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All Access basketball practice videos from Championship Productions feature the best coaches in college basketball. You can go inside the the practices of coaches like Shaka Smart, Tom Izzo, John Calipari, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Boeheim, and more.

You’ll see how the best coaches run their practices, the drills they do, how they talk to their players, and how they organize their practices. If you want to learn how to run an efficient and productive basketball practice there is nothing better than watching the best in the game do it in real time. If you want to learn the Syracuse 2-3 Zone Defense there isn’t anything like watching Jim Boeheim and his assistant coaches do all the drills for the zone in their practices.

You’ll see the mistakes their players make and the coaches correct them in practice. Your players are likely to make these same mistakes so you’ll be ready for what is likely to be things you’ll need to look out for as well. You are going to get smarter and wiser and therefore become a better basketball coach by just watching the All Access basketball practice videos. No matter what system a coach has, you’ll get to see them as they really are in practice. Your basketball practices will never be the same after renting these DVDs because you’ll become more organized, efficient, smarter, and a productive coach. See how the best coaches teach the details and build your coaching knowledge through the All Access Basketball practice videos.

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By watching the all access basketball practice videos you can see how top college coaches organize and run their basketball practices.  So not only will you learn the drills, the teaching, you can see how it's all planned out so you can be a coach who knows how to organize and run a basketball practice.  

Rent the All Access basketball practice videos and you will instantly become a better basketball coach.

All Access: Shaka Smart by Shaka Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Shaka Smart (Rental)-All Access: Shaka Smart $44.99
Basketball practice with Shaka Smart is all about mentality and toughness which are the basis of building a team for Shaka Smart. In this All Access basketball practice video, you will go through the process with which the coach will instill his philosophy into the minds of the players. The players will also go through the trademark enthusiastic flair of coach Smart in which he will push the players to their limits with the help of the famed Havoc attacking defensive and offensive systems. The coach builds an amazing program for the players and with the help of weights and workouts, footage from four basketball practices the players will definitely get a glimpse at that. Basketball Practice Video 1 The second practice of 2013-14 season will be carried out in the first practice session of the program. This will give you a chance to know how the Coach will get familiar with the new players. The Double Fist man-to-man full court pressure defense will be shown in the beginning the when the session will start with a video breakdown. The players will learn lots of things and you will also see how to trap in transition, all pointed out and will be demonstrated by the Coach Smart himself. You will also get to know numerous new concepts explained by the Coach Smart in the secondary break and you will also see how to defend outnumbered situations. The first practice session focuses mainly on the defensive side and there are several drills dedicated to work on help-and-recover versus baseline penetration as well as defending the 5-on-4 and 4-on-3 situations. There is a strategy that the coach uses when the ball is passed out of the trap and the defense is at disadvantage and this strategy is called as Fix it Concept. When it comes to the offensive side, you will go through the Flow Work concept. In the flow work concept there is a up-tempo attack which comes right out of transition and is one of the staples of Coach Smart’s program. Basketball Practice Video 2 In order to provide more direct attention to a smaller group of players, you will learn how to split up the team. Furthermore, the coach will also teach the players to learn how to load the ball in the transition in order to control the opposing point guard. In order to have three available outlets all the time the coach will also make you learn spacing of the floor. After all this the players will go through the Rose Offense in which two-man breakdown drills, 5-on-0 execution, and flowing from the package set play into the offense are carried out. For the defensive side, the players will learn the roles and rotations of the Diamond zone press that are accompanied with an extended walk-through before live play. Basketball Practice Video 3 There will be a 30 minute individual workout for all the players in this practice session. There will also be a interaction session between the coach and the players for better understanding of the game and it would be like a skill development session. There are overall 10 individual shooting exercises in which there are movements which work within the Rose Offense. So, how everything works in it? Well, it will begin with the elbow-to-elbow shots and after that it will extend to different parts of the court. The coach will make the players learn the shot fake into the workout and how it can help the players get positive results if they master this move. There are different attacks and works on balance, footwork, shot fakes, and gaining space off of the pound dribble in the workout. Basketball Practice Video 4 Coach Smart spends a good amount of time working on two main presses, Double Fist and Diamond. The team takes part in three mini-scrimmages. • The first features strictly Double Fist. Both teams work on using this man-to-man run-and-jump press. • The second 5v5 battle showcases only the Diamond press, which is a 1-2-1-1 zone press. • The final scrimmage mixes both presses, with Coach Smart calling them out to players on the fly. Rent Shaka Smart's basketball practice video today.
