(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Centers


(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Centers

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Skill Development Workout: Centers

Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall gives you the tools needed to develop a quality center in this video. The one-hour workout consists of a number of game-like drills that will improve the play of your post players. Marshall knows a thing or two about post play having developed several very good ones during his tenure with the Shockers. His Wichita State teams have won seven regular season or conference tournament championships and his 2013 team went to the Final Four. With over 500 career wins and 14 trips to the NCAA tournament, Coach Marshall understands the skill development of all players including centers.

The Warm Up

The warm up consists of a series of drills presented in a game-like fashion. The movements are over-exaggerated during the drills to create muscle memory for the athlete. Included in the warm up, is a Mikan drill series where players use big and heavy balls to help get them stronger. By the end of the series of drills, players are loose and ready for the remainder of the workout.

Post Series

Throughout the entire workout, Coach Marshall emphasizes the position of the center’s feet both on offense and defense. The Drop Set series is one that focuses on footwork and court positioning so that players can properly execute the drop step. Players learn to recognize double teams and then learn how to react in one part of the series. In another set, players use the drop step and work on jump hooks.


A good passing center makes teammates better and makes the center an even bigger offensive threat. Coach Marshall uses the heavy balls and goes through a series of fundamental passing drills to improve a post player’s passing skills. Marshall also incorporates an outlet passing drill off of a defensive rebound.


The workout culminates with the Finish Drill where centers work on both offense and defense starting at the elbow. The next drill has the centers playing live 1-on-1 continuously.

Coach Marshall’s presentation is one that is highly technical. You can learn how to correct flaws in your post players. If you run the four-out one-in motion offense, this video is an absolute must. It can also be used by any team because of how it addresses some of the fundamentals of basketball.

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