor Reversal entry that will keep opponents honest. After a few times through it, the defense will change how it is defending you.

Entries to the Swing

Once the offense is in the half-court, there are seven different entries that can be used to get into the basketball Swing offense. Coach Looney diagrams each and then goes onto the court to demonstrate each entry. Looney describes when to use each entry and the advantage of using it. You will see the dribble entry, post dive, point guard dive, ball screen from the wing, ball screens with posts, and a wings up entry that ensures a ball reversal.

When you start using screens, defenses immediately thing you have left the Swing offense, but each screening action flows right back into the Swing. This seamless transition continues to make the Swing offense extremely difficult to defend.

Set Plays

All good offenses have certain set plays that can be run at any time. Coach Looney’s offense is no different and his set plays flow right into the Swing offense. He will show you three complete sets that incorporate post screening action and lead into high-low scoring options with post players. Once you install these sets and entries, you will have the complete Swing offense.

Coach Looney’s presentation combines classroom diagrams with on-court instruction to help you install the Swing offense. The presentation is easy to understand and Coach Looney’s concepts are easy to teach. Adding it to the Swing offense video will enable you to teach and install this dangerous offense. Rent this Basketball Swing Offense Drills DVD today.

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