Jim Boone Basketball Coaches Clinic by Jim Boone Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Boone (Rental)-Jim Boone Basketball Coaches Clinic $39.99
Jim Boone Basketball Clinic Team Drills and Offense Don't you want an offense that will transform your game? You can have an edge of strong post players with an offense that can help you transform your game. About this offense Jim Boone has said, it will pound the ball inside, inside, and inside some more. Coach Boone's Two Game offense will be making use of the high/low passes and besides that the coach in order to score inside the paint will also try to make use of the Fist ball screens. So, the Jim Boone Basketball practice session will start with focus on the post and guards players offense. Here position-specific skill work will be taken in account that will replicate actions with the offense of post and guard players. For the perimeter players to create their own jump shot, post feeds, and driving the ball with a competitive 3-on-3 drill, these players will be working on using the side ball screens. Now for the posts, the main focus will be on using good footwork along with the use of a cheat step on mid-range jump shots, making use of cross screens, and scoring off high/low post feed or after the quick ball reversal. These drills and practices will definitely help you transform your game and it will help you get better on several areas of the game. There are so many things that you are going to learn like learning the art of many scoring options and entries that will be used with the 4-on-0 and 5-on-0 practice segments. There are some useful points that the coach Boone will explain that are very important for the players like players movements needed to reverse the ball and the different ways the post can be fed through the action. The players will run the secondary break options in transition when they will go through the 5-on-0 drill. Furthermore, the Coach will also work on going from the Two Game Offense into their Fist ball screen actions. Jim Boone Basketball Clinic Pack Line Defense In the second Disc, the coach Boone will be focusing on the defensive side of the game. You will see the drills that will teach you the Pack Line defensive system. This will work very efficiently in protecting the paint and grinding out defensive spots. So, this drill will definitely improve your defensive game and will improve your defensive skills. The main reason of proper execution is also demonstrated in depth. When you are going through this practice, you will also learn lots of drills that will help you build the skills of individual defenders, coordinate your team defense, and also it will help you train your players to sprint back and will also match up in transition defense. So, you can see it will definitely help you in many ways. So, the players will be able to improve their overall game and will be able to defend in a better way. Their abilities to defend the Pack Line will get better after going through the five different drills. These drills will cover different areas of your game like closeout technique, containing the ball, guarding the ball on the perimeter, and denying the post and also it will help from the perimeter on any catch in the post. So, this will help your big time and this is not the end. As, there are more five drills that are being used to help you build the team aspect of the defense. Coach Boone's version of the standard shell drill teaches players how to defend numerous offensive actions such as basket cuts, down screens, stagger screens, and ball screens, while training players to communicate in order to quickly match-up and contain the offense. Jim Boone Pack Line Defense and Program Building When it comes to the Disc 3, the coach Boone will reveal the top secrets in order to develop a winning culture. These secrets will also enable you to be dominant at your defense and Boone will also share lots of ideas to get better at your practice. There are so many things that you are going to learn and this program is all about learning new and useful things. Ren this Jim Boone basketball DVD today.
All Access: Chris Mack by Chris Mack Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Mack (Rental)-All Access: Chris Mack Basketball Practice $39.99
Chris Mack Basketball Drills with All Access Practice See Chris Mack Basketball Drills in action at real basketball practices. You will learn lots of things from the content in the video like competing every day, explained box toughness, and also working on the tiny details that no one focuses one but are really handy. On the other hand, Mark will make you practice different transition drills on both offense and defense. There are half court defensive drills that will work on the close outs and walling up. It will also focus on the breakdown of the ball-screen offense. Pre-Practice & Warm-Ups In order to get the players loose both mentally and physically, the assistant coaches also take part in the court. Chris Mack Basketball Drills which consists of daily dozen are used to attack the basket when the practices begin. Chris Mack Defensive System Coach Mack gives huge importance to the packline pressure defense, keeping the ball out of the middle, relying on excellent help defense and communication. You will learn how the Coach Mack uses the individual and team defensive drills, highlighting drills designed on close-outs, building walls, closing all haps and jumping to ball which will ultimately strengthen your individual and team defense. The defensive drills come to an end with Mack utilizing the triangle block-outs and WAR rebounding to replicate the game situations. The players will also get an idea on how to defend the middle and side ball screens, pin down screens and back screens. Chris Mack Transition Offense The transition drills will help the players understand and learn how to put constant pressure on the defense. You will also learn the flow of the ball screen offense take shape in their 4-on-4 Baseline Touch drill. It will lead to a lot of wide open three-point shot attempts and easy lay-ups. Chris Mack Offense You will also get to learn the all important screening continuity offense of the coach Mark. This offense is really helpful as it allows the players to flow into the ball screening situations on the side and middle. In the meanwhile the players will try to get good drives at the basket and dribble drive kick outs. It is heavily focused in this offensive drill to get the basketball into the post as players can ball screen and dive to get a deep pin inside the lane. The Coach Mack also make use of his set plays that are displayed in the flow continuity offense and site out of bounds plays. Special Situations You will get your hands on the amazing philosophy of coach Mack which is related to the Jump Ball situations, free-throw alignments, timeout huddles, low shot-clock situations and also the sideline out-of-bounds plays. These are the steps which will bring huge efficiency in your overall game. Rent this Chris Mack basketball drills DVD today.
