(Rental)-Zone Offense: Sets & Philosophy


(Rental)-Zone Offense: Sets & Philosophy

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Basketball Zone Offense: Sets & Philosophy

University of Illinois head coach Brad Underwood shows you how he breaks down zone defense with multiple looks. Using quick, simple actions against zones can force rotations which open gaps in the defense. Watch as Coach Underwood shows you how to attack the zone defense, breaks down the secondary offense off transition against a zone, and shares his different looks against various zone defenses.

Different Looks

All of the sets in Underwood’s zone offense are interchangeable. Adding cutters and flashing to the high post can mix up traditional sets. Defenses are kept guessing with the cutters and variety of looks. Underwood attacks the soft spots in the zones when the ball reverses. Simple actions force defensive rotations and that can open driving lanes and shooting areas.

Zone Passing

The Zone Passing Drill is integral part of Underwood’s offense. The drill uses cuts to the elbow, movement to the short corners, and more to force the defense to rotate. Zone Passing is a drill that should be done daily and it only takes a few minutes.

The drill works on each of the following skills and concepts:

  • Spacing
  • Passing
  • Finding open areas against a zone defense
  • Building your team’s zone offense
  • Adjusting to your team’s strengths

The Zone Passing Drill can help coaches build an entire zone offense with younger players. Coaches with more veteran teams can benefit from learning the different looks and adjustments presented by Coach Underwood. This is an excellent video to help coaches attack zone defenses. Rent this basketball zone offense DVD today.

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