Zone Defense


Zone Defense

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In this course, Coach Donnie Tyndall coaches you to master the Zone Defense in order to speed up the opposing offense and allow them to make mistakes. He delivers 4 points you need to know to run an aggressive zone defense and effectively shut down the opposing team's offense. He teaches multiple drills to effectively counter any offense and shut down the other team. If you are a coach looking for a way to master the zone defense, then this is the course for you.
Video # Video Title Video Length
1 Intoduction 3:58
2 Fist 1 Free 6:18
3 Fist 1 Trap 2:28
4 Fist 2 5:44
5 Fist 1 and 2 Continued 6:38
6 Black-Fire Pick & Roll 2:59
7 Pick & Roll continued 2:28
8 Zone Defense 3:12
9 Zone Defense continued 4:46
10 Zone Defense 3 3:30
11 1st Question 1:57
12 2nd Question 1:16
13 3rd Question 1:23
14 4th Question 2:25
15 Closing Thoughts 2:24

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Donnie Tyndall | Head Coach | Grand Rapids Drive Throughout Coach Tyndalls long and illustrious coaching career he has worked on staff at community colleges, college teams, as well as NBA G-League teams. Some notable teams that he has worked on staff as would be LSU and Idaho, and has also worked as a head coach at Morehead State, Southern Miss, and Tennessee. After moving on from college basketball he received an offer to become an assistant coach of the Toronto Raptors G-League team. After leaving there he got to become an assistant coach with Grand Rapids where he was later promoted to Head Coach in 2019. Spanning a coaching career of 30 plus years takes hard work and knowledge which has made Coach Tyndall into the great coach that he is today.

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