All Access: Bill Self by Bill Self Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bill Self (Rental)-All Access: Bill Self $39.99
The Phog Allen Field house and the Kansas Basketball program was introduced by Bill Self for the very time ever. All this will allow an “all access” look at the first four practices of the 2009-2010 season. There are more than six hours of basketball instruction that will give you a step by step guide thought the Kansas practice. Bill Self will provide you coaching perspective on his practices. He will teach the players about his personal training and practices. This is not the end as Bill Self will also give coaching points for the drills and valuable concepts he uses at Kansas. All the practices are divided into segments that include skill development, defense, offense, transition, fundamental, rebounding, shooting, screening, post moves, 3-on-3, 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 competitive play. The teaching method whole-part-whole will also be demonstrated. Bill Self will also explain the elements of his defensive and offensive system. There are drills for ballhandling passing and defensive footwork. You will see how Bill Self will build his defense from individual principles to the shell drill. You will also see Kansas guard and post break outs. On the other hand, you will also know about the secondary offense and full court transition game of Bill Self. You will also see how Bill Self manages to put everything in order and makes his drills well organized, well designed and how each segment and drill of practice falls into its ideal place. So, go and experience what is that thing that makes Bill Self on of the best coaches in the country and incorporate his drills and concepts into your program today.
All Access: Greg Marshall by Gregg Marshall Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Gregg Marshall (Rental)-All Access: Greg Marshall $39.99
Basketball Practice One with Greg Marshall The very first basketball practice focuses on motion offense and the build up drills that will help improve the skill set of the players and will also enhance their ability to play within the flow of it. The best part about Coach Marshall is his communication as he communicates with his players about what they are doing and how they will go on with every passing drill. For the whole-part-whole teachings for their motion offense the coach will run several shooting drills, along with a screening drill and how to penetrate off the screen. Furthermore the value of when to pass to the receive coming off the screen is also discussed. Basketball Practice Film Review The film review session is the starting point of the Disc 2 where the players will learn lots of new things and every now and then the coach will stop the film and will physically explains everything to the players. The coach spends lots of time improving the key defensive areas that will help the players a lot while playing the game. Throughout the practice the coach will focus on different key areas of the game like making sure that his defenders know the art of dealing with a multitude of screens, closing out properly to the ball and always playing with effort. You will get a great look at the team’s offensive strategies when the coach make players go through the 5-on-5 drills. Basketball Practice Drills with Greg Marshall You will learn everything about how Coach Marshall breaks down every drill. For the sake of players improvement, coach along with his staff works effortlessly to prepare film to make the players get better at their game. The coaching staff will discuss defensive strategy in detail when you will watch the hour long film session. You will also learn the terminology that the coaching staff uses in order to make the players learn understanding and that will help the players and coaches communicate effectively. So, this terminology will come in very handy in improving your level of understanding. You will learn the offensive movement, spacing, post play and also the transition offense that are positive and negative. When the film session comes to an end the players will learn and get the opportunity to see how the staff teaches with the help of short video clips in a team film session. The players will face positive criticism for the sake of good play at the same time showing the negative plays that will also help the players improve their basketball IQ. Coach Marshall works very hard and makes sure that the players are learning lots of new things and he also makes use of the numerous coaching and teaching strategies to get his players to think about their actions and what they are actually doing on the court and how they can make their actions better. While being on the court, the coach will also make you go through individual work which include the 1-on-1, 3-on-3 and 1-on-0 settings. In order to improve his players skills the coach will utilize ball handling, dribbling, passing, shooting and footwork drills. For the sake of working on point of emphasis, the staff will breakdown drills which were outlined during practice film. You will learn everything which was shown in the film from post defense to offensive decision making to various shooting drills the coach Marshall and his staff will give you an in depth learning. Basketball Practice Four Before an off day the final day of practice will give the players an inside look at the full Shocker practice session. Coach Marshall segments the practice into alternating "hard" vs "soft" drills that begin with introducing the team to "shadowing. Rent this basketball practice video today.
