(Rental)-Sean Miller's Father & Son Basketball Workout


(Rental)-Sean Miller's Father & Son Basketball Workout

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He is the head coach of the University of Arizona. In 2014, he won the 2014 Pac-12 champions. He was also the coach of the year when he won it. He is also the three times conference coach of the year. He has been the coach of the year in 2010 A-10 Xavier.


Basketball was introduced to Sean Miller at a very young age by his father. This is the reason that Miller sees it as important to also teach the game to his boys like a father would teach his sons. This video would keep you a massive hint as to how he has chosen to pass the game down to his sons.

In the video, you can see clearly Sean miller teaching his boys the importance of having great handling skills. He also ensures that there is no difference between the workout which the Arizona Wildcats are going through and that of his sons. While this exercise is often regarded as tough for anyone who tries it, it is necessary if one is to develop power on his weaker hands and to gain the necessary handling in the game.

One thing which is normally taken for granted in the sports is passing. Many people skill passing when it comes to training themselves on their individual skills. Through this video, the coach shows how to practice and improve this aspect of your game through the use of a wall. This is what the coach uses for his son. This allows them to practice drills that work with their chest region, then a bounce and of course, the overhead pass.

In this video, Sean Miller also covers the shooting aspect of the game. He teaches his sons the same drills which he uses on students from Arizona. While it may be a bit worryingly due to the fact that his sons are not adults, there is little or no need to be afraid. Most of the workout here is to allow basketball players to develop the basics which they would need to play the game well and this is exactly what young players need.

He also focuses on the attacking pressure. One skill or set which is used in basketball is the application of pressure in order to force the other team into making a mistake. He teaches them how to ensure that they are not swayed by a defender and how to remain open for fellow teammates. He also ensures that they cover the triple threat drill in the video.

The coach makes this video an all-around thing by also focusing on certain defensive qualities which is sure to help you in your game. The video concludes after he explains to his sons how to use screens properly.

The video is quite straightforward and easy to use. It helps young players to have the best shot at learning the game completely through sets of drills shown in this video.

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