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Full Court Press Basketball Defense will be either a zone or man to man press. A zone press is where players guard an area of the court and anyone in their area. A full court man to man press each defender will stick with the man they are guarding.

Zone presses tend to be easier to setup and run for players since they are assigned an area of the court along with certain responsibilities. Common zone presses are the 2-2-1, 1-3-1, 1-2-1-1 (aka the Diamond).

The 1-2-1-1 or diamond full court basketball press is the most aggressive zone press as teams will usually try to trap the ball in the corner as it’s inbounded. It’s best to run this press if you have quick and fast players. This press can force teams to commit multiple and quick turnovers giving up points in bunches. A good 1-2-1-1 press can change a game quickly.

The 2-2-1 zone press is common as it’s usually not as aggressive as the 1-2-1-1 so teams feel safer in this press and are less likely to give up easy scores. The goal of the 2-2-1 is to slow teams down and try to trap them up the sideline. They invite the player with the ball to dribble up the sideline because it looks like it’s open and then they pounce.

Man to Man Full Court Press Basketball DVDs

Man to Man Full Court Press Basketball Defense is typically either straight man to man defensive principles with players looking to leave their man and trap the basketball when the player with the ball turns their back to them. The dribbler can’t see the players coming from their blindside and this is where this press is effective in addition to just putting lots of pressure on the ball.

The Run and Jump press is an advanced man to man full court press that will take longer for players to learn but the extra work is worth the effort. In the Run and Jump teams still use man principles but in one action players will leave their man (Run) and replace the player guarding the ball who will go guard that player (Jump).

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Run and Jump Press Defense with Forrest Larson
Forrest Larson Simplified Run & Jump Press $39.99
Learn the Run and Jump Press - Forrest Larson's System Coach Forrest Larson teaches the run and jump press with 10 drills that make the defense easy to teach. The basis of the run and jump is trapping the ball down the sideline and jump-switching in the middle. Coach Larson emphasizes the teamwork involved in executing this man-to-man press. The defense is taught with drill work for the different methods of defending and attacking the inbounds pass to the techniques, strategies, and rules used to defend the ball all the way down the floor. The defense will force your opponent to play at an uncomfortable tempo Order the Simplified Run and Jump Press and use this unpredictable defense to dominate. Why Run the Simplified Run and Jump Press Full Court Defense? The Run and Jump Press is an unpredictable full court press that is probably the hardest press for a team to plan to break.  Why is that?  Because the traps can happen all over the court and come when the ball handler turns their back to the defense.  Unlike other agressive full court presses that trap when the offensive player still as their dribble - the Run and Jump will attack while the ball is being dribbled.  For example, if the ball handler dribbles towards the sideline a defender will typically come from where the ball handler can't see them coming from. The surprise trap is one of the best features of the Run and Jump Press because the offensive team doesn't know when or where the trap is coming from.   Another example of the Run and Jump press would be the dribbler going hard to the middle of the court so they don't get trapped on the sideline.  Here a defender in help position will leave his man (Run) and stop the dribbler and the initial defender witll switch (Jump) and take his man. The Run and Jump Press is a full court man to man press that will build off your half court man to man defense.  Unleash the Run and Jump Press on your opponents this season!