All Acess: Mark Few by Mark Few Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mark Few (Rental)-All Acess: Mark Few $39.99
Basketball Practice 1 When it comes to the very first practice session of the 2014-2015 season. You will go through a live, unedited practice video in which you will learn on working on the defense, transition, and half-court offensive execution. You will also learn the principles and fundamentals of man-to-man defense and you will learn this with the help of breakdown drills. When it comes to the 3 V 3 Circle Drill, the players will be working on the close outs, defensive positioning, and bluff and recover to help on dribble penetration. When it comes to the offensive side, there will be a mixture of exciting breakdown rills that will help you to improve passing and the shooting. You will be to learn to teach the common actions with the help of In/Out Shooting and Angle Passing drills. The 10 set plays will be used when the Bulldogs will start to develop their offensive system. The coach will explain everything so beautifully that players will be able to learn very little things that are very valuable. These little things will help achieve big goals. The best part about this program is the constant communication and teaching of the coach and his staff that will really help you. From every mistake to success, everything will be discussed. Basketball Practice 2 When it comes to the practice 2, the coach Few will continue working on the defensive system. Most of the drills will be focusing on making the intensity of the on-ball pressure better. When it comes to the Z Drill and the Snake Pit the main focus of the defenders will be keeping the ball in front of them. Now there are several drills and every drill have its own function like the Pressure Trap Drill which will teach the players about playing aggressively. The emphasize will also be on team’s coordination with one another in order to defend the ball screens with hard shows, soft shows, traps, switches, and X-outs. For the individual skill work, the team will break down by position. For the post players, they will be working on the high/low entries and will be finishing in the post. Now for the guards, they will be going through the drills which will focus on driving, spacing and relocating. Well, the guards and the bigs will be getting shots in the Gonzaga’s half-court offense that they will be simulating. The practice session will come to an end with a 5-on-5 half-court scrimmage. This is not the end as the coach will go into the detail analysis in which he will teach the Bulldogs set versus man-to-man defense. Basketball Practice 3 Now for the last practice of the program the coach will focus on the building blocks of the offensive and defensive strategies. In order to read the ball screens in the best way possible the coach will make you go through new drills specifically for this purpose this will teach the players how to quickly dismantle defensive reactions. When the coach is done with working on the fundamentals, the next thing that the Bulldogs will work on will be off-ball screens and helping on drives. Furthermore, the coach Few will also showcase an icing the pick-and-roll in this practice. Icing is a ball screen defense in the NBA that forces the ball handler, in a side pick and roll, towards the baseline and away from the middle. Gonzaga's Blue coverage is also introduced. Blue is a big-on-big double on the post and this is when the offense has two inside and three on the perimeter. The coach will also make you learn the art of trapping and rotation. The Bulldogs will be using a scoring system that will reward the defense in many ways and for that purpose the coach will be using the 4-on-4 shell drill. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.
All Access: Arkansas Mike Anderson by Mike Anderson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Anderson (Rental)-All Access: Arkansas Mike Anderson $39.99
Mike Anderson is all about fast paced basketball and playing the game with high spirit and tempo. He was a part of the Arkansas basketball program back in the 90s era. He was there to help the legendary coach Nolan Richardson during the National Title run. He made use of the high speed, pressure defense and used to play 40 minutes of hard nose basketball. He is currently using his years’ experience and hard learned rules to help his teams practice in the best way possible. All the live practices videos will be taken live in action in the first two weeks as the season kicks off. The practice sessions will go on for more than two weeks and will end just before the first game of the team. The coach focuses highly on decreasing the turnovers, individual defensive intensity and getting out on the fast break. The full court is used for most of the practices which includes team’s overall skill development. During all these drill workout sessions, the coach gives full attention to the pressure defense and getting up and down the floor quickly. Practice 1 The very first Practice sessions works on your skill development. There will be time-saving practice workouts that will work on your passing, footwork, ball handling and shooting all at the same time. There is a two-ball shooting drills practiced which will increase the efficiency of your shooting accuracy while taking spot-up shots and while shooting off the dribble. The players attack the rim while practicing the guard/post breakdown. The players will also work on their footwork and past moves. Similar to 1-on-1 drill, there will be some defensive breakdown drills displayed as well. These drills will help you deny the passes to the wing and forcing he ball baseline. On the other hand, there are 2-on-drills practiced as well for the development of defensive awareness while stressing wing and post denial. Your offensive sets vs. man defense will be reviewed closely by the Arkansas coaching staff. The squad will also run plays 5-on-5 and practices running each option of the player while simultaneously developing spacing and timing. Your secondary break options will also be reviewed by the Coach Anderson’s team. The PRACTICE 1 will come to an end with the live 5-on-5 action when the coach is focusing highly on the team’s half-court, trapping, attacking and defensive zone system. Practice 2 There are different sessions related to the 5-on-5 competitive scrimmages. Players will be forced to utilized their skills and fundamentals at the game speed. There is a warm-up session for the players in which the players will perform number of defensive and offensive drills like the 1-on-1 Zig Zag. In which the players will guard the ball the full length of the court and the Medicine Ball Weave that will help develop your strength while running on the floor. From curl shooting to rebounding to finishing to the v-cut attack moves to 3-on-3 in the half court the skill development segment will work on all these skills. Guards work on shooting back screens and pin down screens. Furthermore, the Coach Anderson will also work on some 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 controlled scrimmage drills into the segment. The 5-on-5 scrimmages, the players will work on the multiple aspects of the Arkansas up-tempo philosophy which includes their fast break offense, half court man-to-man defense, match-up zone defense and 41 full court press. Practice 3 In the practice 3 the skip passing, wing catch attacks and passing, screening and re-posting will be practiced by the players. Guards work on catch and shoot, one dribble pull ups and dribble hand offs. Furthermore, you will see a complete explanation of the defensive skills beginning with the proper trapping then moving to post defense and 2-on-2 rebound outlet.
