(Rental)-Strength Training & Conditioning Drills


(Rental)-Strength Training & Conditioning Drills

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Strength Training & Conditioning Drills

Basketball programs around the country are continuously looking for something to give them an edge over their competition. Many find that edge in the weight room. In this strength training & conditioning drills video, you will see how Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber uses the weight room to build tough, physical athletes that can play at an elite level.

Weber has built the Wildcats into a winner taking KSU to five NCAA tournaments in his seven seasons. Much of that success can be attributed to strength and conditioning coach Luke Sauber who begins this video with a presentation of how his strength training program works. Using a whiteboard, Coach Sauber covers each portion of the workout and how it translates to basketball. You will see every detail including the exercises, sets, reps, and much more.

Lower Body Workout

The first of the two days of strength training & conditioning drills is geared toward developing leg strength and explosiveness. The workout begins with a general warm-up and Sauber also shows you a specific warm-up to prepare for the leg workout.

The lower body workout is broken up into three blocks. The first block is plyometrics, which focuses on increasing speed, agility, and explosiveness. The last two blocks build overall strength as well as core strength. The trap bar deadlift is a key exercise in this workout. Medicine ball drills are used as well to work that core strength and everything Coach Sauber does is geared toward building a strong, explosive basketball player.

Upper Body Workout

Power is the emphasis on the upper body workout day. The bench press is a big part of the program as is post activation potentiation. This is activated during medicine ball bench presses. Players use a 20-pound medicine ball and then move to cable rotations to increase core strength.

Coach Sauber uses two team drills as finishers for the upper body workout. There is a team push up drill followed by a team defensive stance drill. The workouts do help maximize athletic performance, but the workouts also build team morale.

In this 108-minute video, Kansas State’s basketball strength and conditioning program will give you plenty of ideas to produce results with your team! Rent this strength training & conditioning drills DVD today.

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