Weighted jump rope training 2 lb weighted jump rope
HoopsKing Weighted Jump Ropes from $34.99 $41.99
Experience the Benefits of Weighted Jump Rope Training & Become Stronger, Faster, & More Powerful Athlete...Quickly! Have you ever jumped with a weighted jump rope?  Do you know the burning feeling in your arms that  signals muscle is being built while jumping with a weighted rope? What is it like to train with a weighted jump rope? Well, it's about like running sprints with weights in your hands. Weighted Jump Rope training is not for the casual athlete.  It's for the serious athlete that wants to get into the best possible shape. The best players are in the best shape. And that is so true.  Think about it.  If you could play in the fourth quarter like you do in the first quarter.  What if you were just getting warmed up in the 4th quarter and everyone else is starting to drag? That just isn't a dream or theory.  It will be a reality if you add weighted jump rope training to your workouts. Here's a scenario.  You are just all over a ball handler at the begining of a game.  Your turning them just like your coach wants you to.  You are making them work bringing the ball down the court. Now it's later in the game and you are still all over the ball handler.  By now they are sick of you being in their face up and down the court all game and you are wearing them down. They start to make mistakes, aren't as agressive as they were at the beginning of the game, and you can see on their face they are beat. Training with a weighted jump rope can make this scenario a reality for you. Being in superior shape will give you a huge advantage on the court.  Your muscles won't get tired and you won't get out of breath.  Heck, you can probably play the entire game at a higher level than players who take breaks. Training with a weighted jump rope means: You'll build lean muscle while jumping rope in your upper body - arms, back, shoulders which will make you a stronger dribbler, passer, shooter, & defender. getting into superior cardiovascular shape which means you will be able to play at a higher level longer than other players training exactly like basketball games are played - with stops and starts.  Short sets of weighted jump rope training (1 minute or less) simulate the stop and start nature of basketball and will help you recover quickly in games without having to sit out to catch your breath. you'll become tougher mentally as well as physically because weighted jump rope training will be a challenge and you can continue to up the challenge by using a heavier weighted jump rope increase confidence on the court because you'll know you are capable of much more than most other players on the court Weighted Jump Rope Sizes & Suggestions What size of weighted jump rope should you get?  We suggest the following: 1 lb Weighted Jump Rope - Junior High athletes & below 2 lb Weighted Jump Rope - High School & below 3 lb Weighted Jump Rope - High School Boys, College Men & Women & Up 4 lb Weighted Jump Rope - Higih School Boys, College Athletes, & Up
Eddie Andrist Run & Jump Press Vol. 2
Eddie Andrist Eddie Andrist Run & Jump Press Vol. 2 $39.99
This video demonstrates how to defend the clear out situation, trapping in the half-court, the in-the-hole alignment, and finishes with a competitive 4-on-4-on-4 game to help set the mindset of a pressing team. The video uses game footage and numerous drills to bring home the points of emphasis. Running Time: 42 Minutes. 2004  
1-2-2 & 1-1-2-1 Three Quarter Court Pressure Defense by Jay Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jay Wright (Rental)-1-2-2 & 1-1-2-1 Three Quarter Court Pressure Defense $19.99
1-2-2 3/4 Court Press & 1-1-2-1 Three-Quarter Court Pressure Defense With two national championships in 2016 and 2018, Villanova head coach Jay Wright is one of the nation’s top college basketball coaches. He is one of the country’s best teachers as you will see in this video where Wright focuses in on his three-quarter court, 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press defensive pressure scheme. You will see four base strategies that can be employed to run the three-quarter court 1-2-2 defense. You will also see how you can convert back into a 1-3-1 or a 2-3 zone. Wright also shows you to be effective against ball screens when defending zone offenses. Basic Multiple Defense Concepts In order to teach anything, coaches must first understand the philosophy behind what they are teaching. Coach Wright provides his viewers with all of the knowledge needed to teach the 1-2-2 three-quarter court defense. He shows you the setup, where players should play based on their physical attributes, and give you five reasons why you should run a press. Coach Wright also covers the rules and responsibilities for each position in the defense. Defensive Plays Coach Wright then goes into how defenses must prepare for what offenses will do. He’ll cover skip passes, ball reversal, and more. He breaks down the various defensive scenarios to show you the following: Learn how to attack small and retreat big and how to fake the trap and then trap Learn how to keep the ball out of the middle of the floor Learn how to teach players to get the ball to one side of the defense Learn how to get back on defense to avoid giving up an open 3-pointer 1-3-1 and 2-3 Defenses Coach Wright shows you how to convert back into a 1-3-1 or 2-3 out of the three-quarter court press. You will see: How to teach your players to stay aggressive while playing zone defense How to tag someone so players know who their man is and who they are boxing out in a zone defense How to use man principles all while playing zone defense 1-1-2-1 Press Coach Wright masks the 1-1-2-1 as a 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press and shows you how to convert back into a 2-3 zone. It’s a more conservative press and is best used when playing a half-court 2-3 zone. As Wright moves deeper in to this segment, he discusses the rules and responsibilities for each position in the 2-3 zone. The key is to make sure every player is matched up with an offensive player on each shot. Guarding Against Ball Screens Because of the use of so many ball screens in today’s offenses, Coach Wright shares with you how to deny shooters off ball screens as well as how to go over or under a screen depending upon the skill level of the player they are guarding. This a complete package for installing a multiple defensive system for your team. Learn everything from fake traps to dealing with ball screens. Coach Wright’s video is a must-have for all defensive-minded coaches. Rent this 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press DVD today.