All Access: Scott Cross (ut-arlington) by Scott Cross Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Scott Cross (Rental)-All Access: Scott Cross (ut-arlington) $39.99
Basketball Practice with Scott  Cross The players will be learning the basic breakdown drills that the coach uses to teach the players aggressive full-court and half-court defense. Apart from this, the Coach Cross will also explain fundamentals of team’s ball-screen offense. Basketball Practice Video 1: The coach will start from the defensive end of the game and the first practice session is all about defensive drills. The players will be learning the defensive principles that have helped the teams of Coach Cross to succeed year after year. The Coach Cross will build a solid foundation of defensive stance and with this he will explain how the players can build man-to-man defense. The Coach Cross will spend lots of time on all this and he will also be building up to a 4-on-4 half court competitive game with a focus on taking charges and communicating. There are ladder drills which are being used in a closeout drill and will end with the players taking a charge. In their Spurs Shell Drills where the players need to earn their stops to be successful and in this drill the coach will show you a twist to your shell defense. When in a 2-on-2 Turn Drill, a foundation will be laid by coach in order to build a successful Run and Jump Full Court Press. All these drills are very important as it will take the players out of their comfort zone and will push them to their limits. Basketball Practice Video 2 The 2nd practice session is all about new and innovative drills. The 2nd practice is a continuation of the first one as Coach will carry on from the first Disc. In this practice session, the coach will be working even more on the man-to-man defense with the help of numerous progressions. For the Run and Jump Full Court Press the coach will lay out his vision. He will make use of competitive drills in a 2-on-2 full court and half court set-up to explain his vision properly. The coach Cross will explain his half court man offense called Cross keeping in mind that the defense creates scoring opportunities. You will get a new look to a 3-out-2 in motion offense including quick hitting strikes that you will be able to use out of the original set. This will help you keep your opponent on its toes and he will be guessing all the time. There is another competitive drill used by Coach Cross which is Box Shell Drill in which several down screens are set that will help the players get open and also the defenders will be learning how to fight through the traffic. Basketball Practice Video 3 When it comes to the third practice session, the coach will be giving information about how to teach the players to run pick and roll offense with the help of reading how the defense is actually playing you. Number of breakdown drills are being used by coach Cross to demonstrates this and this will give the players the valuable base. This base will lead them to make plays and develop an attacking and aggressive mentality off of ball screens. The focus will be on reading and reacting to the defense in three ways: caboose, split and twist. Whether its cavalier pick and roll or pick and roll shooting, you will gain lots of knowledge and will be learning how to teach a ball screen offense. This ball screen offense is very handy for you as it will generate lots of scoring chances. There two very competitive drills that have made the UT-Arlington successful and you will get to learnt these two as well. One drill is 3-on-3 Run and Jump and the second one is Boys to Beast Drill. So, what these drills will do exactly? Well, it will push the players to learn how they can deceive, trap and pressurize their opponent anywhere on the floor. Furthermore, the coach Cross will also show you some of the out of bounds options that team will run along the baseline. Rent Scott Cross' basketball practice plan DVD today.
All Access: Mike Maker by Mike Maker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Maker (Rental)-All Access: Mike Maker $39.99
Basketball Practice DVD with Mike Maker The offense of Mike Maker's is so good that it is known as the Princeton Offense on steroids. This amazing classical version will ignite spark in the players and also maintains the discipline which is very important and which will help the players become really efficient in offense. You are going to experience how this coaching veteran of 23 years will prepare the players for the upcoming season. There are several breakdown drills in the All Access DVD set. These drills are and variations are devised by none other than Coach Maker. You will get to know his 90/10 concept. Which means 10 percent are focused on defense while the 90 percent focus is on offense. In order to refine his players offensive skills set, the coach will make the players go through offensive drills. You will see how the coach Maker will make you learn many Princeton options in a 5-on-0 setting. He will also allow the players to execute the drills properly and according to their individual strength and limits. He motivates the players to go with their natural instincts as they dive deep into the controlled 5-on-5 scrimmages, allowing offense to evolve. Basketball Practice Scrimmage The players along with the coach Maker will be spending lots of time on team scrimmaging. During the scrimmages the focus will be on Princeton Offense. Furthermore, the teaching process will be on as well during the drills. The coach and his staff spends lots of time on correcting the players. This way of explaining of the offense in motion is very useful and it is an integral teaching tool for the coach. It is very difficult to find a team that can execute so fluently within an offensive concept which is as sophisticated as the Princeton offense. After all this you will understand the reason why it's called the Princeton on Steroids. You are going to learn a lot and will be benefited from numerous drills and skills. Each of the drill is an extension of the overall offense. When it comes to the individual or separate drills, the players will learn how Maker teaches his man-to-man defensive principles with the help of the drills like 3-on-3 and 2-on-2. Rent Mike Maker's Basketball Practice DVD today.
