1--1--3 Man Zone Defense by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mike Dunlap is famous for his instruction and defensive strategy. Coach Dunlap presents a brutal 1-1-3 defense along with other philosophical beliefs that can be used to transform your program. He presents the same ideas and coaching techniques that transformed his St. John's team from the Big East cellar to a contender. 1-1-3 Fundamentals Dunlap presents his 1-1-3 defense in a unique way by showing actual footage of his team running the defense against some top teams in the country. He details the goals of the defense such as trapping, ball pressure, taking advantage of alley's and sidelines, and how to keep the ball out of the danger areas such as the high and low post. Drills and Instruction The DVD progresses from the classroom to the court with drill work. Dunlap begins with a full court 2-2-1 press that transitions back into a 1-1-3 half court defense. The basis of every defense is defending the ball and Dunlap does a tremendous job of coaching on-ball techniques in his 1-on-1 drill. He then progresses into a 2-on-2, 4-on-2, and 4-on-5 drills to teach his players how to suffocate passing lanes and put pressure on the ball in the full court. These drills are the foundation of the defense and if your players can successfully do them you will see dramatic improvements in your team defense. Dunlap spends a great deal of team on teaching players to move with the pass. This is one of the most fundamental skills needed for any zone defense but especially the 1-1-3 with its emphasis on deflections and ball pressure. This 1-1-3 also prevents the most trendy basketball play being used today in the screen-and-roll. Coach Dunlap's incredible passion and in depth knowledge provide you an amazing opportunity to learn how to run a successful 1-1-3 zone defense.
Encyclopedia Of The 1--1--3 Match--up Zone Defense (dunlap) by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Dunlap (Rental)-Encyclopedia Of The 1--1--3 Match--up Zone Defense (dunlap) $15.99
Mike Dunlap has had an incredibly successful coaching career and much of it is due to his knowledge of defense. He has compiled everything he has learned from some of the most famous 1-1-3 defenses to create his own pressure defense. He goes into incredible detail on how to coach and implement this defense into your program. This is an amazing opportunity for you to drastically improve your teams defense by causing confusion and forcing turnovers. Five Trademarks of the 1-1-3 Coach Dunlap introduces and goes into amazing detail of his five trademarks of the 1-1-3 defense: stance, hands, jumping to the ball, communication, and rebounding. Within each trademark is a common theme of extreme ball pressure. Each drill is designed to teach the player how to make the ball handler uncomfortable to taking away his air space. These drills and teaching points are also very applicable to your man-to-man defense as they are based in individual player fundamentals. Coach Dunlap introduces the first three trademarks as a way to properly defend the ball. He teaches players to trace the line of the ball with active hands and proper footwork to force the ball handler where you want them to go. He also teaches active hands to keep good shooters uncomfortable by keeping the hand in line with the ball. The goal of jumping to the ball is to keep proper defensive spacing and extreme ball pressure. This is a difficult habit to en grain but Dunlap shows tremendous drills that will have your players working as one unit with pressure all over the court. Perhaps the two most important trademarks of the 1-1-3 zone defense is communication and defense. Without these two skills nothing else matters. Dunlap shows a tremendous teaching technique to help your players communicate using shot one-word phrases. Dunlap does a great job of teaching how to rebound out of a zone that you can use with any of your zone defenses. He stresses putting players into proper positions, solidifying the weak side and creating a triangle around the rim, along with being able to anticipate misses by playing percentages. Technical Skills Having a fundamental knowledge of the 1-1-3 match up zone is not enough. Dunlap also goes into great detail into the more overlooked, technical aspects of playing this defense. These include but are not limited to long and short close outs, footwork, cheat steps, and understanding how to force the offensive ball handler into difficult situations. Break the rhythm of any defense using this ball hawking, pressure 1-1-3 defense by renting this DVD today.
Organized Fast Paced Transition Defense by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Organized Fast-Paced Transition Defense Implementing the seven keys of transition defense according to veteran coach Mike Dunlap can lead to success on the basketball court. Dunlap, the former two-time NCAA Division II national champion and Charlotte Bobcats head coach, discusses how he teaches successful transition defense in this video. For Dunlap, it all begins with the seven key elements of transition defense. Teams can slow down opponents in transition when they master each of the following: Shot balance Stop the ball Sprint to your lane Match up Rotate Contest all shots Rebound Rebounding and Shot Balance Many of Dunlap’s concepts come from legendary coaches like Tom Izzo and Rick Majerus. One of the most important is the idea of floor balance on a shot. As soon as the shooter rises to shoot, rebounding and responsibilities on defense begin. Three players go to the boards while the two remaining players go to designated spots to prepare to play defense. Sprint Back and Match Up If a team cannot gain an offensive rebound, it is imperative they sprint back quickly on defense. Getting back quickly can help slow down an offense and prevent easy transition baskets. In addition to sprinting back, the defensive team must matchup against the offense as quickly as possible. Players matchup regardless of whether or not it is their assigned matchup. 5-on-5 Evaluation This is one of the drills Dunlap uses to teach transition defense in a game-like situation. The drill starts at three-quarter court and the defense works to pressure the ball forcing the ball handler to change direction. This gives the defense time to get back and matchup. The drill runs for six possessions with an emphasis placed on guarding the basketball. Coach Dunlap also shares a few tweaks to the drill. Rotations This drill builds off of the 5-on-5 Evaluation drill. Starting in the half-court, the offense has a time frame to get a shot up. Rebounding and sprinting back are apparent in the drill and once again an emphasis is placed upon ball pressure. Communication is a big key as players must talk to figure out who has what defensive assignment. Players work on their rotations throughout the drill. Coach Dunlap’s 75-minute video is an excellent resource for any coach looking to improve a team’s transition defense. Rent this transition defense drills DVD today.