2-2-1 Full Court Press
Gregg Marshall 2-2-1 Full Court Press $39.99
Gregg Marshall teaches with 2-2-1 press with drills and game footage. The emphasis is to force the ball up the sideline with coverage in the middle. The drills help teach the defenders to steer the ball up the sideline and the various spots on the floor the defense will attempt to trap. Coach Marshall also demonstrates how the press easily flows into his ball pressure match-up zone defense. Running Time: 35 Minutes.
Full Court Pressure Defensive System by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Full Court Pressure Defensive System $17.99
The Dribble Drive Motion Offense basketball genius teaches you how to get full court pressure One of the most innovative basketball coaches teaches full court pressure defense This defensive strategy shows where players should be. Vance Walberg is a well-known coach and innovator in the game. He has created a unique style of basketball in his 30 years of coaching. Walberg shows you his complete court defense system in this DVD. He believes it is more innovative than his Dribble Drive Attack Offense. Ironically, this defense was responsible for developing his Dribble Drive Attack Offense. Walberg's defense system is based on full court pressure of 2-2-1 pressure. Walberg divides the court into quarters, making it easy to understand and implement the defense. Walberg explains each player's role and shows how to make this defense work. This defense also gives Walberg three zones on the entire court. Combining pressure defense with the Dribble Drive Attack Offense is a proven formula for winning basketball. His teams were able to go 159-18 after Clovis West installed his entire system. His teams were 133-11 at Fresno City College. This system works, and it's a winner. 90 minutes. 2008.
The Mayhem 2-2-1 Press by Ryan McCarthy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ryan McCarthy (Rental)-The Mayhem 2-2-1 Press $18.99
The “Mayhem” 2-2-1 Press University of Alaska-Anchorage head coach Ryan McCarthy created the Mayhem style of defense for one purpose – to force turnovers. Those turnovers translate into points and as a result of McCarthy’s defense, the SeaWolves have emerged as an NCAA Division II power. From 2015 to 2017, Alaska-Anchorage won 97 games and earned a trip to the national championship game. McCarthy’s teams have led Division II in steals per game and have finished in the Top 5 in scoring defense, turnovers forced, and turnover margin in multiple seasons. In this video, Coach McCarthy uses white board, on-court demonstration, and game film to teach you the 2-2-1 Mayhem Press. He will get into roles and responsibilities, how to defeat the different press breaks you will see, and the practice drills that support the system. Progressive Drills to Build the 2-2-1 Press Coach McCarthy uses five drills that build on each other to teach the Mayhem defense. These drills teach the roles and responsibilities for each player on the floor. The drills include: The Points Game (1-on-1): This is the classic Zig-Zag drill with a twist. By adding some competition, players learn to stay in front of the ball, apply pressure, and not foul. 2-on-2 Drill: This teaches players up front the concept of the run-and-jump approach to trapping in this press. Players learn to trap and how to rotate out of the trap. 3-on-3 Drill: Players in the second row learn how to pick up an offensive player who has cut down the floor and has not received the ball. 4-on-4 Drill: Second row players work on denying opponents properly. They also work on picking up a guard who cuts up the floor after an inbound pass. 5-on-5 Drill: A full live drill where variations of press breaks are used so players become familiar with defending them. Handling Common Press Breaks In addition to roles and responsibilities for each player, McCarthy discusses the terminology they use for the geography of the court. This helps players understand the basic principles of the press. Players can then learn the different ways that offenses will attack their press. The common press breakers are: Two-Guard Front: The defense learns to switch screens and pressure the inbound to the corners with the two front line defenders. Players are taught to find their matchups before and after the ball is inbounded. You will see when the defense will trap, where an ideal trap is located, and who is supposed to trap. One-Guard Front: This approach is easily handled by pinching the point guard with two defenders. Coach McCarthy’s system has transformed the Alaska-Anchorage program. Learn the system and the drills that help build it in this video.
