(Rental)-Strength Training To Take You To The Next Level


(Rental)-Strength Training To Take You To The Next Level

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Sports Performance Strength Program for the Next Level

Tremendous sports performance strength program video guide. Whether you are a high school or college athlete looking to take your game to the next level, this video from certified strength and conditioning specialist Barry Kagan can help you get there. The former strength and conditioning coach at Maryland, Kagan has coached more than 100 All-Americans, 15 NCAA national championship programs, and has been involved in the development of over 50 professional athletes. Kagan is highly regarded in the area of sport performance and preparation.

In this sports performance strength program video, Coach Kagan introduces you to the technique and training needed to complete the core of any strength program. With five hours of video, you are presented with enough material to take any athlete through a 10-plus week preseason preparation program. Some of the key features of Coach Kagan’s presentation include:

  • Nearly five hours of video footage
  • A “Start Here” guide to instruct athletes with easy to follow flow charts that determine which program to implement based on the timing of their year-round preparation.
  • Teaching methods for all strength training exercises contained in the video series
  • Introductory Lift Cards for athletes to fill out during strength training sessions
  • Guidance on warm up and prehab routines used with all strength training routines
  • How to perform a strength assessment
  • How to perform a fitness assessment

Also included are bonus materials such as a conditioning guide, an agility guide, three different 10-plus-week preseason training programs, and four different 10-week strength training routines designed for a variety of sports.

Sports Performance Strength Program & Nutriton

Coach Kagan also gets into other elements of training and addresses common questions such as protein intake, supplements, and common training myths. For high school athletes, committing to the training programs presented will allow you to be prepared for high-level competition. The same holds true for college athletes aspiring to even greater athletic achievements. Coach Kagan gives you all the tools needed to take your athletic career to another level. Rent this sports performance strength program training DVD today.

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