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(Rental)-Special Situation Basketball

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Special Situations Basketball

Scoring in special situations such as on an out of bounds play can often be the difference between winning and losing. When two teams of equal talent meet, those special situations can be what makes or breaks a game. In this video, former Findlay Prep (NV) head coach Michael Peck offers up his toolbox of special situation plays to create scoring opportunities for his players.

Coach Peck, now a UTSA associate head coach, turned Findlay Prep into a national powerhouse with three national championships in five years and four NBA draft picks in a span of two years. He shows you his go-to plays in special situations.

Baseline Series

It all begins with the baseline out of bounds series. Coach Peck demonstrates four set plays that force opponents play their best defense to prevent an easy shot. Each play has a quick-hitter as well as multiple options off of it. Each option can hit the safety valve to get a shot for the in-bounder who is often the forgotten player on an inbounds play.

Coach Peck then gets into “Switch” which is a counter screening system that can be used with each of the four baseline plays. This little wrinkle gives opponents even more to think about as now your plays have a large number of options.

Sideline Series

Next are two sideline out of bounds plays. Needing a game-winner on this type of play comes along every so often and Coach Peck shows you two - Special and Short. Both plays present a lob opportunity as well as a shot off of a screen. Special is a misdirection play that also provides a chance for an easy layup game-winner.

Coach Peck is also a big believer in working on game situations and using the clock. You have to continually put players into these situations to prepare them. Whether down by two with 10 seconds to play or up by five with a minute to go, players that have practiced these situations are much better prepared to handle them for real.

The special situations basketball plays presented by Coach Peck could be the difference between winning a league, state, or even national title. Rent this special situations basketball plays DVD today.

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