Trapping & Scrambling Pressure Defense by Robyn Fralick Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Robyn Fralick (Rental)-Trapping & Scrambling Pressure Defense $18.99
Trapping & Scrambling Pressure Defense Bowling Green University head women’s basketball coach Robyn Fralick teaches you the defensive pressure system that led to a perfect 37-0 season and a national title in this video presentation. Coach Fralick led Ashland University to the first perfect season in NCAA Division II history in 2017 and capped it off with a national championship. Her 2018 team was the Division II runner-up. One of the key ingredients in her team’s success was its defense. In this video, Coach Fralick shares everything from defensive philosophy to individual drills and team drills. You will see some game footage of Fralick’s defense in action illustrating the concepts and principles that she talks about. This is the same defense that led to an increase of seven turnovers per game in that 37-0 season. Full-Court/Half-Court Pressure Defense A high intensity pressure defense demands the full depths of a roster. This system will engage every player’s desire to play. It’s a system that is fun to play and it ultimately creates a send of belonging and ownership among every team member. It’s a system that demands toughness, which is part of Coach Fralick’s defensive philosophy. In discussing her philosophy of defense, Coach Fralick addresses the following: Varying when and where traps occur in order to create a sense of unpredictability The responsibilities and positioning of the trapper, gapper, and safety The four goals of the philosophy and how they directly translate to the system’s success How to handle ball screens in the half-court and how that relates to the philosophy of the system in the full-court Help defensive positioning in both the half- and full-court and how players can be in the best possible position to achieve deflections A review of game film that illustrates the talking/teaching points of the system Pressure Defense Breakdown Drills Breakdown drills are the key to isolating the specific teaching points and instructing players how to react. You will see two finishing drills where turnovers lead to points at the other end and six defensive-based drills that aim to: Develop offensive footwork and finishing moves around the rim Simulate the chaos when the press is beaten and the defense must scramble to matchup in the half-court Create the perfect trapping environment with proper foot and body placement and teach players to read an opponent’s eyes Control ball handlers and force them into positions on the floor that are advantageous to the defense Position off-ball defenders where they can play their man as well as increase the odds of a deflection if a pass were made in their direction Coach Fralick brings you a fast-paced, engaging and exciting style of defensive play in this video. It is a system that has proven success and you can own it today!
1--2--2 Containment Press Defense by Robert Gonzalez Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Robert Gonzalez (Rental)-1--2--2 Containment Press Defense $15.99
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Multiple Pressing System in the Full & Half Court by Kurt Guelsdorf Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kurt Guelsdorf (Rental)-Multiple Pressing System in the Full & Half Court $18.99
Multiple Basketball Press Defense:  Pressing System in the Full & Half Court: Using a Numbering System to Simplify Your Presses Kurt Guelsdorf, former girls head coach at Oregon City (OR) High School, used a multiple pressing system to lead his teams to over 450 wins and three state championships (2004, 2009, 2014). In this video, Coach Guelsdorf shares with you the pressing system that created a fun, up-tempo style of play that led to his program’s success. You’ll see exactly how he switched coverages instantly to confuse opponents. The Basketball Press Defense System Coach Guelsdorf’s system uses a variety of presses from man-to-man to zone presses like the 2-2-1, 1-2-2, and the Diamond 1-2-1-1. What makes Coach Guelsdorf’s system so easy is the use of a numbering system. Once the numbering system is mastered, Guelsdorf shows you how to break the court into thirds in an effort to teach players where they need to be to force the offense and create trapping angles. Basketball Press Defense Coaching Points One of Coach Guelsdorf’s most important coaching points related to pressing defenses is that you are going to give up some easy points at times. He preaches that you cannot make the same mistake three times in a row. Pressing teams have to be able to adjust on the fly and Coach Guelsdorf’s system allows for that. The pressure will break down some times, but players must be reminded that the system wears opponents down over the course of a game creating opportunities later in games. As far as the technical aspect of pressing defenses, Coach Guelsdorf will talk about the “closest man” rule which makes using any press simple. Players must have active hands, feet, and eyes at all times. They also must be able to sprint from one side of the floor to the other to give the appearance that there are no holes in your press. If you do get beat at some point, the ability to trail and tip is a key in recovering. Basketball Press Defense Breakdown Drills After outlining the system and each of the numbered presses, Coach Guelsdorf gets into the drills he uses to make his players sharp and prepared for anything an opponent might do. The drills include: Mad Dog Drill: Use to find best out-of-bounds defender Punch Drill: Helps players learn to punch the ball from behind and switch to offense immediately Turn Drill: Teaches players to apply pressure on the ball and force traps 2-on-2 & 3-on-3 Trap: Players learn to rotate and use closest man rule when trapping Running Groups: Teaches the entire team to flow seamlessly from one press to another Coach Guelsdorf’s system takes the confusion out of playing multiple presses. If you are a pressure team or want to become one, this 85-minute video can help you install a multiple pressure defense that attacks opponents. Rent this basketball press defense DVD today.
