(Rental)-Transition Offense & Transition Defense


(Rental)-Transition Offense & Transition Defense

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Transition Offense and Transition Defense

Learn to advance the ball against defensive pressure and score as fast as possible and, at the same time, learn to slow opponents in transition in this well-crafted video from University of Windsor women’s head basketball coach Chantal Vallee. Also the head coach of the Hamilton Honey Badgers of the Canadian Elite Basketball League, Coach Vallee won five straight Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) national championships from 2011 to 2015 at Windsor. This training camp style video gives you an inside look at how Coach Vallee installs her transition offense and defense.

This presentation is packed full of new ideas for playing in transition. Coach Vallee will teach you her overall scheme for both transition offense and transition defense as well as more than 10 practice drills you can utilize.

Transition Offense

Coach Vallee shows you the “Three E’s” of transition offense – explode, explore, and exploit – in relation to the various zones on the court. Learn breakdown drills like Run, Rabbit, Run which will help players make sprinting down the floor as soon as a rebound is made a top priority.

When defensive strategies attempt to stall your fast break, Coach Vallee has the answer. She teaches you how to maintain the attack using the Outlet Drill. The Trailer Drill is a good one to teach your players how to read a defense and determine whether to score by feeding the post, running into a ball screen, or some other option.

Coach Vallee also presents four more drills designed to teach players how to pass with precision. In the Flow series, players learn to pass while on the run and how to take advantage of numbers on the fast break.

Transition Defense

There are not many more detailed explanations of a transition defensive system than Coach Vallee’s. She provides a full description of her defensive approach using the whiteboard, on-court teaching, and player demonstration of breakdown drills and 5-on-5 scrimmage. You will easily fill a notebook while listening to Vallee coach. You will come to learn her aggressive style inside and out, which will optimize your team’s ability to get second chance points all while disrupting an opponent’s fast break.

Coach Vallee shows you how the “Short” can chase down “spillage” or hunt the outlet pass as a means of stopping the ball from advancing up the floor. The Long Triangles drill teaches players how to crowd the floor with proper spacing away from their matchup in the full court. You will also see a great way to control 5-on-5 competition with the 1 ½ drill.

Coach Vallee is a rising star and her 148-minute presentation is a tremendous value with the opportunity to learn both transition offense and transition defense from one of the best in the business.

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