All Access: Sherri Coale by Sherri Coale Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Sherri Coale (Rental)-All Access: Sherri Coale $39.99
Basketball Practice & Film Session The players will go through three different film sessions and you will see how good Coale is with the interaction. The film sessions will break down good and bad from the previous practices. After this, the players will be going through different drills in order to work on the fundamentals and these drills will also work as a warm-up for basketball practice. Offensive System When it comes to the half-court motion offense, Coale’s teams are really great. There are basic fundamental drills being used to work on the motion offense. There are drills like the motion shots(2-on-0, 3-on-0, 4-on-0) along with some specific action that also include penetrate and pitch, slips and cutting & spacing; 3-on-3 screening and this screening also include the pins, flare screens and back screens; 2-on-2 ball screens; and offensive rebounding. Furthermore, the coach Coale will also work on several multi faceted shooting drills that will stimulate game like shots. Basketball Defensive System When it comes to the defensive side of the game, the Coach Coale has done a tremendous job here as well. The players will go through a competitive and fundamentally sound man-to-man defense. There are drills which are made for both individual and team man-to-man defense skills. From improving individual skills to team skills the coach will pay attention to all parts of the defensive skills. Lots of drills and techniques are covered which include transition defense rule and responsibilities, 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 closeouts and build to 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 shell as well as the Cameron Drill. The Cameron Drill is very handy as it is a multi-part drill which will work on closeouts and jumping to the ball. Rebounding and Transition Well, the Rebounding and Transition are very vital parts of Coale's basketball practice routine. In order to get control of any offensive or defensive rebound, the players will learn the techniques the Sooners use so effectively gain position under the rim. The transition drills are very good as it makes the players more competitive and it will help the players to focus on pushing the ball up the floor every time. Furthermore, there is more that the players learn like the coach Coale will also introduce her early offense actions off the dribble-Deep, Drag, and Up. Oklahoma Coaches Clinic The players will also get an extra bonus as well. The players will also witness the 2010 Oklahoma Coaches Clinic. The clinic session is very vital as it will feature Oklahoma Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Overman will also share activation drills in order to improve posture and stretching. Furthermore, the coach will also share his valuable experience and thoughts regarding the ACL injuries and also improving a players jumping ability. On the other hand, the Assistant Coach will also come to the rescue as he will share some of the post and guard drills. These drills are also used in the fall and spring individual workouts. For the guards, the coach Coale will share a 7-spot shooting drill, pick-ups, rip through series using a toss back, 2-ball pass and shoot, and a 3-cone touch drill. Now when it comes to the post players the coach will share several teaching points and drills that is full of toss back outlets, one hand catches, power slams, fast finishes, back-ups, diagonals to bury, and offensive rebounding techniques. In order to teach the primary break and two defensive drills, the coach Coale will make use of Lead Up Drills. The coach will also make you go through the sideline in-bounds play and this is being used versus a man or a zone defense. When the players will use this set, the players will be able to have a numerous actions and options to run and this will be based on how the players will read the defense. Rent this basketball practice video today.
