(Rental)-Transition Basketball W- Six Secondary Break Sets


(Rental)-Transition Basketball W- Six Secondary Break Sets

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Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets

When current Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg was at Iowa State, he was able to transform the Cyclones into a fast-paced and effective offensive juggernaut. Much of his success – four consecutive 20-win seasons, four straight trips to the NCAA tournament, back-to-back Big 12 tournament titles – can be traced to Hoiberg’s transition offense.

In this video, Coach Hoiberg shows you the transition offense. He goes deep into several multi-tiered transition plays with multiple looks and discusses the philosophy behind them as well. You will get a glimpse of Hoiberg’s entire transition offensive playbook.

Hoiberg’s transition offense begins with the basic set, which he calls the primary break. First, he goes over spacing rules by position. To be effective in transition, you must have proper spacing, sharp cuts, and precise passing. You will see it all in an on-court demonstration. Coach Hoiberg continues and teaches each of the following sets:

  • Primary Break, Flex Set (with six options)
  • Wide Pin Down Set (four options)
  • Drag Series (four options)
  • Isolation Set (three options)
  • “1” Transition (three options)
  • “2” Transition (two options plus transformations into 3-Out-2-In, 4-Out-1-In, and 5-Out sets)

If that isn’t enough, Hoiberg even explains and shows you a walk-through of another half-court set you can use right out of transition. You also get to see two bonus zone adaptations one using a runner and the other with a screening option.

To close the video, Coach Hoiberg answers questions that coaches have when they implement this scheme. Hoiberg offers many ideas on how to use the different actions and how to keep opposing defenses guessing. Using this scheme, Hoiberg’s Iowa State teams were among the NCAA leaders in transition points.

This is a great video full of teaching points and best suited for advanced high school and college basketball coaches looking to run and get easy baskets in transition.

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