(Rental)-Zone Offense Philosophy, Tactics, & Sets


(Rental)-Zone Offense Philosophy, Tactics, & Sets

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Zone Offense Sets, Philosophy, & Tactics

Teams around the country at all levels are employing zone defenses to slow down opponents and force them into taking low percentage shots. University of Florida head coach Mike White, the 2017 SEC Coach of the Year, presents you with the keys and strategies to counter any zone defense in this zone offense sets video.

Coach White will show you how to develop an effective zone philosophy as well as give you breakdown drills that work on the skills needed to beat zone defenses. The Circle Passing drill and the Slot Corner Shooting drill are two that will help your players attack a 2-3, 1-3-1, or 3-2 zone with multiple sets and plays.

Developing a Zone Philosophy

Coach White presents three steps to developing your zone offense philosophy. The first is a 10-point overview of beating a zone defense. these points include beating a zone down the floor, flattening out a zone, screening the zone, and playing behind the zone.

Step two includes an overview of 17 key zone ideas. These include items like not holding the ball, hiding non-scorers, and putting players in their respective ranges. These ideas teach your players how to counter a zone.

The final step centers on asking questions that help identify how to attack the zone defense. Questions include:

  • Why does a team play zone against you?
  • When do teams play zone against you?
  • What team has been most effective playing against them?

Zone Development Drills

Coach White’s two favorite drills are presented – the Circle Passing drill and the Slot Corner Shooting drill. The drills work on developing passing and shooting against a zone defense. The two drills work on:

  • Passing against pressure within a zone defense
  • Trace the ball while on a defensive stop
  • Get open shots within your zone offense
  • Develop confidence and consistency in passing and shooting against a zone defense

Attacking a Zone Defense

Regardless of the zone defense you’re facing, Coach White shows you sets and plays that counter any of them. He shows you multiple looks out of a tradition 1-3-1 zone set and how to get the ball to the circle or middle of the defense. He also shows you:

  • A variation of former Michigan coach John Beilein’s motion offense
  • Ball screen overload and interchange
  • X screen lob plays for both the 5-man and wings
  • A box formation to attack a 1-3-1 zone
  • How to attack the 3-2 zone by getting the ball inside

Coach White presents a complete package to help you defeat any zone defense. His philosophy and drills will help you build confidence and become more efficient at beating the zone defense. Rent this zone offense sets DVD today.

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