Eddie Andrist (Rental)-Run & Jump Press Eddie Andrist $17.99
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Run & Jump Pressure Video Ii Andrist by Eddie Andrist Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eddie Andrist (Rental)-Run & Jump Pressure Video Ii Andrist $17.99
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Full Court Trapping Defensive System by Don Showalter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Don Showalter (Rental)-Full Court Trapping Defensive System $15.99
Don Showalter: Full-Court Trapping Defensive System Don Showalter is one of the winningest high school coaches of all-time. In 42 seasons, he recorded over 600 wins and has served as the Director of Coach Development for the USA Basketball Youth Division. Much of Showalter’s success was due to a pressure defense that disrupted the flow of opponent’s offenses. This video is a tutorial on how to apply a full-court trap, adjusting a press to match your players’ talents, and how to confuse an offense by matching their press break moves. Showalter recognizes the always changing skill levels of high school athletes. As a result, he created a simple press defense that can be adapted successfully to players of all skill levels. The bottom line is a defensive philosophy based on constant ball pressure, patience, and effective rebounding. Coach Showalter teaches players how to manage different press breaks. Using a few simple adjustments, players learn how most offenses try to get the ball to the middle. He also shows you how the press flows right into the 2-2-1 zone defense. In addition, you’ll see five drills that help players learn to play this defense. To counter the press, Showalter demonstrates two press breaks. The first involves putting your best shooter beyond the three-point arc. The other is a more conventional 4-across scheme that breaks the trap. Confuse your opponents and create chaos with a simple but effective full-court press. This is the same press that helped the U17 USA men’s basketball team with the 2010 FIBA world title.
Building A Tenacious Full Court Pressure D by Andy Landers Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Andy Landers (Rental)-Building A Tenacious Full Court Pressure D $15.99
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Run & Jump Press by Jeremy Bialek Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
HoopsKing (Rental)-Run & Jump Press $18.99
The Versatile Run and Jump Press Defense The Run and Jump Press Defnese is for you if you are looking to create havoc on defense, coach Jeremy Bialek has the answer in this video where he presents a fast-paced, pressure defense that has been paramount to his success as an Indiana high school head coach. Coach Bialek details his philosophy, provides diagrams as well as on-court demonstrations and drills so you can implement a versatile run and jump defense. The success of the run and jump press has helped Bialek amass over 400 career wins, six conference titles and five (2011, 2015-2018) ICBA state championships. Bialek’s pressure defense creates an environment in which you can play as many players as possible and it is flexible enough to be combined with any half-court defense. Whiteboard Session Coach Bialek spends some time on the whiteboard to introduce the run and jump press defense. He will familiarize you with his philosophy and the rules and goals of the run and jump press defense. You will also see the set up and the different rotations involved in playing the run and jump. The disruption that your team can create will hinder your opponent’s rhythm and force them to focus on beating the defense rather than running their own offense. Run and Jump Press On-Court Demonstrations Coach Bialek begins the on-court segment by laying out the foundation of the defense as well as the basic reads that players must look for in order for the run and jump to work. The pressure begins immediately upon the inbounding of the ball. Guards are tasked with forcing the ball to the sideline or to the middle. Coach Bialek then offers to the most important rule of the run and jump defense – do not dive at a pass and allow a 3-on-2 the other way. Coach Bialek also offers up an alternative form of defense if an up-tempo, aggressive style is not suited to your program. Coach reviews a contain style of full court defense that takes away passing lanes and forces ball handlers to use as much time as possible. It is a defense designed to wear opponents down over the course of a game. Run and Jump Press Defense Drills As with the installation of any system, a number of drills are necessary to prepare players. Coach Bialek starts with the basic 1-on-1 full court drills teaching players how to get ahead of and cut off a ball handler. One of the keys with any pressure defense is defending in a disadvantage situation. In the 1-on-3 Full Court Drill, defenders learn to sprint from one ball handler to the next in an attempt to prevent the ball from going straight to the basket. Drills progress to a 4-on-4-on-4 Continuous where Coach Bialek emphasizes the need for players to rebound, outlet the ball, and get up the floor as quickly as possible in transition. This 132-minute Run and Jump Press video is a comprehensive overview of the full court run and jump defense. If you want to create havoc for your opponents and get more of your players involved, this is the DVD for you! Rent this Run and Jump Press DVD today.