TEA Commissioner Mike Morath - THSCA General Meeting Address


TEA Commissioner Mike Morath - THSCA General Meeting Address

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Discover the Power of Athletics in Education from Commissioner Mike Morath's Address

Are you ready to elevate the role of athletics in your educational institution? TEA Commissioner Mike Morath's groundbreaking address at the 2019 THSCA General Meeting in Houston, TX, is now available for immediate access. Dive into the insightful world where athletics merge seamlessly with education, transforming the conventional extracurricular view into a dynamic co-curricular strategy that fosters growth, learning, and success among students.

Why This Address is a Must-Have for Your Educational Toolkit

  • Exclusive Insights: Gain unparalleled access to Commissioner Morath's expert analysis on the intrinsic value of coaches and athletics in the educational process.
  • Practical Strategies: Learn how the values and structures instilled by athletics can be integrated into your curriculum to enhance student engagement and achievement.
  • Enhanced Student Outcomes: Discover the key to unlocking student potential through the co-curricular model that athletics offer, leading to improved academic and personal growth outcomes.
  • Complementary Resources: Receive Commissioner Morath's PowerPoint Presentation Slides alongside the address, providing a valuable resource for implementing these transformative strategies.
  • Convenient Access: With a free 16:43 long address, you can effortlessly integrate this powerful message into your professional development plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should watch TEA Commissioner Mike Morath's address?

A: Educators, school administrators, coaches, and anyone involved in the educational process who seeks to elevate the role of athletics in education.

Q: What format is the address in?

A: The address is available in a video format, accompanied by PowerPoint presentation slides for ease of use and implementation.

Q: How can I access the address and presentation slides?

A: Upon your purchase, you will receive immediate access to both the address and the complementary PowerPoint slides, allowing you to start transforming your educational approach right away.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to reshape the educational landscape at your institution. Transform the role of athletics into a co-curricular cornerstone with Commissioner Mike Morath's invaluable insights.

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