(Rental)-Tom Izzo: Multi--threat Scoring Offense


(Rental)-Tom Izzo: Multi--threat Scoring Offense

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  • You can run plays that your players remember. That will earn you points
  • Get your players open against intense defensive pressure
  • Create countermeasures for your opponent's defense
  • Tom Izzo: 3x National Coach Of The Year

Simple screening techniques and concepts can help you get your players to make shots. Tom Izzo, one of the most respected and successful coaches in the game, offers detailed guidance and insight into play-oriented offense.

Izzo explains three series of plays: the Chest Series, Horns Series, and Thumb Down Series. Each series includes a variety sets, pick and roll action, and many scoring options that will increase your offense's firepower.

The Chest Series, which is a 2-3 set, is extremely effective at countering intense defensive pressure. Izzo offers five sets of the Chest Series, each with different screens and back cuts. This allows Izzo to compete against more skilled teams and negate their athletic advantage.

The Horns Series, which is a 1-4 high set unit, allows for great spacing and backdoor cuts. It also offers many scoring options. Another series that can be used to defeat tough pressure defense.

The Thumb Down Series allows you to swap positions based upon your teams' abilities, match-ups, and other factors.

In addition, Izzo highlights:

  • There are simple tricks that anyone can use to get open from a screen.
  • Two drills that teach the basics of pin down and on ball screens are effective.
  • This is a play to get the big man to come down on the ground to defend.

Izzo also contains a baseline play inbounds, which offers multiple scoring opportunities, as well as two end-of clock plays that are great for running if your team is struggling and you need to get a shot late in the game.

All the information is here. You will find drills to improve your screening and offensive sets as well as specialty plays. All presented by Tom Izzo, a coach who has a winning percentage of.700+ and is a perennial force in college basketball. Tom Izzo's plays can be installed in your system right away!

Produced at the Fall 2009 St. Louis MO clinic

76 minutes. 2009

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