Understanding and Implementing Special Strength Training Exercises


Understanding and Implementing Special Strength Training Exercises

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Discover the key to bridging the gap between the weight room and your sport. "Understanding and Implementing Special Strength Training Exercises" is not just a presentation; it's a comprehensive guide designed to elevate athletes to unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance. Crafted by the renowned Coach Brijesh Patel, this resource taps into over 20 years of expertise in health and performance coaching, offering insights and techniques to make athletes more effective in their sporting activities.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Special Strength Exercises: Grasp the foundational knowledge necessary to understand what special strength exercises are and why they're essential.
  • Keys to Incorporating and Teaching Special Strength Training: Detailed strategies on how to seamlessly integrate these exercises into your training regimen and how to teach them effectively.
  • Analysis of Sporting Movements: A comprehensive breakdown of how to analyze and understand the movements specific to your sport and how to enhance them.
  • Training for Position and Velocity: Learn the importance of position in sporting activities and how to train for it, along with incorporating velocity into your strength training for maximum benefit.
  • Personalized Training Programs: Coach B's philosophy on creating individualized programs that focus on improving movement skills, core strength, power, speed, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Why Choose This Guide?

With Coach Brijesh Patel's proven track record of success, leading the athletic performance department at Quinnipiac University and mentoring countless athletes and coaches, this guide brings unparalleled expertise to your training. Whether you're an athlete looking to excel in your sport, a coach aiming to enhance your team's performance, or a strength and conditioning professional seeking to broaden your knowledge, this guide is your gateway to reaching your goals.


  • Who is this guide for?
    This guide is ideal for athletes of all levels, coaches across all sports, and strength and conditioning professionals looking to expand their knowledge and effectiveness.
  • How will this guide help me?
    It offers a detailed framework for understanding and applying special strength exercises to improve sport-specific performance, ensuring athletes can translate their strength gains from the weight room to their sporting arena.
  • Can beginners use this guide?
    Absolutely. The guide is structured to cater to both beginners and seasoned athletes, with step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations of concepts.

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