All Access: Frank Martin by Frank Martin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Frank Martin (Rental)-All Access: Frank Martin $39.99
The method and idea that made Frank Martin Kansas State Wildcats a huge success in the Big 12 will be shared with the coaches. You will get a look at the Wildcats firs four practices of the 10-11 season with this “All Access”. You will get useful information and knowledge about the technique and work which was put forth by the Wildcats players and coaches in order to try and make themselves improve every single day. In order to compete at a championship level, the base of fundamentals is being built in the first days of the practice. A full court “pressure” mentality is being used to make players get strong mentally and physically. He made his philosophy on teaching the whole-part-whole method of offensive and defensive concepts. The basketball is being forced in the full court with his defense and keeps the ball handler out of the middle of the floor. When it comes to the offensive side of the game, the coach Martin uses a disciplined motion offense which is full of correct screening angles on and off the ball. During this motion offense the inside and perimeter play are equally encouraged. Warm-Up You will learn the drills for the individual improvements which are full of full court passing, entries into the post, attacking the rim with the pressure of a defender, sealing in the post, shooting drills to gain correct repetitions and also the working high/low. For the individual improvements, there are shooting drills that will help in outstanding offensive fundamental play by gaining correct repetitions. From full court drills 1-on-1 to 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4, coach Martin implements all these drills along with the 5 on 5 transition drill. All these drills will teach the players his keys for successful full court disruptive pressure. The players will develop a “push the basketball ahead” mentality which will get the basketball up the floor as quickly as possible. The players will manage to develop this push the basketball ahead mentality through the repetition of the drills. The coach Martin also gives importance to the slicing to get the basketball to the other side of the floor; rim running the posts, this will put a huge pressure on the transition defense and will lead to pretty easy baskets; spacing on the court, in this case the players will attack the middle with the dribble and will try to take advantage of the post touches, flare screens and also the ball screens. Man-to-Man Defense The championship man-to-man defensive principles are very helpful and the Coach Martin teaches the man-to-man defense individual stations and in team defensive stations. So, what exactly happens in these stations? Well, with the help of these stations, you will learn Martin’s “mirroring the basketball on the perimeter” principles and one-on-one closeout technique. You will go through several defensive drills that will teach the right on-ball defensive positioning, how to take away the ball handler’s pivot foot, defending against the back screen, how to avoid multiple screens and staying in contact with your man and more. Motion Offense Well, all the practice sessions come to an end with the Coach Martin motion offense practice. In this practice, the coach Martin explains the concept of the players movements against the man-to-man half court defenses. The Carolina secondary action is being used by the coach Martin and it will allow the players to flow right in their half-court man attack. For an inside touch the players will be taught to look high/low, set staggered screens, dribble hand-offs and the ball screening on the wings and also at the top of the key.
All Access Basketball Offensive Practice John Beilein by John Beilein Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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All Access Offensive Basketball Practice with John Beilein Get an inside look at the offense run by John Beilein while head coach at Michigan where he won two Big Ten regular season titles, two Big Ten tournament titles, and took the Wolverines to two Final Fours. After jumping to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, Coach Beilein has made this practice video footage available for all to see. In the video, you will see Coach Beilein’s press break, shooting drills, out of bounds plays and even some of the team concepts that helped make the Wolverines successful. Great offensive basketball practice plan. Shooting, Transition & Post Play Coach Beilein is well known for his ability to take average shooters and make them long-range phenoms. You will see some of the shooting drills that Beilein has players do on a daily basis. The drills focus on the most important aspects of shooting which include footwork and upper body form. Next, Coach Beilein runs his team through a transition drill where players run through a weave and end using a jump stop. This leads right into post play. The ability to score consistently from the post can turn any offense into a great one. You will see drills that help post players score on the move. Coach Beilein stresses footwork and body placement to help post players increase their scoring percentage. Both catch high and finishing at the rim are stressed in this segment. Press Breaker Coach Beilein walks you through how he wants his players to break a press. He likes to be aggressive and take advantage of the press beating it down the floor in an attempt to create layups before the defense has a chance to set up in the half court. Coach Beilein emphasizes sharp cuts and keeping the right spacing as the keys to beating any press. Special Situations One of the situations Coach Beilein addresses is what to do when the offense has failed to create a quality scoring opportunity and the shot clock is running out. He shows them how to organize for a final ball screen in a late-shot clock situation. You will also see three out of bounds plays that can be used against man-to-man defenses. All three plays come out of the same alignment making it difficult for an opponent to decipher exactly what is going to happen. Coach Beilein is one of the game’s greats. With over 750 career wins at all levels of college basketball, there is something useful for any coach in this practice video! Rent this offensive basketball practice DVD today.
