(Rental)-Shaka Smart's 2013 Basketball Coaches Clinic


(Rental)-Shaka Smart's 2013 Basketball Coaches Clinic

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Shaka Smart Basketball: 2013 Coaches Clinic

One of the brightest young coaches in college basketball, Shaka Smart built a winning program and Virginia Commonwealth and is doing the same at the University of Texas. This video, taken during Smart’s time at VCU, gives you an inside look at an early season practice. The session is fast-paced and focuses on individual and team defense, offensive skill work, and learning to execute the game plan in competitive scenarios.


All of Smart’s teams have been known for their intense pressure defense. The session begins with 3-on-3 to work on full-court defensive pressure skills. Players defend the ball, play on the ball side, and play on the help side. They learn to jump to the ball and work on trapping and defending against pin down screens. The Rapid Fire Drill works on closeout techniques and building the habit of a correct closeout.

Coach Smart uses stations to work on the fundamentals necessary to play half-court defense. The use of stations helps Smart and his assistants maximize practice time by working on multiple defensive skills in a short amount of time. Players work on defending pin down screens, help-side defense, and playing the weak side exchange. Smart runs a number of different shell drills as well as disadvantage drills to train players to think one pass ahead and work on rotations.


Smart runs a high-low offense and all offensive skill development is done within the framework of that offense. Post players work on various moves. Perimeter players work on cutting and dribble penetration. All players work on the shots they will most likely take in games and Smart uses a variety of competitive shooting drills at different times throughout his practices.

Later in the session, players walk through their different offenses. They will start in a 5-on-0 situation and work their way up to a live 5-on-5 where players can work on both offensive and defensive principles.

Core Values of Shaka Smart Basketball

In the second part of his presentation, Coach Smart takes the floor and talks about the core values of his program. You will learn why his players play so hard for him. Coach Smart talks about his “havoc” style of play and how it begins on the first day of practice with a full-court 1-on-1 drill.

There is also a Q&A session that covers all aspects of Smart’s defense as well as a variety of topics including tracking practice statistics, the fundamentals of a defensive trap, building winners, and building a defense from 1-on-1 all the way to 5-on-5. Rent this shaka smart basketball DVD today.

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