(Rental)-Transition & Dribble Drive Offense


(Rental)-Transition & Dribble Drive Offense

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Transition & Dribble Drive Offense

With over 1,000 career wins at Virginia’s Oak Hill Academy, coach Steve Smith has become a master at teaching his players how to play the game. He can do the same for you in this Dribble Drive Offense video which helps you simplify your man-to-man offense and teach players to be playmakers rather than play-runners.

Coach Smith is a four-time USA Today National Coach of the Year and has coached nine Oak Hill teams to national championships. His ability to teach players the game and increase their basketball IQ has led many of them to college basketball scholarships. In this video, you will see how Coach Smith teaches players to read the game based on ball position, how to run and make decisions in the dribble drive offense and a number of out of bounds plays that can be run at any level.

Dribble Drive Offense

As the game grows, the dribble drive offense has become a staple for many because of its ability to allow very good players attack the rim. It is an offense that is extremely hard to prepare for and even harder to defend. Coach Smith details how he teaches the Dribble Drive offense and uses on-court demonstration to show you three formations and actions like screening and pitch backs that create scoring opportunities.

Coach Smith also shows you how to get post players involved with a flat screen option where a post player can roll or pop out for an open shot. Spacing is another concept that is reviewed as it is important in getting your offense layup after layup in the Dribble Drive.

Teaching Transition Offense

The best teams are complete and have the ability to excel in transition. Here, Smith explains and demonstrates how he teaches transition offense. The best way to do so is through the use of a competitive scrimmage. He starts with the fast break off of a free throw. The ball is pushed up the floor and then Coach Smith offers three basic sets that all of his players know. His players are taught to read the defense and use the appropriate set – Dribble, Dribble 2, or Dribble 3.

Out of Bounds Plays for Basketball

Coach Smith shares with you five different out of bounds that are designed to result in easy scoring opportunities. You will see options that utilize picking the picker to allow post players to get free for easy layups. Other screening actions look to free up guards for drives to the basket or for easy pull up jump shots.

If there is one thing Coach Smith has learned in 30 years of coaching, it is that players need to understand how to play the game. This 65-minute video is an excellent way to get that process started. Rent this Dribble Drive Offense DVD today.

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