2 3 Match--up Zone Defense by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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All Access:brenda Frese by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Brenda Freese Basketball Practice Video Strength & Conditioning You will go through a detailed weight training workout session and the assistant coach David Adkins will be handling that session for you. From active warm up to incline press with lat pull down to power pulls with thera leg band extension to medicine ball drop with tricep pull downs, there are so many things covered in the session that will help your team improve on a large scale. They will go to the court for a 30-minute shooting workout after they are finished with the 30 minute segment. They will work out the soreness from the weight room and their main focus will be on shooting technique. From there, the team will go through the power jumpers, partner shooting using the Gun and it will come to an end with the shooting workout with free throws. Pre-Practice The team will have to go through warm up and dynamic stretching through each and every basketball practice they perform. The coach Frese gives huge importance to it as it will lead into the finishing school where the team will focus on finishing shots around the basket and footwork. With the help of running 5-man weave back to 3-on-2 back to 2-on-1 as well as 5-4-3, transition recognition and position work they will improve the transition offense. These basketball practices and workouts will help you big time with improving the offense. These basketball drills will further improve your communication, footwork, ball handling, passing and shooting. Basketball Practice Offense You will also get a detailed look at the Coach Frese's offensive system. This system is laoded with the transition offense, zone offense, press offense, and her half-court offense-thumbs down and thumbs special. All these are very important in making your offensive game even better. The coach will construct her drills that will add components and progressions while working on feeding the post. She also emphasizes the value of getting shots up from spots in your offense. All this will really help you take your offense to the next level. Basketball Practice Defense Now you will go through the defensive drills that will now improve your defensive game big time. The coach will show you how she builds her defensive system along with her match-up zone. You will be learning about stance, guarding your yard, closeouts, jumping to the ball, dribble contain, denial, defending ball screens, post defense and rebounding. This is not the end as you will also see build-up drills from 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4 into the shell drill that will help to work on the defensive principles in every segment. Furthermore, you will also be having a detailed look at the 22 press, and these 22 presses is a 2-2-1 press back that is connected to their match-up zone defense. Coaches Clinic One more exciting thing about this program is the coaches clinic. Here coach Frese will also talk about her leadership skills. The coach will make you go through valuable 11 components that she feels are very valuable in order to transform yourself into an effective leader. From creating energy to work ethic to building confidence to setting goals there is so much included in it. Rent this basketball practice video today.
Open Practice: Man To Man Defense Drills by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Man to Man Defense Drills Train your defense to apply pressure on the ball, stop dribble penetration, and fight through screens. National championship coach Brenda Frese opens her doors to a live practice session at the University of Maryland. The practice session is devoted entirely to the implementation of Frese’s man-to-man defensive system. Frese won the 2006 national title with the Terrapins and took her 2014 and ’15 teams to back-to-back Final Four appearances. Coach Frese uses breakdown drills, a live 5-on-5 shell, and defensive stations to teach her system. The first part of the video is a pre-practice developmental workout. Frese goes over each drill on a whiteboard and then follows up with live execution in practice. The rest of the man to man defense drills video contains the live viewing of the implementation of the defense. Pre-Practice Defensive Skill Development Players must master the close out technique as well as other critical defensive concepts. Coach Frese uses a series of three-person pre-practice drills to stress shading the ball toward the sideline or baseline. She also places emphasis on eliminating middle drives. Players learn proper foot placement, stance, and body positioning in relation to offensive players in these drills. How to Defense Screens in Basketball Defending the different types of screens a team will see is a must for man-to-man defenses. Coach Frese shares a number of strategies and drills for defending the most common screens used today. You will see how to defend down screens, diagonal screens, cross screens, and back screens. Coach Frese has her team walk through the key elements of defending each screen before breaking it down with 2-on-2 stations. Eventually, the action builds to live play in a 5-on-5 Shell Drill to end practice. Shell Drill for Basketball Defense The session ends with a live 5-on-5 Shell Drill. Players must use what they have learned throughout the practice and put their skills to the test. Coach Frese looks to ensure players’ habits, rotation, and awareness are developing. If you want to build consistent winners as Coach Frese has done at Maryland, it’s no secret that defense is the foundation to long term success. This 93-minute man to man defense drills video is devoted to laying that foundation and offering your program a chance to develop a winning mindset. Rent this man to man defense drills DVD today.
