(Rental)-Rebounding & Out Of Bounds Plays


(Rental)-Rebounding & Out Of Bounds Plays

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Rebounding Drills and Out-of-Bounds Sets

With so much emphasis on scoring and on-ball defense, rebounding drills often gets overlooked as a skill that can directly contribute to success. Too many coaches assume rebounding is a skill only a few players possess. Coaches at all levels find it difficult to find ways to improve rebounding on both ends of the court.

In this video, Yale University head coach James Jones takes you through drills that have helped his team become one of the best in the country. Rebounding has helped Jones earn two Ivy League Coach of the Year awards and four league championships in his 20 years at the school. You will also see eight must-have inbounds plays, including one you can use with just one second remaining on the clock.

Offensive Rebounding Technique

Coach Jones presents four individual rebounding drills to improve the skill of offensive rebounding. Players are taught three techniques:

  • Spin move: a basic maneuver to get away and get the basketball
  • Swim move: used when a player blocking out is stepping toward the offensive rebounder
  • Walk underneath move: used by post players who are blocked out by a player facing the basket

Jones also covers the “tap-out” which is used when an offensive rebounder cannot control the ball with two hands. Players are taught to simply tap the ball back out to a teammate who can secure the rebound.

Team Rebounding Drills

Coach Jones shows you seven team rebounding drills designed to help your players become elite level rebounders. The “three in a row” concept is shares to make rebounding competitive and help players stay focused on rebounding. Other drills and concepts include:

  • A unique take on Tom Izzo’s War Rebounding Drill with a slight change to include offensive and defensive transition
  • How to teach rebounding in transition to limit an opponent’s offensive rebounding capabilities
  • How to get your team to communicate and rebound while also working on closing out to a shooter

Out of Bounds Plays

Coach Jones demonstrates a series of baseline inbounds plays from a 1-4 set. You will see a play you can run against zone defenses that works from two different alignments. Also included are two corner inbound plays and a sideline inbound play that can be used in an end-of-game situation.

When facing zone defenses on a baseline inbound situation, Coach Jones shows you a play that can be run from a box or line formation and has four options. The package of out-of-bounds plays is completed with one from Jones and the second from Mike Jarvis.

This video addresses two areas that are extremely important to overall success – rebounding and the ability to score easy baskets. Rent this rebounding drills DVD today.

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