(Rental)-The Wava System


(Rental)-The Wava System

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The WAVA System

Keith Coleman is the head women’s basketball coach at the AIB College of Business. He’s also a retired U.S. Marine Corps Major who has developed a system of continuity offense called WAVA. The WAVA system, not surprisingly, is one built on discipline, mental toughness, flexibility, and control. WAVA is an acronym for Waging an Aggressive and Vigorous Attack.

As an ex-Marine, Coleman uses military language in his system philosophy and terminology. The WAVA system is a continuity offense similar to a modified flex that can be run from either side of the floor. The pattern can continue and can be run through many times over and over. Coach Coleman’s offense, along with five other sets, offers counters to any defense an opponent can play.

Coach Coleman outlines a number of drills you can use to help players develop the skills needed to run the offense. The drills are great for any coach looking to help players master fundamental basketball skills. He also shares how to utilize your entire roster and keep your players fresh by playing each one a set amount of time.

DISC 1 - The Offense

On the first of the two-disc set, Coach Coleman shows you how to set up the offense. The basic continuity is called Three with the point guard, wing, and post on one side. There are five sets you can use as an entry into the offense. Each has a military name and Coleman also shares how to disguise the sets. When combined with the five sets, the WAVA system can counter any defense.

DISC 2 - Defensive Strategy

The second disc stresses defense. Coach Coleman shares his defensive strategy which is to disrupt the opponent’s offensive supply line. His defense is really all about stressing the offense but not pressing it. He likes to take the opponent’s point guard and force other players to handle the ball more.

Coach Coleman goes through two of his defensive calls. Gold takes advantage of the offense’s weakest player when they have the ball. Flash is a zone defense that looks like it is man-to-man.

Coach Coleman offers up a wealth of knowledge and a very intriguing system of offense for any coach at any level. Rent the wava system DVD today.

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