All Access: Fred Hoiberg by Fred Hoiberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Iowa State surprised the nation with the mind-blowing program in the 2011-12 season which was a top 25 ranking and even finished at the third place in the Big 12 Conference which was unexpected. The coach Fred Hoiberg was able to bring back his former alma matter by making use of the pressure defense mentality along with the addition of a quick-striking, transition-based spread offensive attack. This was his 2nd year when he resurrected his former alma matter. Fred Hoiberg’s teams have been ranked among the nation’s top-50 in scoring in his first two season and that was all because of the exciting and up-tempo style of play. You will be invited by the Coach Fred Hoiberg for three days of practice just before the 2011-12 season as the team starts preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy where the team will play a series of exhibition games. In order to develop a strong and successful basketball team, the focus of coach Fred Hoiberg remains consistent with his core beliefs. • Up Tempo Offense – The up-tempo play is displayed by the coach Hoiberg in many of his drills. The Progression Drill in particular shows the build up from 1-on-1 full court play to their 4-on-4 full court shell drill. • Base Defense - Having a base defense that can deal with the many counters that offenses will throw at you is essential. His constant work in these practices with help-defense concepts is one of the highlights in this series. • Fundamental Skill Development - Hoiberg insists that fundamental skill development must be consistently addressed in order to help his players reach their potential as individuals and as a team. Every drill in the All Access set has a clear vision and purpose and every drill work on different parts of your game. You will be able to build a practice plan by understanding the art and practicing the drills that will keep your players engaged. This is not it as you will also get the chance to see how the coaching staff is being used in the most efficient way in order to improve your performance. You will get an idea on how to incorporate your staff and have them teach and get the credit of your team’s success. The solid foundation at Iowa State is all about the Coach Fred Hoiberg. When you will go through the All Access set, you will get a complete idea of why he has been successful and why he makes the team perform in the best way possible. You will get to learn lots of new tips and tricks. You will learn the tweaks on how to build the foundation for your team. Video 1: The video set gets started by installing a series of quick-strike plays which are aimed at distorting the defense early while being in an offensive possession. You will be entertained with the walk-through fashion that will enable you learn the Post Set Series and 50 Series. There are drills which will work on your defensive close-outs, jumping to the ball and also defending the win pick-n-roll. During all these drills the coaches will work on positioning and reinforcing techniques. When it comes to the defensive drills, the coach will focus on the rotational patterns on the middle drive and baseline drive. The coach Fred Hoiberg works heavily on improving the defensive habits. Video 2 Important offensive concepts are developed in the 2nd video by the Iowa State team. The shooting program of the Iowa State team is very effective and, in this program,, the post players and guards are divided which will allow the coaches to focus on the proper shot for their position. During the workout, the guards will use some very skilled moves that will also include the slide shot. On the other hand, the cyclones will run a Dummy offense in a 5v0 setting that will review different quick strike offensive plays. All these several quick strike offensive plays have been brought over from his time in the NBA. The practice session will come to an end with the alive 5v5 scrimmage in this scrimmage the coach
All Access:brenda Frese by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Brenda Freese Basketball Practice Video Strength & Conditioning You will go through a detailed weight training workout session and the assistant coach David Adkins will be handling that session for you. From active warm up to incline press with lat pull down to power pulls with thera leg band extension to medicine ball drop with tricep pull downs, there are so many things covered in the session that will help your team improve on a large scale. They will go to the court for a 30-minute shooting workout after they are finished with the 30 minute segment. They will work out the soreness from the weight room and their main focus will be on shooting technique. From there, the team will go through the power jumpers, partner shooting using the Gun and it will come to an end with the shooting workout with free throws. Pre-Practice The team will have to go through warm up and dynamic stretching through each and every basketball practice they perform. The coach Frese gives huge importance to it as it will lead into the finishing school where the team will focus on finishing shots around the basket and footwork. With the help of running 5-man weave back to 3-on-2 back to 2-on-1 as well as 5-4-3, transition recognition and position work they will improve the transition offense. These basketball practices and workouts will help you big time with improving the offense. These basketball drills will further improve your communication, footwork, ball handling, passing and shooting. Basketball Practice Offense You will also get a detailed look at the Coach Frese's offensive system. This system is laoded with the transition offense, zone offense, press offense, and her half-court offense-thumbs down and thumbs special. All these are very important in making your offensive game even better. The coach will construct her drills that will add components and progressions while working on feeding the post. She also emphasizes the value of getting shots up from spots in your offense. All this will really help you take your offense to the next level. Basketball Practice Defense Now you will go through the defensive drills that will now improve your defensive game big time. The coach will show you how she builds her defensive system along with her match-up zone. You will be learning about stance, guarding your yard, closeouts, jumping to the ball, dribble contain, denial, defending ball screens, post defense and rebounding. This is not the end as you will also see build-up drills from 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4 into the shell drill that will help to work on the defensive principles in every segment. Furthermore, you will also be having a detailed look at the 22 press, and these 22 presses is a 2-2-1 press back that is connected to their match-up zone defense. Coaches Clinic One more exciting thing about this program is the coaches clinic. Here coach Frese will also talk about her leadership skills. The coach will make you go through valuable 11 components that she feels are very valuable in order to transform yourself into an effective leader. From creating energy to work ethic to building confidence to setting goals there is so much included in it. Rent this basketball practice video today.
Basketball The Don Meyer Way by Don Meyer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Don Meyer, the most successful college basketball coach of all time, gives you an insider's view into game preparations This is a deep look at game preparation and practice planning with the all-time most successful coach in college basketball. Highlights from games show how hard work pays off in certain situations Don Meyer has led his teams to greatness on the court for over 35 years. His teams have been part of more than a dozen tournament appearances in post-season and won many conference titles. As Coach Meyer and his team prepare to play in a postseason tournament, this is a rare opportunity to see him in action! Meyer and his staff will take the team through three practice sessions in the days before the game. They emphasize offensive and defensive skills work as well as special situations and scouting. The team will also be practicing their shootaround on game day. You'll also have access to the locker room, court, and Meyer's team as they prepare for the game. Highlights from the game will be shown to show how hard work pays off. This 2-video set will allow you to see Don Meyer, the legendary coach, in action with his team. 2 videos. 240 minutes. 2008.