The Unpredicatable 1-2-2 Match Up Zone by Scott Pera Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Scott Pera (Rental)-The Unpredicatable 1-2-2 Match Up Zone $18.99
The 1-2-2 match-up zone defense is a highly effective and dynamic scheme that can frustrate opposing offenses. In this coaching guide, Scott Pera, Head Men's Basketball Coach at Rice University, shares his successful, game-tested 1-2-2 match-up zone defense and its various alignments, looks, counters, and twists that make it a formidable challenge for offenses to overcome. Coach Pera begins by discussing the basic alignments and individual defender responsibilities of the defense, which is based on proven man-to-man principles. He emphasizes the importance of communication, which is essential to making the defense work effectively. He also explains the key defender actions such as 'Dribble Up' and 'Dribble Over' that are crucial for players to understand in this defense. Additionally, Coach Pera provides strategies for defending specific offensive actions such as ball screens and cutters. He also illustrates the importance of "Horns Action" which is a key component of the defense and effective in disrupting opponents. He shows how this defense uses traditional man-to-man principles such as "no face-cuts" in order to keep the defense strong. With this guide, coaches can learn how to utilize the 1-2-2 match-up zone and the various alignments, communication points, rules, and individual responsibilities that make it a formidable challenge for any offense. Coach Pera has honed the defense over a decade and has proven success in using it at Rice University and in his previous positions as assistant coach at Penn and Arizona State.