(Rental)-Versatility & Adaptablity: Keys to Sustainable Excellence


(Rental)-Versatility & Adaptablity: Keys to Sustainable Excellence

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Basketball Culture

Versatility and Adaptability: Keys to Sustainable Excellence

There is more to winning than just having great players who excel at basketball skills. Dr. John Tauer, the head basketball coach at the University of St. Thomas, understands that it takes great teammates and great character to win championships. Tauer, who is also a psychology professor, has won two Division III national championships at St. Thomas and while he has had some great players, he believes it has been the versatility and adaptability of his players that have contributed to a winning culture.

In this 85-minute basketball culture video, Tauer discusses how he developed a culture of winning at St. Thomas. He also dives into some of the practice drills that he uses on a daily basis. These drills emphasize some of the most basic skills – passing, catching, and defense for example – that are fundamental to the game of basketball.

Developing Basketball Culture and Fundamentals

In his program, Coach Tauer has three goals and they have little to do with basketball directly. He reveals each goal and explains how these help to develop a winning culture. Dr. Tauer talks about what it means to be great and how players that cultivate a vision of excellence can grow within the program. Growing players and their mindsets helps each individually and, as a result, the program as a whole.

Practice Drills

Coach Tauer reviews six drills that his teams use daily to work on the skills that are fundamental to the game. Some athletes may have greater skill sets than others, but none can achieve at a high level if they cannot pass and catch the basketball.

You will see some unique methods for teaching basic skills like Coach Tauer’s 3-on-3 1/2/0 Dribble Offense Drill. The drill will help get players in an attacking mindset and teach them how to take advantage of a defense. The drill is also a great way to encourage team chemistry as the offense creates scoring opportunities for everyone on the floor.

Coach Tauer takes things a bit deeper bringing an understanding to the game that goes well beyond the court. Players have to understand the “why” behind what they do. If they do not, they may never reach their full potential as both a basketball player and as a person. Applying what Dr. Tauer teaches in this video will help your players understand what it means to be an athlete of great character, a great teammate, and a champion. Building such a culture can help you build a program that can achieve and maintain success. Rent this basketball culture DVD today.

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