Transition Offense – The First 6 Seconds by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mike Dunlap: Transition Offense – The First 6 Seconds Mike Dunlap is a coaching veteran that has been around the block. He won two NCAA Division II national titles at Metro State, served as a Division I assistant at schools like Arizona and Oregon, and spent time as the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA. One of Dunlap’s core beliefs is that the first six seconds of the shot clock can determine the outcome of your offensive possession. In this video, Coach Dunlap shows you how to make those six seconds count. First, Coach Dunlap shares some thoughts on how to motivate players to attack the basket in transition. Going onto the court, Dunlap goes into great detail on the Three R’s of effective transition basketball. Run out Read React You will see how to get the ball out of the net and push it up the floor as fast as possible. Doing so puts enormous pressure on a defense and helps to control the aggressive of an opposing defense. Coach Dunlap’s explanations and techniques are extremely easy to understand and follow. Next, Coach Dunlap gets into concepts such as spacing. When running in transition, it is imperative that players use proper spacing and accelerate through the dead corners on the wings. This is also the point where Dunlap points out the importance of positive reinforcement. Coaches can build stronger, smarter, and more confident players using positive reinforcement. Since playing an up-tempo style of offense requires a well-conditioned team, Coach Dunlap shares some ideas on how to prepare your players. You will see a three-lane running drill that helps players get a feel for running the floor hard. The Blitz Drill helps to train players to maximize their scoring opportunities by reacting quickly but not hurriedly to defensive pressure. Both drills are done at a high tempo and serve as conditioning exercises as well. This video is a gem that will help coaches communicate better with their players, instill a higher level of confidence, and teach players how to move more aggressively up the floor on offense.
Zone Attack: Strategies For Beating Zone Defense by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Strategies for Beating Zone Defense Mike Dunlap has been successful at various levels of basketball and part of his success is due to his unique approach to zone offense. In this video, Dunlap, now the head coach at Loyola-Marymount University, shares his vast knowledge of attacking zone defenses. Coach Dunlap won two NCAA Division II national championships and served as the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats head coach, yet still shows you how to keep your zone offense simple. Philosophy of Zone Offense To begin, Coach Dunlap shares five philosophical questions. He will make you think about your own philosophy as well as your own coaching/teaching style. No matter how you teach your players zone offense, Coach Dunlap has a solution. Mastering the Zone Attack To master the zone offense, Coach Dunlap shares 10 key points and uses very simple, easy to understand 5-on-0 situations. Coach Dunlap likes to make the defense chase the ball around the zone and he likes to use man-to-man principles in the zone offense. The use of screens, dribble penetration, spacing, ball movement, and even beating the zone down the floor are all covered. In talking about attacking the zone with movement, Coach Dunlap demonstrates two different looks to catch a defense off guard. When the defense has denied your ball movement, Coach Dunlap shows you how to use a “look back” action and feed your post player repeatedly creating an opening in the short corner. Coach Dunlap also offers a third solution to attacking 2-3 zones. You will see an NBA set that uses ball screens and misdirection to get an open 3-point attempt. By teaching players misdirection and ball movement and then coaching to your personnel, Coach Dunlap believes you have a strategy that can dominate any zone defense at any level. If you struggle against zone defenses, Coach Dunlap’s video is for you. Rent this beating zone defense DVD today.
Mike Dunlap 3 Pack
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Organized Anarchy Defensive Transition
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Mike Dunlap is renowned in basketball coaching circles for his D2 Championships, his NBA experience and his work in the Big East, Pac 12 and international leagues. This Dvd takes a detailed look at a critical component to the success of any basketball team. Coach Dunlap breaks down defensive transition into seven key areas. Also included are several primary drills that Coach Dunlap (St. John’s University) used when working on defensive transition. The dvd contains quality practice footage which helps to illustrate the points that are being made. This is an excellent dvd that would be an asset to men’s and women’s coaches of all levels.
Shell Drill on Steroids: Offensive & Defensive Cutthroat
Mike Dunlap Shell Drill on Steroids: Offensive & Defensive Cutthroat $29.99
The title says it all – this a multi-dimensional approach to both offense and defense drilling that adds the most important aspect of all – competition via time and score. Utilizing a rapid fire 3-on-3 half-court approach, Coach Mike Dunlap details how to use this drill to Teach Offense and to Teach Defense through dry running, and ultimately Competition. Rewarding proper actions and penalizing negative actions via the whistle, and by adding elements and emphasizing various points during the course of the actions, any coach can fine-tune the basics to fit his teachings and his personnel. This is a player-favorite and success-proven drill that can be used at any level of the game.