Open Practice: Man-to-man & Zone Offenses by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brenda Frese (Rental)-Open Practice: Man-to-man & Zone Offenses $19.99
Man to Man Offense & Zone Offenses Create mismatches and attack defenses with an up-tempo offense designed to score early and often. University of Maryland head women’s basketball coach Brenda Frese shows you how in this man to man offense & zone offense video, which gives you an inside look at a Maryland practice. Coach Frese won a national championship in 2006 and took her Terrapins to back-to-back Final Fours in 2014 and 2015. In this presentation, you will see Coach Frese diagram and demonstrate the offenses she runs against man-to-man and zone defenses. She also draws up and shows you a number of drills she uses to teach these concepts. Included in the video are: “Thumbs” man-to-man offense “Regular” and “Side” zone offenses Set plays using ball screens Post play techniques to get high-efficiency shots How Maryland develops the transition offense to attack in advantage situations Breakdown drills for feeding the post and shooting 3-Out-2-In Set The 3-Out 2-In alignment helps isolate your center while still keeping all players an option. The set creates a lot of reversals and opens up gaps in defenses. Coach Frese will show you each of the following: Power: Uses sequential screening to free up shooters or create a post advantage in the paint Pass Back: A flex screen and ball reversal to help open up a post on the block Side: Creates a strong side triangle to get the ball to the post or continuous ball screening action to create advantages on the side pick and roll 4 Series: Two different counters to defensive pressure are shown from a 1-4 alignment All of these options can help defeat overly aggressive defenses using back cuts and back screens. Each option provides a number of different counters as well. Zone Offense for Basketball The Zone Offense is predicated on finding gaps in the defense. Posts flash into gaps in the high post or short corner on ball reversals. This puts constant pressure on the defense as it shifts. You will see how the “Side Set” is used to create movement and scoring opportunities essentially breaking down the zone defense. Transition Drills Coach Frese shares four different transition drills. Each drill is designed to train players how to score in different advantage situations on the fast break. Basketball Shooting Drills The Feed the Post Drill uses both 2-on-2 and 4-on-4 competition to break down the “Thumbs” offense. The drill shows players how to free up guards on the perimeter with screens and feed the post against defensive pressure. Coach Frese shares three breakdown drills designed to feed the post and work on shooting. This 160-minute open practice video offers coaches at all levels the opportunity to learn and apply the techniques that Coach Frese uses at Maryland to install their offensive system early in the season. Rent this man to man offense DVD today.
Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns & Drills by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brenda Frese (Rental)-Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns & Drills $17.99
Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns and Drills University of Maryland women’s head basketball coach Brenda Frese has taken teams to the Final Four (2014 & 2015) and even won a national championship (2006). She has done so with an up-tempo style of play that she has built through a number of position-specific drills. In this video, she shares breakdown drills designed to simulate game-like situations. Players learn to handle the ball, pass, and shoot in live situational drills. Shooting Frese uses position-specific breakdown drills based on the sets from her offense to develop shooters. Players participate in full team competitive shooting drills. Coach Frese shows you how to get your entire team into the drill working on shots that each player will take in game situations. Individual Skill Work and Offense Breakdown In this segment, Coach Frese uses Maryland’s primary offensive set, Thumbs, and breaks it down into shooting drills for both guards and posts. Post players work on Sikma moves on the block and scoring moves from the high post. Guards work on post feeds and actions that happen after the pass. The 4 Series helps to develop shots after using and refusing ball screens. Posts work on scoring against different looks on rolls and pops. Passing, Rebounding, and Defense Coach Frese demonstrates three drills that work on passing, rebounding, and defense. They are: 5-4-3 Flawless Drill: Passing drill that focuses on advancing the ball up the floor for easy baskets in transition Triangle Rebounding Drill: Teaches players how to gain position for an offensive rebound Pistons Drill: Players focus and work on defensive concepts such as closeouts, denying cutters, and maintaining defensive position with ball movement Press Break 1-on-1 & 1-on-2 Refine your press offense and sharpen up your team’s passing skills with three breakdown drills shared by Coach Frese. She also instructs her players how and where to get open on the floor. She shows you angles and areas of the court you can and cannot attack. Players learn to get open in 1-on-1 situations and as well as how to get open in a 1-on-2 situation and handle a trap without turning the ball over.
1-2-2 Match Up Zone Defense Video
Brenda Frese (Rental)-Winning with the 1-2-2 Match Up Zone Defense $18.99
Winning with the 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone Defense University of Maryland head women’s basketball coach Brenda Frese led her Terrapins to the 2006 national championship and a pair of Final Four appearances in 2014 and ’15. One of the keys that helped Maryland’s success was a stifling 1-2-2 zone defense. In this video, Coach Frese details how to install the 1-2-2 zone, the coverages within it, how to defend seven different situations within the zone, and how to defend three offensive sets. Installation and Coverages Coach Frese begins the presentation with a step-by-step look at the responsibilities of each of the five players in the 1-2-2 matchup zone. You will learn how: The 1-guard or “boss man” dictates the top of the zone defense To protect the paint and force jump shots To create defensive triangles’ To defend when players get beat and are out of position Defending Multiple Fronts Teams will use a variety of offensive sets to try and beat the 1-2-2 matchup zone. These include the 2-1-2 front, the 1-4 high set, and the 4-out 1-in set. Coach Frese demonstrates: The 7-on-5 drill to help teach defensive rotations How to front the post when the ball is in the corner and prevent the lob over the top How to prevent two players from guarding the same person How to get your players to move on the pass instead of the catch Defending Special Situations Many coaches shy away from playing zone defense because they simply don’t know how to defend a handful of key situations. With film study and on-court demonstrations, Coach Frese takes you through seven special situations and how to defend them with the 1-2-2 matchup zone. Frese shows you how to stop a star player from receiving the ball in the matchup zone, how to guard against dribble penetration, how to stop cutters, how to defend on-ball and middle screens, how to defend skip passes, and how to trap in the corners. Coach Frese also demonstrates how the 1-2-2 can be used to defend inbound situations or to defend the high post. Frese gives you as complete a presentation as any walking you through how to install, implement, and win with a smothering 1-2-2 matchup zone defense.