(Rental)-Transition Offense & Secondary Break Attacks


(Rental)-Transition Offense & Secondary Break Attacks

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King Rice: Transition Offense and Secondary Break Attacks

Having honed his skills as a player under the legendary Dean Smith, King Rice has taken what he learned at North Carolina and developed a wide-open transition offense that has allowed him to be successful as a coach at Monmouth University. Rice coached the 2016 MAAC regular season champion and was rewarded with the MAAC’s Coach of the Year honor.

In this video, the former Tar Heels point guard uses on-court demonstrations to show you the basic drills and secondary break actions that will help your program put pressure on opposing defenses by setting up multiple scoring opportunities. Coach Rice will show you how to create opportunities to score in the transition game while, at the same time, empowering players to make instant adjustments.

Basic Transition Offense Drills

Coach Rice goes back to his early playing career and starts with the basic drills he learned. The drills are designed to work on the fundamentals of shooting, passing, rebounding, catching, running the floor, and finishing at the rim. These are the fundamentals necessary to succeed using the transition offense. Once the basics have been taught, Rice then goes into how you can adapt the offense to the strengths of your players.

The Secondary Break

Once the primary break is explained, Coach Rice demonstrates how to use the secondary break and its options to beat a defense that is still trying to get set. Rice will show you how to disguise your intentions on the secondary break using the same set. When your players become comfortable with the options, they can make their own calls and reads in transition to take advantage of a defense.

The first option is to get the ball inside. The transition offense finishes with a rear screen for the trailer for an attempted lob pass. Rice also shows you how to run off of a free throw using “Invert,” a play in which the trailer sets a down screen instead of receiving a rear screen.

Secondary Break Variations and Counters

Where Coach Rice’s presentation really has value is in the variations off of the secondary break. One different option is to counter a big man who has trouble posting up. A double drag ball screen is used in transition with one big rolling to the basket and the other popping out to the perimeter.

Other variations show how Rice gives point guards freedom to make calls against things they see defensively. As a former point guard, Rice understands how a well-coached point can create and provide multiple scoring opportunities not only for himself but for his teammates as well.

Rice’s 80-minute video gives you a look at a unique way of playing the transition offense. It will provide your best players more scoring opportunities and have your offense putting up bigger numbers.

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