(Rental)-The Encyclopedia Of The Screen & Roll Offense


(Rental)-The Encyclopedia Of The Screen & Roll Offense

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  • The Screen & Roll Guide: European, NBA, International and More
  • Learn the basics, responsibilities, concepts and implementation of the screen and roll offense.
  • Make mismatches to score more easily
Fran Fraschilla
ESPN International Basketball Analyst
Former Division I college basketball coach, ex-NABC District II Coaches of the Year and MAAC Coaches of the Year

Fran Fraschilla's detailed teaching style will help you master the Screen and Roll Offense. Learn the basics of setting up and using a screen as well as the responsibilities each player has, concepts and ways to defend against rollbacks and screen defenses.

Learn how to teach your players how to establish their "real property", how to set up a screen, and how to reject or accept a screen. You can use the Screen and Roll in many ways, including continuity, transition, and against zone defense. Make sure your team has the right mismatches in order to score better.

Learn how to make a variety screen, how to cut screens and all options for every variation of the Screen and Roll. To learn the fundamental skills needed to run the Screen and Roll Offense, use FraschillaÕs drills. Fraschilla shows the Screen and Roll without and with a defense, making it easy to grasp and apply his teachings.

Fraschilla shares her wealth of knowledge and rolls in this two-disc series!

163 minutes (2 DVDs). 2009.

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