(Rental)-Skills And Drills For A Quick, Accurate Shot


(Rental)-Skills And Drills For A Quick, Accurate Shot

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Jim Clayton: Skills and Drills for a Quick, Accurate Shot

Shooting is a fundamental skill that basketball players must possess in order to be successful. In this video, NBA shooting instructor Jim Clayton, head of Sports City U Basketball Academy, takes you through a shooting session that will make you reassess how your players learn to shoot.

Coach Clayton looks at several factors in a player’s shot and will make you question how you teach shooting. Some of the factors include:

  • Why your player struggles with his shot
  • What is the player’s problem within the shot
  • How to fix the player’s shot
  • How to be relevant and help your players correct their own mistakes

In describing the three ways to shoot a basketball, Coach Clayton talks about the factors that affect each type of shot. Included in that discussion is the term “ball speed.” Coach Clayton teaches you how to use ball speed to speed up shot mechanics and beat a defender.

Coach Clayton then begins demonstrating a number of drills. In one, you’ll see a simple movement that can reduce the potential for strips when shooting a jump shot or layup. The X Drill reinforces this movement to help increase ball speed on jump shots. You’ll see how to rip through on the catch and attack the glass and how to do the same and go right into a pull-up jump shot.

The 31 Series Drill breaks down the mechanics of stepping into a shot. You will see how to get low and attack using the “dribble line” to get by your defender. Coach Clayton describes how you use the first power dribble to get into your shooting position and how to explode off the last dribble right into your shot.

The Flow Drill series helps players become better, quicker shooters. Competition in the drill series helps players think about how they are shooting. When players have mastered shooting technique, they will be able to see their mistakes more clearly.

Clayton also addresses free throws. He reveals one small error that many players make that causes their free throws to fall short. He follows that up with a warmup technique that “shortens your shot” and generates more ball speed.

This is a great DVD for teaching the proper mechanics of shooting the basketball. The fast-moving drills offer tons of game speed shots and allow for individual correction.

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